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  1. iboomboom

    You got good memory @Sharpe. It certainly rings a bell. I don't remember what I did specifically. I believe it was with a RD 7870 Or maybe the RD 4870. My PC wasn't booting due to a GFX error and then it worked after I did this and the solder resettled. You just have to be careful with the temperature setting on the oven.
  2. iboomboom

    I am a dreamer, an eternal optimist, pursue altruistic happiness by the way of engineering embedded computer systems in a world of relative certainty.
  3. iboomboom

    Aha... nagasaki... hajemi mashte... shinji kuroo, haye! @EarlGrey
  4. iboomboom

    Create a Bootable USB with Ubuntu Linux (https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows#1-overview) Connect both drives use 'dd' or GParted (GUI) disk utility to clone your 128GB to 1TB (https://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/clone-a-linux-hard-drive-with-gparted/) your 1TB will have 872GB of free space use the disk utility (GParted) to expand the volume on your 1TB to full capacity remove 128GB drive booth from your new drive This is a simplified list and you will need to google #1, #3, #4 for complete instructions. All the best! @Thunder
  5. Ready your Guardian... https://www.bungie.net/7/en/Seasons/SeasonOfTheChosen Post your Season progress and accomplishments. Team up for your pursuits...
  6. Can you set one up with Invasion mod?
  7. iboomboom

    I am not able to join it...
  8. iboomboom

    Invasion mod please...
  9. iboomboom

    Monster Invasion mod please....
  10. iboomboom

    IMHO, No such thing as Ghosts. People who have passed away, are either too busy enjoying what they have earned or paying for what they have done. I do, however, believe there are beings that exist but invisible to the naked human eye. I have noticed pets (Dogs, cats) behave erratically when I have experienced "weirdness". Human like noises in an empty house, things falling.
  11. iboomboom

    If you're interested I can suggest something that might help you. Consistency is key and you will have to take a leap of faith.
  12. iboomboom

    @Tron - I didn't read the entire thread just skimmed thru... You can rip the CD and use the files extracted to install the game Make sure to install the patches Once the game is installed overwrite the mods, maps, and players folder You can search for your in-game nickname based profile folder in the previous PC's game installation folder Remember, the CD version requires the CD to be put in, replace the EXE with your old installation exe, I believe you must have been using a patched one Don't buy a steam version. Admittedly sometimes I want to do that, so I can play the game via NVidia GeForce Now on my tablets and such.
  13. iboomboom

    Count me in.
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