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  1. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare was released on 12th November 2007, it's old but not 14years old lol
  2. Arrête de baiser le cul Frenchi
  3. Or even this
  4. Dunno where you live m8 but it was cloudy all day here yesterday up until around 6PM, and as for the high temperatures we are only going to reach 68f maximum today....then it it has to cool down again tomorrow, fuck it my holidays are coming in around 7 weeks, probably be a hosepipe ban by the weekend
  5. I would have mentioned it earlier when i read this post Ausi but i didn't know at the time you were considering buying another Disc version.....i don't know anyone who uses or buys Discs anymore, i am sure there will still be places where you can buy new games Disc but i have no idea where that would be, might also be worth considering something like this too for future buys, i get a lot of my stuff from here now (link below), everything is cheaper, some games are only half the price then they cost on Steam, Origin and Uplay, you just buy a key and then put the code into either Steam, Origin, Uplay or whatever other platforms they have out there now.
  6. Why didn't you just buy your new copy from problems...all the patches done for you etc etc.
  7. CD i downloaded the Windows 10 update troubleshooter, it seems to have cured my failed update problem, i downloaded it yesterday, at first it said it couldn't cure the problem then about an hour later i got message that interrupted my game saying i had an update so when i finished i updated and the failed update was finally fixed, then i noticed it does say "After troubleshooter is done, trying running windows update again and install any available updates" so because i never followed the instruction and ran the windows update again it gave me a nudge when it interrupted my is below if anyone wants to download it too.
  8. I didn't think a snowflake would burn so easily
  9. I don't mind Windows 10 but as you said the fact that they force these updates on us is not right and they fuck so many up too.