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    @Merlin007 - Merlin do we have a test server for trying newer or modified maps? Would like to see how these work out and possible future use. Thank you - Cheers E-raser @falcone203 @Biotech
  2. I've been away for awhile so this may have already been addressed(?) .. On the XI website the server list is showing as 'unnamed' 0/0 players and map unknown. Does anyone know if this is being worked on? Thank you E-raser
  3. @skuzapo @Merlin007 @Essssieeee @Biotech Skuz/ Merlin - Can you check the download section for the COD5 OW FT map mp_snr_brunete_cod - Getting multiple complaints when this map comes up, it starts to download and then never finishes. Happened this afternoon(Eastern) multiple players and again tonight. Those who already have the map are able to play with no issues... Thanks E
  4. Merlin, will being able to set up custom classes something that is being looked into , or is that a dead function with this mod? Thanks E
  5. Ultrasonic cleaner… including the theory behind it’s operation.
  6. @Merlin007 Merlin there is an issue at the end of map mp_fatherland ... the server doesn't move onto the next map (mp_Little_Village I think it is). Just hangs at the end of fatherland. Thanks 'E'
  7. It appears there maybe an issue with this rotation. Server was stuck after map vm_crash ... I just restarted the server. @Merlin007 @skuzapo Thanks guys
  8. Hi Skuz, - I had to restart the server, appears it was hung up after mp_siege. fyi cheers 'E' @skuzapo @Merlin007
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