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  1. E-raser

    So sorry to hear BlackRose.. Always enjoy playing with you, wishing you some kind of relief so you can play more.
  2. E-raser

  3. I’ve had good luck with the vantec sata/ide to usb adapter on both a laptop and tower ide harddrive. It also includes a power adapter as well. Think I spent around $20 for it on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Vantec-CB-ISATAU2-Supports-2-5-Inch-5-25-Inch/dp/B000J01I1G/ref=sr_1_6?crid=10FRFYX8AMK3F&keywords=vantec+sata%2Fide+to+usb+3.0+adapter+cb-isa225-u3&qid=1653910928&sprefix=vantec%2Caps%2C118&sr=8-6
  4. E-raser

    Wow, that was just too close !! Glad to hear everyone is safe.
  5. Cod5 OW FT - Seems to be an issue (version?) of map Canal2 .(Canal) - today when the map came up, we all got booted , getting back in we went to downloads. Not sure if this is the same version as before or cannot remember if it was just Canal or Canal2 ... fyi - @skuzapo @Merlin007
  6. E-raser

    Worked in the Airline Industry, with most of that time at the Detroit Metro Airport(DTW). Did most all of the different ground handling positions - load / unload - parking - driving those little 'tugs and carts' around. Also worked weight and balance using a 'manual computer' . After 43 and a half years decided to retire (31Dec2016).. Working manual labor outside in all kinds of weather is a 'young mans' game. Before and after retirement picture.
  7. E-raser

    We went up by Newberry, Mi (U.P.) stayed at Kritters North Country , We stayed in one of their cabins at the time(it was nice) - just have to keep and eye if there are strong winds in the area, some times the close the Big Mac bridge down to trucks/campers. www.northcountrycampground.com
  8. E-raser

    Good looking rig.. we started with the tents, then a pop-up and now a 5th wheel. You’ll have some good quality time with the kids!! Time, something you can never get back. Make as many memories as you can Where are you headed in Upper Michigan?
  9. E-raser

    Super !
  10. thanks for your support and sponering me E-raser

    i hope i  ADDED >xi<  CORRECTLY

    1. E-raser


      Your welcome,  your tags should me good.  Will double check next time i’m on

  11. E-raser

    Welcome Larrymc
  12. E-raser

    Hi Legi .. welcome good to see you here.
  13. E-raser

    One big item to consider is not only the towing capacity, but the pay load capacity as well. In 2020 I purchased a F250 super duty to pull our 30 foot 5th wheel. When you figure the pin weight in the bed of the truck along with any cargo in the bed of your truck as well as cargo you add to the rv, it can really add up. I was looking at getting a diesel, however it added $10k to the purchase price and they are heavier in weight (heavier the engine, less payload available). Just check every aspect you can before you jump into a purchase... And be careful what an RV sales-person tells you , they are trying to make a sale. You may want to look at some rv user groups on facebook they are a wealth of information.
  14. E-raser

    Wishing you the best
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