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  1. Kitsune

    You been married that long?? Holy shit she needs a medal and a spa weekend
  2. Kitsune

    Well she definitely sounds like a piece of work, you've certainly dodged a bullet I'd say. Also babies are gross anyway, so that's a very loud, shit covered bullet you've also dodged. Get a cat, they're much quieter.
  3. Kitsune

    Oh fuck I LOVE Toxic Waste!! They're delicious
  4. I have no idea what half the posts on this thread are saying because quite frankly I've seen 5 year olds with better spelling and grammar. Like, I'm good at reading but I'm not THAT good you know. How are we supposed to take y'all seriously when clearly you're fucking illiterate and unable to put together a coherent argument. Sorry, too many syllables let me make it easier for you to understand: You type like caveman please learn spell before spout shit.
  5. I'll hold my hands up when I balls up, I did get you confused with another player who does use heist and bitches about people leaving while he's trying to steal. I apologise, I'm a dumbass
  6. You don't think it's bad sportsmanship? Especially when it's someone who frequently complains about people doing it to them?
  7. Kitsune

    Continuing to send love and well wishes to your dad and the rest of your family, he sounds like a lovely, kind man
  8. Lmao the irony because he's always bitching about people doing it to him
  9. Kitsune

    Omg how have I not been banned lmaoo
  10. Kitsune

    You're 1,000,000% right here, the media, especially social media, has conditioned us all to believe that we are less than if we so much as put in a pound. The social media 'influencers' promoting dangerous diet aids such as 'detox teas' that can and will fuck your liver and kidneys up but hey at least you'll be skinny (because you're severely dehydrated and malnourished) when you die so you'll need less people to carry your coffin. You see it with men too, with male celebrities being mocked for exhibiting what's known as 'dad bod' (which in my opinion is more atteactive than washboard abs
  11. Kitsune

    I 100% agree with you as I tuck into a Mcmuffin the lovely fiancé bought me I'm also going to add a different perspective being my own experience and my personal relationship with food, strap in cause this may well be a snowflake perspective. So as you all can clearly see, I'm a big girl, pretty chunky. I'm incredibly aware of this and have had a.....complex relationship with food for the past few years. My GP has stated that a lot of my food based behaviours are thoses associated with eating disorders. I skip meals, I feel incredible guilt after eating, I even sometimes 'pu
  12. Kitsune

    Lmaoooo the cat never cuddles me like that
  13. It's my cat's birthday!! My sweet little Syko is 2 today Here's some pics to celebrate:
  14. Kitsune

    Happy birthday @MikZzona!!



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