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  1. My finishing note here will be that I did report issues, with details and witness testimony and nothing got done. I'm very sorry for causing drama, it was purely out of frustration of the double standard going on here. Even when I turned my tags in I remained respectful and loyal to the clan. I would have been so easy for me to, as many in the past have, write a massive post slagging you and the clan off but I didn't because as I said in my PM to you at the time, I don't actually like drama. But yes it's time to move on I think, I'm going to miss the people I've made friends with but the truth is I'm too Libra for this shit.
  2. Well the admins did sort it so chill out. If you think what Manding said is so outrageous just wait until you hear when ACTUAL CLAN MEMBERS have said to me in server, and no not because I shot them because you can't shoot teammates. And don't panic, I'm also looking for new servers. You won't have to deal with my whiny ass much longer.
  3. Kitsune


    Think my @SgT.Chris was running one for a bit for personal use, wasn't flying the XI banner or anything. Idk if he's still running it though cause he chops and changes whenever we demand a new game to play he would know more about that,
  4. Me, who constantly bitches at the admins sat here like: But don't worry, Manding tells me he isn't coming back when his ban is lifted and honestly I don't blame him.
  5. No yeah I love him haha players like him keep me coming back tbh. Way more fun than the big grumpies.
  6. 10/10 would put all of that into a bolognese. Fucking love garlic
  7. Sassing the head admins isn't the best thing to do maan
  8. Yeah I'm feeling it too, nothing against other players I just felt bored of the game sometimes. Grabbed some buddies and played Killing Floor 2 last night, playing Borderlands today. Both co-op games. Senseless violence without other people shooting you, much more relaxing imo
  9. You don't even have Insta lmaoo
  10. @Sourtap you do this so much i'm starting to take this as an offer, I'm gonna have to decline I'm afraid, you haven't even offered me dinner first.
  11. Rob ragequit he's never gonna see it lmao
  12. Controversial opinion: it's not even the 'cheaters' that ruin the game for me. I mean yeah they suck, they're annoying as fuck, they probably have small peepees and they should still definitely be banned when caught, but it's weirdly satisfying for me when I finally manage to kill somone who's killed me like 8 times in a row. What ruins the game for me is the grumpy fuckers who take the game wayyyyyyyy too seriously, kick off *literally* every time they die and can't even have a laugh while playing. Proper rays of sunshine those guys. Literally no sense of humour just grumble grumble grumble. Like come on, SOMETHING must make you laugh.
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