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  1. What is your facebook name I will try adding you

  2. Hi Can you friend me on facebook I am Dorothy Loretta my picture is my grandparents and my aunts and my mother  the  picture is from 1917 

  3. Happy Birthday To You

  4. E-raser

    39 years, kudo’s to you both... not an easy thing - must really be love! Happy for you.
  5. Hoi Merlin - Map mp_omcbrest_ffa is a map with bad spawns(NamFT) - both sides spawn in the same area. Good map / bad spawns.. fyi
  6. E-raser

    Count me in as well ..
  7. E-raser

    Welcome.. I go back to the duke nukem days as well / good memories 🙂
  8. E-raser

    Glad you were able to make it happen ...super
  9. E-raser

    Hi Butch58, good to see you here in the forums 🙂
  10. E-raser

    Great EastCoast50 , Retirement is great if you can make it work. I retired end of 2016 after 43-years at my job. With pay concessions, job bankruptcies , I couldn’t make retirement work for me until I was 63...but best decision I made... try to get a few good years in before medical issues arise. No looking back... Again happy for you...Cheers
  11. E-raser

    Hoi Outsider... Welcome to the XI community 🙂
  12. E-raser

    Please add me to the FT team ... Sounds like a good time 🙂
  13. E-raser

    Has the date / time been finalized yet? (Sat/Sun?) … Some players in NamFT asked me today if there is a sign up list ? They are interested but are confused as to how to sign up. Also is this for registered users only? Thank You .
  14. E-raser

    Great to see Rexbowan... Glad to have you onboard.
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