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  1. Pubg mobile is a piece of piss, galaxy note 9 highest settings looks great too! I'm talking about the grown up version on PC! ?
  2. We could do with doing an XI team up where the more experienced players can help those who suck (like me) to improve their game. Like insurgency. That would be appreciated. My steam ID is blazefalconburger My Pubg came is BlazeFalconburg
  3. Does anyone here play the mobile game? If you haven't tried it, it's well worth trying. I think if there are enough interested, we should add an XI clan to it!? Hit me up if you want to play.... BlazeFalconbu Stupid game wouldn't fit my name!
  4. Blaze

    I ended up getting a curved Hannspree 32" 144hz monitor with my new set up. Loving it.
  5. All sorted now and up and running. Thanks for all the input guys. Hammer, I can't believe my first death in game was your bloody smaw! ?
  6. This may not come as a surprise to many of you, but I'm an idiot!!! I have, apparently, been trying to use my COD2 codkey!!!! I managed to mislabel them when I saved them from the registry. ?
  7. Do I still need to download an image with your upload, or is that all I need to install?
  8. Downloading now, thanks! I'm trying!!!!
  9. Its the disc I am without... the key is genuine. I may have to try and buy the disc again from somewhere.
  10. It has been happening for days now! It isn't through steam, I bought a hard copy years ago, god knows where that is now... tried redeeming the cd key through steam, but it says not valid.
  11. Since everything has been moved to the new pc, I can't join the server as I keep getting this error message. I tried deleting the codkey registry and re entered the key in game and restarted the pc. still not working. Any ideas?
  12. That is a damn sight newer than my old setup was! I think it was around 2009!
  13. My 3TB WD drive is a black. Paid a pretty penny for it a couple of years back, but it has been good to me. Now I just need to solve my CD Key in use problem.....
  14. Yeah, I was quite surprised it was only £40 more for a 500GB over a 250GB Samsung evo! 1TB is £216.75 2TB is £430.29 I can't justify it at the moment, but will have to look towards raising the funds somehow. It's just amazing how fast everything loads, it's just crazy fast.
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