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  1. iboomboom

    Damn rents are similar to San Jose, Santa Clara here... but if you have family close by then that's the best thing to do.
  2. iboomboom

    It is messed up on my iphone X. I think something to do with compacted view.
  3. iboomboom

    Congrats Yacc and Aussie.
  4. iboomboom

    Hey guys... I hope everyone is doing well. This is a quickie, mmmmMMmm love quickies. I have recently been more focused on my work, stupid stuff such as career advancement and what not. So not enough bandwidth left for gaming anymore, real life is such a drag. As such, I have decided to give-in my admin tags as well, since I am no longer effectively serving in that capacity. It has been my privilege being an admin for the last 3-4 years, thank you for the opportunity. I might pop-in occasionally every now and then, but for the most part I will be off. Thank you all for the games. You guys are a blast to hangout with, happy gaming. Best Regards, iBoomBoom>XI<
  5. My game installation was corrupted, would crash 4/5 times on launch. At the same time my work picked up immensely 10-15 hr days. I have been off COD 4 since the weekend of October 27th. Honestly to me it feels like that was a few days ago. My normal gaming hours were when the US crowd would go to bed and the Australians were waking up. I would normally help populate the server at the time 11:00pm PST-2:00amPST. I would see you online mostly only on the weekends. Jester has similar hours, we would mostly be online together. @Unchileno So in the past few weeks I was hanging around the chat box and team speak as much as I could.
  6. Now do one with a cauliflower crust
  7. iboomboom

    Yes I noticed at night the ping goes to 290 some times. Could be a reporting issue. I have a few suggestions. Would you have time to get on TS today?
  8. iboomboom

    Did you move it to EU already? I logged in last night to get on the server but the ping was 293ms, it used to be 90 ms.
  9. iboomboom

    I will check it out tonight. I found myself playing this a bit more than usual.
  10. iboomboom

    Fake, it's all CGI. What's the give away? The woman was wearing a white shirt in a way zone, in real life we all know women wear tank tops.
  11. iboomboom

    @RealEstufa Way to overthink, and subsequently overreact. Your hubris is your undoing, if only you could've read between the lines. I won't respond to your comments on this thread anymore. Good luck to you.
  12. iboomboom

    You need an 80% majority to get back in, apparently you didn't make the cut. If someone does you a favor by sharing some info privately don't drag it out in public. .Rugger was probably letting you know so you don't feel discouraged from trying again. If you think this would've helped change the minds of those who voted against, well, I don't see how this fared well with any of them. Those who voted yes, didn't do so for a thank you. All those who voted, did so in the best interest of the clan as per their judgement. What I am trying to highlight here, learn the value in discretion. Patience while exuding a positive attitude goes a long way.
  13. iboomboom

    He lives in Predator land... I think Pred can pay him a visit, right @Predat0r? I think P!nk had his number too.
  14. @Sammy can you please put up the new mod on your test server and I will check it out. I may have missed the previous trials, did you not even invite me?
  15. Just FUFUFU. Go hide in some damp corner.