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  1. CobraBites

  2. CobraBites

    upgrade to win 10 u ll be good win 8 sux just saying.....or go to win7 everything works properly with win7
  3. this rotation has few serrver killers in it just fyi
  4. CobraBites

    congrats babe.....good luck....welcome to hell lol
  5. CobraBites

    welcome back buddy
  6. and abandon zoo btw is in download loop
  7. i tried to reboot serrver but for some reason my nfo control panel doesnt give me that option can u help me?
  8. CobraBites

    poor sammy he cant win for losing lol...thanx for all hard work tho really .....i wouldnt mind seeing rc heli back have a choice between car and heli....just my thoughts....sorry was thinking out [email protected]@Sammy
  9. CobraBites

    thanx to all.....greatly appreciated.....nice to know ppl got my back especially with all the problems i ve had this past year....still got long road to recovery but i hanging in there....
  10. CobraBites

    i dont know if i goin be able to go but ......what bout the smokey's.....ummmm somewhere around pidgeon forge....its kinda like dells....and they have casino in the area...just a thought....there is lots of stuff to do down there they have dukes of hazzard car show all kinds of stuff like that...or even gatlinburg they are fairly close and they have tons of motels as well
  11. CobraBites

    cause its not just for jokes its misc as well...
  12. CobraBites

    bill murray actually asked to only have cameo part in the film
  13. CobraBites

    for me when my wife was startn whole nagging thing it was cause she was already cheating on me.,..not saying that wat goin on with u but if not it will eventually lead to it if u cant find a way to get her off ur back and make herr happy i liike the spa idea.....also u can try take herr out on a date night....
  14. CobraBites

    what frenchi said was this: I love the movie but I prefer the story that will take you to dream the independence day. kinda dont make since tho but then again does frenchi ever make sense lmao
  15. CobraBites

    far as i know yea suppose to....
  16. CobraBites

  17. CobraBites

    here it is finally after so long.....wahoo cant wait unfortunately no will smith tho..... :rtfm:
  18. CobraBites

  19. CobraBites

    ok guys here it is all woman ghostbuster team....tell me what you think bout it ....
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