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  1. bro NSFW warning would have been great.
  2. Congratu lay tiyoons birdie bird...
  3. iboomboom

    I don't know she seems pretty happy every time she comes back from the mall.
  4. iboomboom

    I heard 3.5" long 2" wide gives women the most joy, with unlimited credit of course.
  5. iboomboom

    Add a ride on the train and we have a deal.
  6. iboomboom

    From what you described it's classic glitching, were you interested in perhaps a more contemporary variant?
  7. I have read this.
  8. iboomboom

    I am not kidding, Apple Earbuds are great. $15. I use those, that's mainly because I cannot tolerate headphones over the ears but Earbuds work.
  9. iboomboom

    So I started the ARMA3 server and was able to connect to the server. @FunkJosh>XI< I wanted to change the server name, but I don't see the option. Also, besides wasteland, can we do regular missions, with bots?
  10. iboomboom

    we'll see what sticks. I think right now only ARMA2 server is up.
  11. iboomboom

    If you're not employed renting really digs a hole in your pocket. Have you tried looking up remote gigs? When I was job searching I got plenty of hits for 100% remote positions, I mean depends on your skill set. Personally, I pay the premium to live in a nicer neighborhood. I have pretty much lived in a gated community since being here in the Bay Area.
  12. iboomboom

    What @Roxy! and I do is no one's business but @Hoth's.
  13. iboomboom

    Yeah I know what you mean. I lived Downtown San Jose in one of them High Rises and late 2013 they stopped renting them and offered me a purchase option. Still, for efficient living a well maintained unit isn't a bad option at all.
  14. iboomboom

    You'll be fine Sammy. Out of state is not a good option. Any time I moved out I missed the California sun, its just the place to be, especially if you're in tech and you enjoy scenic beauty. We can skii in the morning, and have dinner at sunset by the beach all in the same day. Walnut Greek/Pleasanton/Livermore/Dublin all are nice areas. I can't recall where your family lives, but did you consider Berkeley too? All the best man.
  15. iboomboom

    Hey Josh, Yeah your timings are very different than mine. I am GMT -8:00 PDT. So when it was 8:00AM here I saw your post about being in TS. Anyways, I usually hang around TS from 10-1pm & 9pm-11:30pm on weekends California Time .I have yet to get the DLC, will do that soon.
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