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  1. nos

    Thankyou! Aha i sure will
  2. nos

    Thanks for the welcome, will do! see u around
  3. nos

    Hey! thanks for the reply, see u around
  4. nos

    Hey man, cheers see u around ✌️
  5. nos

    Thanks for the reply, cool thats good to hear will defo see you around then hoping to join the XI team in the server not exactly sure how it works though lmao nos
  6. nos

    Hello, my name is nos Thought i would drop this in the forums just to say hello and make myself somewhat known to the community, will be focusing my time on the Cod4 freeze tag server, reminds me of old freezetag fps i used to play years ago. Come from a variety of other fps mainly counterstrike, i am 21 years of age and come from the UK, am glad to find a server highly populated in the later hours of my time which is when I would usually play Hope to fit in well, nos



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