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  1. I am using my hands for something else.
  2. I am thinking about installing COD4MW on my Macbook. On my windows machine I have a CD based installer with a key. Would the same key work if a MacOS based installer exists? Or do I need to install something like Wine? Thank you.
  3. iboomboom

    The moment you realize your regular lifestyle is called quarantine.
  4. iboomboom

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  6. iboomboom

    He wouldn’t go away until he had his turn so I let him drive the mouse. I was controlling the keyboard since he couldn’t reach with his fingers.
  7. Fuckers are stockpiling everything, and now the stores will be empty for the next few weeks. Actually, I kinda like that, I will be able to shop without the queues at the register.
  8. iboomboom

  9. iboomboom

    Why not this Yaccster. https://www.amazon.com/LG-27-4K-DisplayPort-Accessories/dp/B0858YSH9R/ref=dp_ob_title_ce
  10. Been using this ergo mouse lately. Shit for gaming but at least my wrist isn't inflamed. 


    1. YACCster


      Nice Apple products there.

    2. iboomboom


      This is how I take a break from work. The MacBook is for work. 


    3. J3st3r


      If you stop whacking off so much your wrist will stop hurting. :lol:

  11. RC car doesn't blow up people with ballistic armor, you just get a hit marker. I don't use CP because they are unreliable, I don't like unpleasant surprises. Guarding the CP stresses me out anyway. @Sammy, the mini-nuke used to be OP then it was just nerfed in an attempt to make it more balanced. It's a very undesirable killstreak now. I miss being able to defrost from Predator, AGM, AS. I don't know why you took them out. I also hate that sometimes the map terrain will trigger that shit about not being able to get in your KS (car, predator, agm). It taunts you with that dorky message about trying to exploit the jump.
  12. iboomboom

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