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  1. It's Hellkid....we thought Aliens had abducted you m8
  2. Yes many Dictator/Despots have tried to dominate Europe since Napoleon, we had Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler and Stalin...now we have Merkel and Macron but you know what always happens to Dictators in the end....they lose, as will the last 2 mentioned.
  3. For @FRENCHI https://www.warhistoryonline.com/napoleon/7-reasons-battle-waterloo-still-matters-m.html
  4. The Bunny Hopping put me off it straight away.
  5. Happy Birthday Trashy.
  6. I thought it was Amiens, looks the same to me.
  7. R.I.P. AH1
  8. I recorded about 12 minutes of my shitty gameplay today...i did get a kill at around 7 minutes though...anyone know where i can find the frikken video at? lol