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  1. Yeah, I managed to download a version manually.
  2. Redirect for inferno map is stuck at 7-12kb/sec and always crashes before 2%.
  3. Also it appears as though 3 people are 999 on this map. Faulty map?
  4. Can someone please add me to the cod4 group so I can see the forum please. Also the cod4 map zzz_mp_inferno is stuck at 12 kb/s. I cant even leave it to load at that speed cos my game crashes after a few moments like that. No other maps have done it. Thanks.
  5. Blaze

    It wasn't, until I ripped the T-shirt off!
  6. Blaze

    Hooray, the aliens motion tracker for the Gear S3 has finally passed and will go live soon!! Stupid S2 kept failing, don't think the S2 is quite up to animations so not sure why they include it as default.
  7. Blaze

    My damn risen certificates have expired and I can't see any way of renewing them. Waiting to hear from Samsung on what to do. Without current certificates I am unable to submit new faces or update old ones. Nor can I even test them on my own watch. If I create a new certificate I would have to resubmit everything. Bollocks!
  8. Blaze

    The 100% coupon expires in 3 days!
  9. Blaze

    Jesus! I think the official strap line for the Nokia 150 was "For when you need a new phone, but can't let go of the past.."
  10. Blaze

    Player Unknown Battle Grounds Mobile! Mobile version is awesome!
  11. Blaze

    Bullet drop I have noticed. I also read somewhere that the bullets actually raise up early on in the path before dropping, something to do with ensuring they are in target on zero distance. I don't think for a second it is anything to do with cheats, I just wondered what other people must be doing that I am not... because aiming correctly is clearly not it or I would have killed the guy prone and not moving. I miss games that made the bullets go where your crosshairs are pointing!
  12. Blaze

    The free mobile version is awesome! I love it, but the PC version just seems so much harder. Best I have done was lasted to the final 4, with 2 kills. Died after failing to hit someone who was prone and motionless on the ground outside my balcony. He managed to get up and run around and nail me with 2 shots and not one of mine hit him. I just cant figure out where I am going wrong.
  13. Blaze

    Anyone have any tips how to play this game? I can't hit anything with any weapon and never survive any 1v1 situation. I can't be this bad a player?