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  1. Tom.S

    Alright Guys n Girls this is probably gonna sound like i have no friends i do but none of my friends play on PC silly console peasants so feel free to add us origin widowedchimp
  2. Well hello there guys and gurls Yes I'm back from the depths of life and it feels good well apart from BF1 HARDCORE MODE. You see I'm Not normally a salty person when it comes to games but my word the new HC mode on BF1 has gotten me saltyer then a mermaid pissing in the sea Is it me not used to change or is it the fact that you don't know who the hell is who in the game Tk's everywhere and when do you know when you killed someone. please say I'm not the only one being Salty :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  3. Tom.S

    Hey welcome hope you enjoy the forum as much as the servers
  4. The weather outside is frightful crap wrong month but dammmmn its bad

  5. The weather outside is frightful crap wrong month but dammmmn its bad

  6. shopping for games any ideas people??

  7. Tom.S

    Happy Birthday Jay have a good one dude
  8. Tom.S

    Hey Crossfire and welcome enjoy your stay :lol: :lol:
  9. Tom.S

    Welcome YeOldFart to the forum, Enjoy :lol:
  10. Tom.S

    Welcome to the forums :lol:
  11. Sorting my profile out any tips people :)

  12. Tom.S

    Just a quickie too say how much of a laugh iv had in Teamspeak to anyone who hasn't popped in yet great bunch of guy/girls, so get your self in the more the merrier Tom AKA: widowedchimp
  13. Tom.S

    RIP Goblin King
  14. Tom.S

    Hey E glad you joined up too and welcome