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  1. Yeah this isn't so much about changing your preferred server but getting a following on both servers. It'll take a little collective concerted effort to get going. I believe we have more than enough players to fill both servers. During PST evening hours quite a few of the non-XI regulars play on the ESC server. They could very well be playing on our server. Once we have the redirect working we shall have more people bookmark this server.
  2. @Ruggerxi is the redirect working?
  3. @Sammy play with us, why don't you.
  4. You are right, I was thinking states going east, Mexico and further down south.
  5. It is expected for East coast and European players to get a higher ping. What's interesting is that Australians got 70ms shaved off of theirs, was not expecting that. To re-iterate the goal of this additional server is to attract more players in nearby time zones and have virtually 24/7 server play-ability of this game - both East & West coast.
  6. I was thinking ahead, but I realize there might be a cost to higher slots. We are fine for now. Thanks.
  7. @Ruggerxi can we set this one up as a redirect server, and increase the number of players to 30-32 whichever is the stable max. Thank you all for spending time to test this out, I am excited about a location balanced server. If some Europeans can login and share feedback that would be great as well.
  8. Please post your pings when you connect and any feedback on hit registration and such. @Ruthless @Bosun @AusiGirl @M!dg3t @J3st3r
  9. The NY server is a wasteland from 8pm-1am PST. This is the time when us West Coasters like to game. If we can have a following on this server, it would benefit the players and we will attract a Latin American player base as well.
  10. Hi folks, In case you missed Rugger's Clan PM, we have an additional COD4 server in US West Coast. For folks in the midwest, or west coast this is a great addition, playing with lower ping and in Pacific Time Zone. >XI< MW2 Freezetag West @babyback @azzkikr @LOCO @Uranium @Tron @Hoth @WldPenguin
  11. iboomboom

    I have an old old desktop, Core2Quad CPU, w/8GB RAM, would run windows 10. It has a, and bear with me Sapphire 4870 card. It does need a PSU, and of course a HDD. Like I said, it's old. If you want you can have it. Now that I think about it, for the price of shipping you can by an equivalent RaspberryPi or Intel one-box PC.
  12. iboomboom

  13. iboomboom

    You could fly to the US buy a PC take it back to Europe and it might be cheaper than buying it in Europe. Conversely it's cheaper for Americans to get healthcare elsewhere but that's a different subject matter. Have you looked at Nvidia cloud gaming? It would connect to your steam account and you can play at 60FPS over the cloud.
  14. iboomboom

    I remember that too, I was hoping to shoot the predator but wasn't sure if you could come thru the window of that building. Fun times.
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