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  1. Mateee you could have been set for life! What a shame I've started trading in Crypto 2 months ago using Coinbase. Still learning so not very large amounts yet (started with 1000) but still making a nice profit with it (up 70% overall). I probably shouldn't but i do day trade. It can be pretty handy especially the last couple of days because the market is going crazy. Loads of new investors pumping up all the coins. Gotta make sure i get out of the bad ones before they crash down. If things keep going well i'm probably gonna invest some more, but the market is a bit too crazy to do it now Oh and for other new investors: Don't fall for the pump and dump scams. If you see something on social media, mostly twitter or reddit, about everyone buying the same coin don't buy it!! You are already too late. This happened with XRP yesterday and loads of new investors got fcked. Trading crypto is more of a hobby for me tho. Who know i might get lucky, i might lose it all. Only invest money you're willing to lose Thanks for the tips @Funstick>XI< wonder what you're gonna charge me
  2. kenmen

    Happy birthday
  3. kenmen

    Welcome Flybyyr!
  4. kenmen

    Thanks guys! Great to see i'm still welcome after half a year
  5. kenmen

    Uff anything for some points...(That doesn't apply to you @RobMc, I won't do that kinda stuff) I haven't even reached 100k in months! Do real life pics count double?
  6. kenmen

    So many questions..... that i don't want the answers to.
  7. I had not, but now i have. Looks a bit like the approach Sweden took. For the most part i see that this strategy would make sense. But i highly doubt it it would be executable. It also doesn't go very in debth on how the vulnurable would be protected (or am i missing something?). I do agree that it might have been a better option but it won't be implemented now anyways because of politics. A change of strategy with all this "a vaccine is almost ready" in the news is just not happening. Oh well let's just hope that it'll all be over within 6 months. We'll have to deal with the long-term public health problems when they arrive.
  8. kenmen

    Happy birthday LilMord
  9. Alright so i was gonna ignore this post but what the hell i'll say something anyway. I'll be first in line when the vaccine is available. Don't give a fuck if there are side affects coming with it or if they are injecting grounded up, aborted fetus into me (which is obvious bullshit), as long as corona just fucks off. I'm done with not being able to do anything, see anyone or go anywhere after work. Can't visit my grandparents who i'm pretty sure don't have that long on this planet anymore. Can't go drinking with my mates. No Christmas with the family. No Happy New Year. All we do is sit at home and stare at a fucking wall or screen. This ain't living. If there's a vaccine and there's a possibility to start living our lives again, i'm fucking taking it. And the people who are just creating unrest with these kind of "omg don't take the vaccine, there's this and that wrong with it"- posts piss me the fuck off because they are full of lies or misleading garbage. Now i'm definitely no doctor, but i'm smart enough to trust in the doctors and scientists. And if they say that there is a working vaccine and there is almost no chance of severe side-effects, I believe them. You know who i don't believe? The bunker-building, apocalypse preparing, conspiracy theorists that call us all "sheep" and "brainwashed by the government". F*ck me... the scariest part about it is that they actually believe what they are saying. I do understand if you don't want to be among the first to get the vaccine. Just wait a bit and see that it works and then get one too. There will be plenty of people like me that won't mind being the first. And now back to the gaming topics, the only thing that gets me trough this covid shit.
  10. kenmen

    I'm starting to think you just have bad cookie-taste!
  11. kenmen

    Bunch of perverts you! Bad Shiny! Bad Rob!
  12. kenmen

    You better watch out Shiny. It doesn't matter if you are a girl i'll whoop your ass too!
  13. kenmen

    Gecondoleerd maat. Heel veel sterkte.
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