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  1. NuTzOpaNts

    I want to be more like RobMc. He types really good. Some things aren't perfect, but RobMc IS! Damn....I think RobMc ROCKS!! So cool mmmmmmm
  2. NuTzOpaNts

    Did you expect a turtle?
  3. NuTzOpaNts

    It's ok. I deserve that. I've been "spamming" these forums with my positivity since 2018, as it were. I just happen to love everyone! My opinions are biased to that degree. If I ever happen upon J3st3r or Sourtap in a game I will defend them. "Die" for them. Unless they are on the other team.
  4. NuTzOpaNts

    Thank you I just did. Seems like forever. I will always revel in whatever happened back then and realize my personality lacks a desirable contribution to your needs. I never need to be unbanned. I just want you to LIKE ME! Cheers and love.
  5. NuTzOpaNts

    Thanks for starting this blackcat. I asked a friedn for a song link that wasn;t hyper fast like he's used to sending. He sent me this.:
  6. NuTzOpaNts

    OMG protect these young humans.
  7. NuTzOpaNts

    Back sorry. You'll get over it eventually. I understand that 4 years wasn't enough. I promised me I'd be a certain person when my "perma ban" no longer exists. I will earn your respect. The NuTzO I hope you meet on your terms will not be the one you think he is.
  8. NuTzOpaNts

    I'm sorry Rob this was my fault. I specifically "asked" thinking it was rhetorical, but I shouldn't have assumed it would come across that way. J3st3r was very nice to answer my question, but again, my fault. I main Chivarly II these days. Some GTAV. Overwatch ...and a bit of poking around (for a full game) saying hi to all the fine folks in games I used to play. Being an idiot comes easy to me. I aim to earn the "x" one day. I really need to stop making that a thing in here though. I'm sure we all agree. This post was started intentionally to be a compliment. I had a bad way with mistyped words on this one. Happy Tuesday!
  9. NuTzOpaNts

    I do see now how my drivel can appear like spamming. In the moment it feels artistic, but I get that it is an unacquired taste for some. I was just pouring my thoughts out here in "jokes and misc stuff". I'll try to clean up my content. Sorry J3st3r.
  10. Dear ALL, I have changed my name from Bullet Person To NuTzOpaNts. This has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI<ADM at my request and all records have been updated. When you have read this please confirm via pm to me you understand and that all details are correct. *) The last part is me being a smart alec, but iffin' you do, so be it. Thank you for accepting me for who I am. Most respect, -NuTzO
  11. NuTzOpaNts

    Vincent and Opto66 Happy [email protected]@@@@!!!!!
  12. Sup angels. I;m not mad. I am just really really confsed. We won;t be here again. WE ..I would liike to know twasht you think is a good cod4 server to play on ? IAlso, how do I fix punk buster issues? OK great!, I'm gald we had this talk.
  13. NuTzOpaNts

    Rest in peace Neil. hot dang I wanted to play with you. Thank you for being you for so many years. I KNOW you are up there having fun with US! whwew
  14. NuTzOpaNts

    Please be nice unio* ALL playres* and Cats. **Edit: cahnge unit to unto*. O h come on!
  15. NuTzOpaNts

    New Rob is way too polite. Cool video! Looks like a lot of fun has and will continue to be had! : )
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