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    bowling, muscle cars , being with my family

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  1. Miss the hell out of ya buddy. 🥺

  2. Happy birthday, brother.

  3. Keep a seat open in the >XI< room brother... Til we meet again...

  4. Rest easy brother. You will be missed.

  5. Was Great to know you we will meet again!

  6. so long buddy. you will never be forgotten we love and miss 

  7. Goodbye my friend, Heaven awaits. 

  8. Love ya brother. See ya on the other side. 

  9. CobraBites

  10. CobraBites

    upgrade to win 10 u ll be good win 8 sux just saying.....or go to win7 everything works properly with win7
  11. this rotation has few serrver killers in it just fyi
  12. CobraBites

    congrats babe.....good luck....welcome to hell lol
  13. CobraBites

    welcome back buddy
  14. and abandon zoo btw is in download loop
  15. i tried to reboot serrver but for some reason my nfo control panel doesnt give me that option can u help me?
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