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  1. Hi Skuz - looks like we also have a spawn issue with map Winter_war ... both teams spawning together. Cheers 'E' ... @skuzapo
  2. Super ... welcome
  3. Like/Dislike update 11JUL2021 Like_dislike_update11JUL2021.xlsx
  4. Skuz, looks like 2-maps with spawn issues. ... mp_Down_Trodden and gb_Karkand both teams spawning together .. fyi Cheers 'E'
  5. Update 7/10/2021 Like_dislike_update10JUL2021.xlsx
  6. Update 7/8/2021 Like_dislike_update8JUL2021.xlsx
  7. Update 7/6/2021 Like_dislike_update6JUL2021.xlsx
  8. E-raser

    Ha, the guy without one in his hand
  9. Updated , Only a few players tonight 20:00 Eastern , lucky to get 8- for the the map vote .. however Holiday weekend (U.S.) likes dislikes2-07-update.xlsx
  10. E-raser

    About 2-3 years ago on the XI site, they were being offered for sale ... XI on the front / your game name on the back. That is how I got mine, not sure if they will be offered again in the future or not. I'd order me another myself if they do.
  11. Had the pleasure of meeting up with an old friend who is also an XI member.. 'Buffalo Cody' .. he is the one who had told me about the XI servers some time ago , and I've been playing them ever since. Course I had to wear my XI colors Couple Idiots!
  12. Updated likes dislikes.xlsx
  13. Bio, may want to include the '!' for like / dislike (!like / !dislike) ... it may help sparse these from the chat logs if they are used. Thank you !!
  14. E-raser

    Welcome Red Glad to have you on board with us. 'E'
  15. Merlin, that sounds like a good amount of work/time for you - don’t believe it is worth all of that, but thank you for the offer.



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