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  1. iboomboom

    As long as the interest rates are high, homes will be selling for less than asking, less demand now. Depending on inflation numbers the market sentiments will change and as soon as people have a little bit more money housing market will pick up in the bay area. You're in Walnut Creek, right? Have you considered moving to a low COL area within CA? Gilroy, Tracy, Livermore? You could move up toward Marin County but idk much about renting there. What kind of jobs are you looking for? Tech?
  2. iboomboom

    That's not Cheyenne, that's Penguin.
  3. iboomboom

    thank you all - had a pretty great day with family.
  4. iboomboom

    I took screenshot of my answers and logged in and made my selections and submitted within 10 minutes.
  5. iboomboom

    @Sitting-Duc Super Annoying, I login spend half an hour again, making my selections and this thing times out on me.
  6. iboomboom

    @Sitting-Duc What's the session timeout on this? I think, after we login, while making selections, it times us out.
  7. iboomboom

    Anybody able to successfully submit? Error. An error occurred while processing your request. Request ID: 00-e545a3e300c50b966b92bcced26013ad-7932f5879f9e3a2d-00 Development Mode Swapping to Development environment will display more detailed information about the error that occurred. The Development environment shouldn't be enabled for deployed applications. It can result in displaying sensitive information from exceptions to end users. For local debugging, enable the Development environment by setting the ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT environment variable to Development and restarting the app. @Ruggerxi
  8. iboomboom

    Congrats Brock Mod man
  9. A while back when we wanted to set a level playing field we standardized some of the settings. You need to do exactly as it says. /rate 25000 Type that in the console.
  10. @Sikon it works fine for me
  11. Yeah this isn't so much about changing your preferred server but getting a following on both servers. It'll take a little collective concerted effort to get going. I believe we have more than enough players to fill both servers. During PST evening hours quite a few of the non-XI regulars play on the ESC server. They could very well be playing on our server. Once we have the redirect working we shall have more people bookmark this server.
  12. @Ruggerxi is the redirect working?
  13. @Sammy play with us, why don't you.
  14. You are right, I was thinking states going east, Mexico and further down south.
  15. It is expected for East coast and European players to get a higher ping. What's interesting is that Australians got 70ms shaved off of theirs, was not expecting that. To re-iterate the goal of this additional server is to attract more players in nearby time zones and have virtually 24/7 server play-ability of this game - both East & West coast.
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