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  1. iboomboom

    Did you move it to EU already? I logged in last night to get on the server but the ping was 293ms, it used to be 90 ms.
  2. iboomboom

    I will check it out tonight. I found myself playing this a bit more than usual.
  3. iboomboom

    Fake, it's all CGI. What's the give away? The woman was wearing a white shirt in a way zone, in real life we all know women wear tank tops.
  4. iboomboom

    @RealEstufa Way to overthink, and subsequently overreact. Your hubris is your undoing, if only you could've read between the lines. I won't respond to your comments on this thread anymore. Good luck to you.
  5. iboomboom

    You need an 80% majority to get back in, apparently you didn't make the cut. If someone does you a favor by sharing some info privately don't drag it out in public. .Rugger was probably letting you know so you don't feel discouraged from trying again. If you think this would've helped change the minds of those who voted against, well, I don't see how this fared well with any of them. Those who voted yes, didn't do so for a thank you. All those who voted, did so in the best interest of the clan as per their judgement. What I am trying to highlight here, learn the value in discretion. Patience while exuding a positive attitude goes a long way.
  6. iboomboom

    He lives in Predator land... I think Pred can pay him a visit, right @Predat0r? I think P!nk had his number too.
  7. @Sammy can you please put up the new mod on your test server and I will check it out. I may have missed the previous trials, did you not even invite me?
  8. Just FUFUFU. Go hide in some damp corner.
  9. Are you saying you fixed it but no one wanted a newer version of the mod?
  10. What in the FUCK. @Sammy - this has happened on more than one occasion.
  11. iboomboom

    Does it quack?
  12. We don't use PB anymore, so you should be able to join our servers even if you don't install PB. My statement maybe uninformed since I don't use Steam.
  13. iboomboom

    I skipped thru half the thread. If someone hasn't already suggested, ZERO write the hard disk. Your data is basically 0s and 1s and when you write all 0s in principle it becomes all blank. Then you can give it to anyone you want or an electronics store recycling program. Seagate makes a disk utility. I googled and found this "http://hddguru.com/software/2006.04.13-HDD-Wipe-Tool/" you can try it.
  14. iboomboom

    Office is a different kind of pissing contest. Show us your home PC setup.
  15. iboomboom

    Don't feel bad, not all women care if you're member is, well, how you put it, inadequate.