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  1. diggydoc42

    Happy Birthday EDD!!...what are you, like, 250 in duck years?
  2. diggydoc42

    Happy birthday El Presidente!
  3. diggydoc42

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!
  4. diggydoc42

    The Idiots are back!!!!! HOOOOAAAAHHHH! It's been a sad couple of months....finally a new home!
  5. Deftones - Digital Bath...  Need I say more?


    1. diggydoc42


      it's on my boning playlist...along with Change(in the house of flies), Knife Party an Teenager. I love Deftones...last album...not so much

    2. Expedition


      Yes those are awesome songs.  I also really like Rocket Skates, You've seen the butcher and Hole in the Earth.  Gets me going in the morning.  There are times when I listen to these songs while gaming freeze tag.  Problem is peeps trying to talk to me :(

  6. diggydoc42

    not a lot of people like the genre...but i find it to be exceptional for driving at night. 4 in the morning, empty streets and no speed cameras!!
  7. diggydoc42

    well...they were a band...I haven't been home in a long time...from what i see only Adrian is left...was a surprise seeing a Romanian band/song pop up here...
  8. diggydoc42

    @@djMot soundcloud support needs to be added to the website. I've made a post, but it didn't get any traction. I guess very few of us use soundcloud. https://www.xtremeidiots.com/topic/64391-can-we-get-soundcloud-please/ @@Icequeen i am curious how did you come across that Romanian band Akcent? I grew up with one of the singers.
  9. diggydoc42

    Well..back to bf4 for me...HOOAH! BF1 is a good game that could have been great...but it's loosing players. Apart from the rental servers bullshit, the progression sistem is a joke, the new ribbon changes won't keep people interested. I don't regret buying the game, it still is a good game but EA FUCKED IT UP!
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