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  1. E-raser

    One big item to consider is not only the towing capacity, but the pay load capacity as well. In 2020 I purchased a F250 super duty to pull our 30 foot 5th wheel. When you figure the pin weight in the bed of the truck along with any cargo in the bed of your truck as well as cargo you add to the rv, it can really add up. I was looking at getting a diesel, however it added $10k to the purchase price and they are heavier in weight (heavier the engine, less payload available). Just check every aspect you can before you jump into a purchase... And be careful what an RV sales-person tells you , they are trying to make a sale. You may want to look at some rv user groups on facebook they are a wealth of information.
  2. E-raser

    Wishing you the best
  3. bonjour vous en avait pas marre de vous inventer des vie dans se clan  vous pouvait ne filmer dit que je triche quand je parle a mon beau frere ( sepi ) sa serait cool de n oublier un peu 

    1. E-raser


      Sorry, I don’t speak French…

    2. lechacal


      il y a un traducteur 

  4. E-raser

    Hi Sven35i ... Sorry I wasn't any help to you via teamspeak - I only have access to cod5. E-raser
  5. E-raser

    Welcome to XI Opto66… Cheers
  6. E-raser

    Sad news for sure… my heart goes out to you…
  7. E-raser

    Thank you , i’ll have to check that one out - I was also thinking about ‘Winrar’ …
  8. E-raser

    I don't really need help, but just an observation. I have been using Winzip14(paid and registered), but thought I would check out a newer version when I ran across a *.xz compressed file that winzip14 wouldn't recognize. So I clicked on winzip14 menu 'check for updates' , but got a message 'server not found'. So I did a google search and found that Winzip is now on version 26 and would handle the *.xz compression. So I downloaded the trial.. What happened is the trial removed my registered winzip14 program so now all I had was the 'trial' version 26. I thought I would check on it's pricing since it was a major update from version 14 ... found out it is now a 'subscription' cost .. whoa!! I also then realized it is now a Coral company as well... Probably why the 'check for updates / server now found' showed up in my winzip 14. So... used the trial to unzip the *.xz file, then removed version 26 and reinstalled my old trusty registered winzip14
  9. E-raser

    Hi Oxen ( _Oxen_ ?) Membership Requirements Need to be registered on the website for 1 month and have 20 posts. Your in-game identity (such as GUID) must not be banned by anti-cheat services such as pbbans.com You must not be in another clan Your game name and forum names must match Have read, understand, and agree to abide by the XI Code of Conduct Need to have and use either Steam, Origin, TS, or Discord Need to be 18 years old
  10. Merlin, I believe it was related to the map issue on the server… I could access the admin panel, just couldn’t call up the next map. Thank you E-raser @Merlin007
  11. Skuz- there seems to be an issue with this rotation.. Trying to play mp_82ab_crossing , after round, map was freezing.. I also could not get the admin panel to work (go to the next map). Not sure what's wrong. Others evidently having issues as they are in the Nam Ft server instead today. Cheers 'E' @[email protected]
  12. E-raser

    Hmmmm... must have been a type-o (I wish) ... Wife and I last night seeing in the new year
  13. Hi Skuz, can you check on map mp_stlo map mp_stream2 ? After mp_stlo, ow hangs. Had to restart the server yesterday and looks like it is hanging again today - Thanks 'E' @skuzapo @Merlin007
  14. E-raser

    Just a reminder of the COD5 FT Christmas 'zoom' meeting this Sunday 19th Dec - hosted by Draygunnar. 14:00 Eastern time zone(U.S.) its designed to be a one off meet for generally the freezetag players, however it is an open invite. Cheers Topic: Freezetag Christmas meet Time: Dec 19, 2021 7:00 PM London Join Zoom Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9172711531?pwd=YVFLalFEejRyRXZsaWRwN1h3RGNZdz09 Meeting ID: 917 271 1531 Passcode: Welcome Edited December 1 by Draygunnar
  15. Hi Skuzapo, Today a good number of players today voiced their opinion they liked the prior best 2 our of 3 rounds option instead of the 3 out of 5 with the 7-minute time rounds. Just some feed-back on the change .. thank you @skuzapo
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