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  1. Snafu457

    Welcome to the forums. I may have to reinstall Minecraft if there is an XI server.
  2. It's as simple as spectating someone to realize they're not hacking, but some folks just assume they're the best. I think it was pokemans that did that. I've seen people try to say you're hacking, but I can confirm you're just a damn good player who whoops my ass a lot.
  3. Snafu457

    Situation Normal All F***** Up. And Damn, you do have a Snafu alreay…. I guess I could always become SerDuncan again... And technically if I were to help support servers you WOULD have my card number.... Nevermind that's Paypal
  4. Snafu457

    Hello Extreme Idiots! Im Snafu457 or ‘SerDuncan’ if you’ve seen me by that name. Going to stick with Snafu457 from now on though considering it’s my forum name. I exclusively play Insurgency on your servers and have a great time battling =|DADBOD|=. See y’all in game!
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