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  1. E-raser

    Hoi Dray... finally Good to see!
  2. E-raser

    Super = good to see you here Pinn
  3. E-raser

    Hi Fatzi - Good to see you here
  4. E-raser

    Hi, welcome - I've played with you a few times on cod5 FT and it has been a pleasure looking forward to more game-time with you.
  5. E-raser

    Hi Pacman... finally - Good to see.
  6. E-raser

    While playing cod5 FT today one of players (Draygunner) asked if XI could set up a zoom channel so players can connect and see what people look like as well as communicate. I've not used Zoom so am not all that familiar with it so do not know if possible - it sounded interesting so I thought I would throw it out there. Thoughts ?
  7. E-raser

    Yea, the cold season is here Better double cup the HOT coffee... Lake looks good for ice skating? (before the snow covers it).
  8. E-raser

    Thanks for Sharing Shaun... I really enjoy seeing the other parts of the world and the people who live there. This is a keeper
  9. E-raser

    Elvis, neat but kind of scary if your out there alone
  10. Hey Eraser hove you been?

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    2. PACMAN----
    3. PACMAN----


      thanks bro!         Am I  posting at the right place in the forums?

    4. E-raser


      Looks good to me ... cheers

  11. E-raser

    Great... Good to see you here Pacman
  12. E-raser

    I’m left handed , so opted for the razor left handed naga wired mouse... https://www.razer.com/gaming-mice/Razer-Naga-Left-Handed-Edition/RZ01-03410100-R3M1



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