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  1. Smurf|NL

    Happy Bday to all have a nice day 🍻
  2. Smurf|NL

    Happy Bday aussie have a good one ?
  3. Smurf|NL

    Happy Bday Codpiece
  4. Look at this Pur http://server-jybzndci.arkers.io/
  5. Smurf|NL

    Its only battlenet from blizzard i dont know if iit is a open beta i get a key from asus
  6. Smurf|NL

    Happy bday Frozahn
  7. Smurf|NL

    Hee weer eindelijk inne va limburg . Welcome on the forums and have fun
  8. Smurf|NL

    Hello tyntje ( aka Martijn ) told me about you welcome on the forums and have fun and when you have time and you are in the mood come on TS
  9. Yes its very sad that the servers are gone whe had a lot off fun on it .
  10. Smurf|NL

    I think they have forgot to renew the license
  11. Smurf|NL

    I have a BenQ XL2420T for a couple of years now its 144 HZ i have no probs with it
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