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  1. Blaze

    I genuinely don't mind as long as it is good value. How much would you want for the GTX 760?
  2. Blaze

    Ok, so my computer has failed spectacularly and I suspect the graphics card is to blame. I would like some advice on what card to get as my mobo is pretty old now, so i don't want to waste my money on getting a card that is just going to be held back by the mobo and processor. Mobo is GA-A55M-S2V so it's a PCiE 2.0 and i only have 8GB of RAM. I will be getting a much better PC in the near future, so do i get an all singing all dancing card now and transfer when i get a new PC, or get a cheap card now and get a better card with the new PC? Any recommendations will be gratefully received.
  3. Unfortunately, my PC has died so I won't be playing at all! I think it's just the graphics card so don't need to replace the whole thing just yet. 🙄
  4. Blaze

    My LG Flatron W2361V finally gave up after about 8 years of solid use. I am currently using a Blaupunkt TV as a substitute and its garbage. It's amazing the difference in quality despite being the same resolution and screen size. SO, basically looking for recommendations. I intend to buy a new PC soon, so I want to get a monitor that is going to keep up with a decent new gaming rig, but not break the bank. Thanks
  5. Yeah, gehttostomp is corrupted on the XI downloader too, it gets stuck at 50% on the .iwd file.
  6. Thanks for this, downloading now.
  7. I always did use the XI downloader, I think it stopped working for a while or something...I'll give it a go again. 👍
  8. I have the same problem with mp_ghettostomp!
  9. Yeah, I managed to download a version manually.
  10. Redirect for inferno map is stuck at 7-12kb/sec and always crashes before 2%.
  11. Also it appears as though 3 people are 999 on this map. Faulty map?
  12. Can someone please add me to the cod4 group so I can see the forum please. Also the cod4 map zzz_mp_inferno is stuck at 12 kb/s. I cant even leave it to load at that speed cos my game crashes after a few moments like that. No other maps have done it. Thanks.
  13. Blaze

    It wasn't, until I ripped the T-shirt off!
  14. Blaze

    Hooray, the aliens motion tracker for the Gear S3 has finally passed and will go live soon!! Stupid S2 kept failing, don't think the S2 is quite up to animations so not sure why they include it as default.