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    Krave maga, Korean Full contact Kararta, IPSC, Steelplate shooting. and REPO

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  1. Hi, when the server is full, and you are not playing.. Please make room for player the want to play... Thanks for understanding..
  2. Repo

    i wil see and wait , whats comming
  3. Repo

    I am not bitching around, like you call it, i tel befor i understand now, be cool oke! and WTF clan is just me LOL
  4. Repo


    Hello, How have good recepti for BBq , easy one to jus. fast to Bbq someone? thx ps i grill on gass , i know thats not bbq , i am sorry
  5. Repo

    thank you for clarify things
  6. Repo

    come on gys i pay to for the server MW2 why i always kickt out, because i am not in the clan IX ? Oke i get it, I CAN PAY BUT NO PLAY, what a bull shit. whate the F.. WTF clan repo
  7. Repo

    hello, can some one tell me why i always kickt out of the second server ? am i not a member or what? i pay also to play. greetings REPO
  8. Repo

    hello i dont understand why i am kickt out of a extreemserver. i am a paying customer and Kickt out Why? what is this.
  9. Repo

    hali halo betty welcome
  10. thats no irish it mr T-rat thats playing in the cod4 but it is funny hahaah
  11. Repo

    he he , welcome
  12. Repo

    hello and welcome
  13. Repo

    Happy Birthday Starfire



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