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  1. Kitsune

    You're too focused on the 'drunk' part (which btw I agree is not an acceptable excuse) to acknowledge what Chkn, who also used to admin this game before he got sick of certain other admins mugging him off, is saying about the procedures surrounding the banning process. Ooooopsie did the non-member speak out of turn again?
  2. Kitsune

    Maan I hope it's just a drunken prank Gotta make a post in the ban appeal forum like the other guys tho
  3. Kitsune

    Oh boy they can't be that stupid?
  4. Kitsune

    God dammit Manding I thought you were better than this GLITCHESAREFORBITCHES
  5. So much profit and he can't even provide decent work conditions for his workers.
  6. I know I would, space is cool.
  7. Kitsune

    Fucking @Ronnie......little shit
  8. Kitsune

    I'll keep that in mind the next time you start whinging because you're frozen for longer than 30 seconds...
  9. Kitsune

    Yeah go figure, I think I've only been in game with him like once and I've never actually had a conversation with him but he's decided that my opinions on here are often different to his and that make me a bad person to him. And it's okay, he doesn't HAVE to like me, a lot of people here don't, but you'd think he'd just save himself the hassle and ignore me right? Nope, has to 'FU' to *literally* anything I post. Can't tell if it's funny or creepy tbh.
  10. Kitsune

    Put some water and a few axolotl in there. Then it's Minecraft.
  11. Kitsune

    Ding ding ding told ya so ahahahaha cry harder boys
  12. Kitsune

    I just like how he says it's a game to relax and have fun when vast majority of the people playing are grumpy mfers who take the game too seriously And I already know he's gonna 'FU' react to this because he hates me for no reason lmao
  13. Kitsune

    Yep, the smaws are a menace too. You ever get sniped by a smaw? Didn't think it was possible till it happened to me the other night
  14. Kitsune

    I don't agree with this, there's a stark difference between placing a random ass betty/clay in the hope that someone may stumble in it and launching tubes into an enemy spawn killing people before they can even pull their weapon out. If you watch where you're going, you're significantly less likely to be killed by a betty or clay, also the stealth perk works properly on this mod, but there's no avoiding tubes, people say flak jacket but honestly it's too weak to be any use. You can have flak jacket and still die from a nade, it's as much use as a chocolate teapot.



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