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  1. sven

    Yes bro!!! That is him, I remember him lol that's so cool
  2. sven

    Welcome I remember a Teki from Turkey i used to play with in other servers
  3. sven

    You obviously aren't one of those players then lol btw just cause someone is banned on XI doesn't mean anything lol, doesn't change them as a person and especially doesn't allow them to join other servers Just like how people hate clans without knowing everyone in it
  4. sven

    Heh yea maybe i've just haven't gotten caught yet
  5. sven

    He's not spamming anything lol. Did you read the topic you're in? Jokes & Misc...also you can swear but there's a bot that prevents it idk why it's still active
  6. sven

    Bad thing about all servers ran by old-timers Is that there is a huge skill gap when an experienced player joins. I feel like most bans we're done because some players we're just too good to be true. No hate, been playing this game for a long time and I've seen it everywhere. Just how things are
  7. sven

  8. there's not supposed to be an underscore it's "com_maxfps 125"
  9. You're doing it wrong then lol
  10. sven

    Happy birthday. R.I.P. Blackbart
  11. sven

    Sorry I thought it was forgotten I will be patient
  12. sven

  13. sven

    Oh ok thanks for clearing that up I had deleted it cause I was unbanned so i assumed it was a mistake but thanks for telling me !
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