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  1. It's not Yahoo, it is a Malware program forcing Yahoo as your main browser, and if you look at the link in my post above this you will see plenty of people are having problems with this.
  2. I have had Firefox installed for over a year, the only thing i can think of was the adblocker when i put adblock plus on the other day another one came on with it called pop up blocker or something like that and that's what was causing the problems but if you Google it you will see that this is getting to be a common problem with Firefox being taken over by Yahoo, look at link below.
  3. That did not work for me so i Googled it and found a video and this is the way i restarted in "Safe Mode". of course to restart normally you have to go and uncheck the "safe boot" box in picture 3 or it just starts in safe mode again lol, i think the problem was from something called pop opinion or something like that, i went into "program files 86" and looked at the dates stuff was downloaded i uninstalled what i could but this pop opinion thing would not budge and it also showed up on my taskbar under the "show hidden icons tab" after i restarted in safe mode the superantispyware program told me this program was a popup adware program (which i guessed that what the problem was anyway) and it needed to be removed, cut a long story short it looks like it has gone, i can't find it anywhere but i still see Yahoo in my programs (picture 4) and it still won't let me uninstall the bloody thing but it probably (hopefully) is not causing a problem because in picture 4 again it says it has no size ie taking no memory or no version number so i am hoping it is only there in name but still don't know why i can't uninstall hopefully it is fixed so if that is the case thanks to everyone for their time trying to help me...if not stay tuned, anyway i am keeping Firefox uninstalled for the time being, i found how to add more bookmarks into Google Chrome anyway which because i couldn't do that before, made me use Firefox in the first place. 1) 2) 3) 4)
  4. No i don't have a Yahoo E-mail address, i Googled it and it seems it is becoming a common problem, might just pay for Bullguard again, i never had any problems when i was running that, i have uninstalled Firefox but for the life of me it will not let me uninstall Yahoo, how do i run those programs in Safe Mode then?
  5. Run what in safe mode?