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  1. E-raser

    Please add me to the FT team ... Sounds like a good time 🙂
  2. E-raser

    Has the date / time been finalized yet? (Sat/Sun?) … Some players in NamFT asked me today if there is a sign up list ? They are interested but are confused as to how to sign up. Also is this for registered users only? Thank You .
  3. E-raser

    Great to see Rexbowan... Glad to have you onboard.
  4. E-raser

  5. E-raser

    Nice... don’t believe I could afford the insurance let alone the car itself ?
  6. E-raser

    Rexbowan , great to see you here … enjoy playing NamFT with you. Retirement is great isn't it ?
  7. iBrock - Always fun playing with you in Nam FT … Cheers
  8. E-raser

    Thanks for posting! While i’ve not had an issue ‘yet’ with the blue screen with this pc, I am using the nvidia drivers for my 2080 graphics. I usually get a notice when there are new drivers but looks like I need to double check.
  9. E-raser

  10. E-raser

    Hi Striker... bunny hopping is allowed however some people may raze you about it. Just like they raze others(me) about my betties and butt-nades ?
  11. Thanks Djmot... KEEP THE VIDS - my choice if I want to watch them or not, I like the option. Appreciate all the time your putting into the Nam ftag rotations. Cheers
  12. E-raser

    Terrible.. so sorry to hear.. Not a good way to go thru life always having to worry about it and keep looking over your back. As well as all the sorry of losing loved ones.
  13. E-raser

    Welcome ?
  14. E-raser

    Welcome ?
  15. Perfect, thank you deerejon ?
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