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  1. Real Stupida!
  2. You don't know my life. I like the shade.
  3. What is this, Facebook? Fu Timmah!
  4. Welcome to our servers, please take a moment to read our Code of Conduct. Have fun!
  5. Hey buddy, I hope you have a wonderful and joyous birthday. If you do something extra fun, post pictures, hell, post pictures any way :D. @wishbone
  6. @Snitz - while a friendly trash talk is acceptable form of having fun in the servers. Disrespecting or ignoring admins will have serious consequences. In future please do pay attention to the admins. Often times a supposedly friendly exchange turns in to a heated exchange and admins keep an eye out to discourage a hostile environment it spoils the fun for everyone.
  7. Happy Birthday... foooouckaaa!
  8. I am not very good at this game so I rely on tubes, spawn protection kill streaks and other perks to be used for my tactical advantage. I don't care, if you judge me, doesn't ruin my fun. So FUFUFU @RANDALL Also, I would advise against the reload cancel for quicker out of spawn protection. No, I don't. Yes, I did but not any more, hence the advice. Use the Saritch, I want to see you play with the assault weapon.
  9. @Tron What's your portfolio?
  10. Is that chile?
  11. I was responding to WildPenguin but you had to stick your alter ego's alter ego, what's with the two accounts.
  12. @RuggerXI did X-Ray ship with tracking? DHL? Registered mail?
  13. Yeah, I saw that too and its from the same location. He's been a member since 2009, you think he would abscond with a Senior Admin's (X-ray?) property. It doesn't follow logical sense. I suppose we could add a ban to see if he appeals.
  14. Now now, lets not assume the worst in people before we know better.
  15. Thank you guys for the wishes, I had a great day with family and friends :).