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  1. I don't know, I have had good experience with LG products. I have an OLED TV, Washer Dryer tower they seem to work well. In the US at least, I don't know of other brands that fair well in terms of features and finish. I would absolutely purchase extended warranty. I got my appliances through Costco so at least I get an extra year of warranty. The whole 1 year warranty is Apple inspired bullshit. I miss the days when 3 yr warranty was standard. F'ing Apple with their yearly release cycle.
  2. Thanks for remembering me, one of these Saturdays..
  3. A man and his wife are having trouble in bed... ... the woman never even gets close to having an orgasm. She complains to her husband that it is way too warm in their house and that's why she can't have an orgasm. The man decides to consult a sex therapist for a possible solution. The therapist says the man should cool his wife off by wafting her with a towel. Later that day, the man asks his best friend if he could help him and his wife by wafting her with a towel during sex. The friend, hesitant at first, agrees. Later, the man and his wife are having sex while the friend is in the room, wafting her with the towel. This goes on for quite a while, until the wife complains that it doesn't seem to help. The husband, now out of ideas, asks his friend to have sex with his wife while he is wafting her himself. The friend agrees and soon after they are having sex while the husband is standing next to the bed, wafting his wife with cool air. Not long after, the wife has the best orgasm she's ever had, leaving her panting and gasping for air. The husband loudly proclaims: "See, that's how you waft a towel!" https://reddit.com/r/Jokes/s/jCDeeYkKlh Reddit.
  4. hmmmm someone tell him about hardwired
  5. ^^ what he said. This is an old game, and it cannot allocate memory for higher resolutions than FHD (1080p). Everyone has already suggested the alternates but not to be outdone I have one too. Put your phone on a mount pointing to your monitor and take a picture. Simple :D. Boom, done!
  6. I was using a 4K display on the built-in intel display. My FPS ranged from 16-35 :D.
  7. It will work just fine. Don't install Punkbuster, you don't need it. I am guessing you will be installing via Steam? I have it installed on a Surface Pro 7 with Windows 11. Performance is terrible but it works - no probs.
  8. I am 6'2" - here I am standing next to our company's private jet.
  9. Sammy stay in California. Move to SoCal it's lower COL there. Don't sell your condo, rent it out. Buying sucks at this time due to interest rates unless you have cash. Selling is also "bad" as the gravy train has left the station. have you considered San Luis Obispo or other places around it?
  10. As long as the interest rates are high, homes will be selling for less than asking, less demand now. Depending on inflation numbers the market sentiments will change and as soon as people have a little bit more money housing market will pick up in the bay area. You're in Walnut Creek, right? Have you considered moving to a low COL area within CA? Gilroy, Tracy, Livermore? You could move up toward Marin County but idk much about renting there. What kind of jobs are you looking for? Tech?
  11. thank you all - had a pretty great day with family.
  12. I took screenshot of my answers and logged in and made my selections and submitted within 10 minutes.
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