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  1. I have submitted it to the app store today so it should clear in a few days. If you would be willing to give me some feedback from it, I'll do you a 100% coupon so you can test it for me. I don't have a Fit 2 so can't check it all looks ok on the actual device, so any feedback from you about how to make it look better or just practical issues, like button size or font size etc.. would be immensely useful to me and well worth a free download! =)
  2. I'm setting up some 50% coupons, so PM me with the watch face you want and the country you are in, if you want one and I'll send you a coupon code to use!
  3. The Fit 2 face and the S3 aliens motion tracker are not available just yet, but will be soon.
  4. Replay_2018.06.14-18.39.mp4 Done. Items can be swapped out for different measurements etc...
  5. Made a start on Aliens Fit 2 version..
  6. After checking, the faces are not compatible with the Fit 2, so I am in the process now of remaking them to work on the Fit 2. Because of the shape of the Fit 2's screen, I can probably add more features to them, so what do you prefer to have access to on your Fit 2... Heart Rate, Steps, Speed, Distance, Water, Caffeine, Battery... etc...? I can add any of the things you want as I am making it from scratch pretty much. I'll also sort you out with a big discount on them. =)
  7. R2D2 and Ironman are botht $0.49 Thundercats is $1.32 Live and Let Die is $1.35 Star Wars Rebel Radar is $1.99 as is the Aliens Motion Tracker (coming soon). Not sure about the fit2, I may have to redo them for that. I'll check the dimensions tomorrow.
  8. Yeah, always thought it was a bit silly that you can only view the app store on a valid device through the app and not in a browser. I included a pic of all the watch faces for those without the Galaxy Gear app! There is a quick YouTube video of the Aliens motion tracker one I made most recently (still going through the approval process). Please excuse the music, but it was either that or in the night garden!
  9. I made a few watch faces compatible with Galaxy Gear S2 and S3 smartwatches which are available on the Gear app store! Not sure how many XI members have smart watches, or especially compatible watches, but if there are a few, I will make an XI watch face and make it free for XI members.
  10. That's pretty amazing... and terrifying at the same time.
  11. I like the theory that they are not aliens as such, but a previous civilisation from earth who left to avoid a cataclysmic event. The great pyramid and sphinx are more recently considered to be much older and were built to survive said cataclysm to act as a marker for this previous civilisation. The mathematics incorporated into the great pyramid and the technology required to move 100 tonne blocks and lift them 50 feet barely exists now, so point to earlier technology. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but John Anthony West and Robert Bauval have some interesting books... and videos on YouTube.
  12. 16:00 GMT is no good for me Good luck everyone.
  13. Oh FU Chile, you're back 5 minutes and you're last standing me! lol
  14. Not sure if this is relevant, but sometimes the redirect is stuck at 12/13 kb/s and the only way I can fix it is to disconnect, exit and then reload game and it downloads at normal speed.