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  1. NuTzOpaNts

    You're not supposed to taste it. Just put it in ya.
  2. NuTzOpaNts

    My wife is a real estate agent and in passing very recently I've heard her say that interest rates are not the best right now for purchasing houses in US and likely to get worse before better. This may be in comparison to some pretty good rates that were available 6 months ago or more. That said if you definitely want to buy now, it may be better than now than "worse" soon later. Don't shoot the messenger? ...but as history repeats you could weather it and wait until things calm down again. Keeping the current track for up to 5 years as you mention gives you plenty of time to keep your eyes open and possibly happen upon what you're looking for without stress and maybe you decide to pounce on something, due to something good that comes along. Not sure how many folks you need to house or how much space you need, but looking for a decent plot of land and placing a modular home can be a good way to get a less expensive foothold....something to sell to upgrade later if not just building a larger house on the same lot. Construction loans can be nice in that you make minimal payments until everything is in place. Can't think of anywhere in the universe right now that won't earn you money while you pass the time, selling for more than you purchased. Real estate is the only "retirement plan" that I trust without some sort of anxiety. We can't always know when 401K or stocks will take an annoying downward turn, but real estate seems to always be a safe bet. Just living somewhere can allow progress and some gains.
  3. NuTzOpaNts

    Particular area eh? Have you thought about Canada or the US? Depending on the area I may have minute pieces of advice. If I were you though, which I'm clearly not, I mean look at you, you ROCK! I'd go where I want to go. It'll make your work harder, your love stronger, and apply a healthy sense of worth to you, which I'm sure you don't need, but deserve.
  4. NuTzOpaNts

    WOW those are good! These Irish folks in your jokes seem type like the sagest of humans!
  5. NuTzOpaNts

    "three mind shattering orgasms." That was so HOT! I wonder if the ladies think of it that way. I'd be happy with one or two mind shattering organisms, but three? HAAH! Whomever wrote this joke must have really wanted to fund the police. "Magic Penis my Mom!" (Could use some more siblings.)
  6. NuTzOpaNts

    Oklahoma Highway....sounds neat. It's got a c*** ring to it...and a super jelly double dong with ballzy c**k and butt plug set! I'm assuming.
  7. NuTzOpaNts

    Oh no worries. Just a little more than eccentric here. I appreciate your candor. Hope your horse comes in.
  8. NuTzOpaNts

    In a huge manly sort of way*
  9. NuTzOpaNts

    Dishonestly, I could care less for you also. I think the bearings stay on the road because JimHenson(I tried to spell comprehntion) is palpable. Other mis-mentioned fake knowledge was before either of our time. The ladies you type of...may I kiss one? I would be willing to undo my nachos avatar and show my true face. I love everyone. You'll learn that. I ..NO ONE on the planet needs to know that I love you so much RobMc Whatever
  10. NuTzOpaNts

    I was going to post this funny picture of toilet paper I got for $0.15 a couple years ago. I'm sure you can appreciate how funny it is without actually seeing it. Please everyone, know how great it is to be within the confines of RobMc's stall. It is all for one and a free for all. Nothing is better than being out-shitted by the best. At least he's a regular, and a **link deleted for society's sake**
  11. NuTzOpaNts

    I have something else, hold on, 3 min. 15 seconds....
  12. NuTzOpaNts

    Making SD look cool! Nice travel trailer!
  13. NuTzOpaNts

    Superman miters are top notched! I don't need my 8 min. back, thanks!
  14. NuTzOpaNts

    Thanks for logging in here after that. You rock!
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