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  1. kenmen

    Welcome NG4!
  2. kenmen

    And that was the moment Rob lost interest..... ? JK ofcourse
  3. kenmen

    Speaking of romantic songs.... cough cough
  4. kenmen

    Bit late but still.... happy birthday ? ?
  5. kenmen

    The rest of us don't stand a chance against @GhostfaceJims gambling addiction ... lol Oinks for points!
  6. kenmen

    Welcome to the forums! Make sure you knife @babyback as a thank you for helping you bind those keys yesterday in the server. He really likes that .
  7. FFS!!!!

    1. kenmen


      hahahahahah woopsy! 

  8. kenmen

    Did you install any updates? Or plug anything new/different into your PC?
  9. kenmen

    Thank god you are selling them. After yesterdays games I was afraid you were gonna try and use those toys on me.... Made me laugh my ass off tho. Now i know how shiny feels when @wildthing is hitting on her.... ?
  10. kenmen

    Oh hell yeah i'm in.
  11. kenmen

    I think you are slowly becoming a snowflake Rob..... You care to much about what others think and if they get that you are joking. Who the F cares if some don't get it's a joke? So lemme set you straight with a !fu @RobMc ya old snowflake And while i'm at it.... !fu @FunkyJosh>XI< @ShinyAbsol & @VHS2 (not sure why VHS.... guess i'm a "tad" jealous?).
  12. kenmen


    Oh my god there's 2 of 'em! Everybody panic! JK welcome to the forums! PS. Shiny probably warned you already but watch out for this @RobMc guy. Especially when he is wearing his extra long raincoat
  13. kenmen

    1000! you also get 500 for every like you get Oinks!
  14. kenmen

    Hi NG4! Try the skorpion with extended mags, that gun is crazy accurate! And it plays a bit like the p90 Or the shotgun.... people love it when you shoot them with a shotty. ? See ya in game mate.
  15. kenmen

    I don't know why but i have a feeling @GhostfaceJim is in first place.... for now ?. Oinks for points!



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