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  1. I miss you so much, especially our daily chats, never played Rainbow Six Siege since you left us Johhny.
  2. Happy Heavenly Birthday for what would have been your 72nd year Johnny, wish you could have made it m8....miss you and think about you everyday, God Bless my friend
  3. Johnny died 18th January 2020 Markoff.
  4. So very sorry to hear this sad news Ricko
  5. Three years have gone so fast my friend, i miss you everyday.
  6. Sorry i'm a day late Johnny, miss you everyday m8
  7. Rock, i replied you your e-mail through your profile on the website here, for some reason it wouldn't let me reply through e-mail.
  8. Today would have been your 70th birthday my friend, so sorry you are not here to see it, i miss and think about you everyday......God Bless
  9. This goes out to anyone on my Steam friends list who may have received a message yesterday evening maybe around 7pm to 8pm, this was not me, my account had obviously been compromised, if you did receive a message from this scammer to vote for this link Fetown.net asking you to vote for what i think is an alleged counter strike team CSGO and you did click on this link to try and vote then i advise you to also change your Steam password or whatever else you have to do, because this is how they got me, when i saw the CSGO thing it jogged my memory, a few weeks ago i was contacted through Steam from Boomslang or who i thought was Boomslang asking me to vote for his Counter Strike team CSGO through this link, it wouldn't let me vote, i tried 4 or 5 times but got message that voting lines or something was full and asked me to keep trying, surprised it took them so long to get around to hacking me, so if anyone did click the link and tried to vote then as i said you have also probably been hacked too, thanks to Cheese and Hunter for getting in touch and warning me last night and also Hellraiser this morning.
  10. Non persona grata comes to mind, i am on Facebook messenger if you want to contact me my, name is Kevin Waller.
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