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  1. Just another point, does anyone realise that even though we now have WOW forum that unless you actually go into the forums menu and search it out you will probably never know it exists, maybe this is why we keep posting here the "other games" forum, i made a post yesterday and it never showed up on the latest posts on the Homepage, think there is another post in there now too, i even bumped the topics but they just do not show, i asked Rugger if the forum had been activated, he said he would look into it but nothing has happened? is a link to the forum and the posts......i just bumped my "Show your Fleet" post again and it just don't appear on the latest posts on Homepage at all.
  2. Wouldn't i have to start from scratch again though with all level 1 ships?
  3. I still find it strange that the game don't allow this.
  4. But for some reason, any posts we make in this forum does not show in the latest posts on the homepage, even if you bump the post it don't show, i made a post earlier about us showing our fleets and it never showed at all, Rugger said he was going to look at it.
  5. Well that's a bastard, i can't believe they won't let you on other servers in different parts of the world.
  6. I am on EU server there don't seem to be any way i can get on a NA server i am clicking tab where it says EU but nothing happens.
  7. This is all i see when i typed xtreme m8? there are only 9 clans with xtreme and ours is not one of those i see, also tried XI, >XI<, xtremeidiots, Xtremeidiots and extremeidiots, tried all the variants i can think of but nothing is showing for our clan?
  8. Haha i was watching this straight faced until she started sucking that cracked me up, that slurping sound would be a massive turn off for me eeeuugh!
  9. Now we have a forum i think we should show our ships off, i have quite a few but no really high levels yet.....they cost soooo much.
  10. Is there somewhere we have to sign up for this clan and Naval base thing now Codpiece, i have just been looking at your link and i cannot find anything?
  11. It's about frikken time
  12. Just got the download now when my PC fired up.