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  1. 6FtUnder

    Good questions hopefully someone we comment
  2. So I am looking to upgrade my monitor being a Acer 22 inch. I am looking at some with the 24 inch curved screen , 144 hz, AMD syc. Wanted to know if anyone was using the 144 refresh and AMD active syc. Do like it , is it worth it, and what models.
  3. 6FtUnder

    Ive used a TP Link C8 ARcher was good for about a year then kept dropping signals had to restart it once a week. Then I went to the Net Gear Night wing and not had any issues as of yet
  4. 6FtUnder

    Has anyone tried this new program . I have good things but unsure It is called Wisecare365. let me know if you have tried thanks
  5. 6FtUnder

    update I cant seem to find the title. the guy I baught it off of never registered it and left it in other guys name and now cant find title and does not know how to get into touch with him. So the latest project the 77 hatchback may end up being scraped after usable parts removed
  6. 6FtUnder

    I noticed there is no module on firewall so am guessing you kept it points. One of the upgrades should be a electroinc ignition. if you use a stock from a 73 or later it is only 5 wires and a ballast resistor. My Mopar ran great on electronic igitinion. Just saying. but to say I love the car
  7. 6FtUnder

    OK folks the setup Asus crosshair 5 formula board Amd 8150 cpu 16 gig ddr3 1600 mhz XFX R7 290 4gig vid card So heres the questions What os to use to play BF4 and COD4MW freeze tag on Win 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 64 bit of course and next I have 2 ssd,s I was thinking of loading OS on Amd Radeon 240 gig ssd, and all games on OCZ Vetex4 128 gig ssd Comments or opinions on this hardware setup and which OS to use. And let it begin
  8. Not to agitate some people but is there a way to put a high ping detector software in that will first warn then kick players with high pings. I,ve noticed lately that when the server is having issues during map play and I look at pings while frozen that some go 180 + just saw 2 last night running well above 200. Like I say not to make people mad but we come in to play and have fun. When try to tell players to check their connection they can get really crappy. Just asking that is all Have fun , play hard, stay safe to all
  9. 6FtUnder

    I'm a big fan of the Nighthawk from Netgear. very fast and reliable no issues yet
  10. 6FtUnder

    Great job GoofLoop this is how we share the love of PC,s and gaming
  11. 6FtUnder

    Good deal then however for future reference. Yes 98 and new Vortex need at least 80 psi to run most auto parts stores dont do well or last long on this. Also if you have no spark but have the coil and module mounted on bracket on intake onver valve cover check those but more important check the white and pink wires on coil from module. As they are peoned to give problems. And one last thing on some of those engines the distributor drive gear would wear down causing timing to jump.
  12. 6FtUnder

    Bunch of crap if you ask me. And yes someone should come out with a game friendly OS and stick it to Microsnot
  13. 6FtUnder

    Yes and I hate how Microsoft tries to force people to use their generic drivers. Most people don't know the difference
  14. 6FtUnder

    going to have to check this out. Gotta get new headphones first lol
  15. 6FtUnder

    Ok so witj the 98 4.3 you need at least 80 psi of fuel pressure. So if you buy a pump from a local parts store probably wont last long. This i have seen many times. Better off to buy from dealer. Now as far as spark. On a 98 depends on . Do you have the coil/ mudule on passenger side between intake and valve cover. Not only should you check each but do a wire pull test on the plug ins as they are prone to go out especially the one on the coil. Now also with that engine sometimes the gear on the distributor wears and can jump time. In which you would verify #1 top dead center then remove cap and verify the rotor button is aimed at the notch in the top base ond dizzy. A code reader will not tell if jumped time or low fuel pressure on that model. Hope any of this helps if not let me know here or @ [email protected] Like I s aid check the white and the pink wires on the plug to the coil
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