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  1. blackthijs0


    Last time I was in Berlin I also went to the plötzensee monument, it is slightly less known, but that made it more impressive for me.
  2. blackthijs0


    Have people actually planned things to do? Or are we "only" going to hang out? Are there people that want to do specific things, or anything at all for that matter. I heard from a friend who was there recently that the underground bunker tour is quick nice.
  3. blackthijs0


    When will people be arriving there? I will probably take the first train from the Netherlands on Friday, which means I should be there just after 11 AM.
  4. You can click on the Discord part on the sidebar of the main site too. But here is another link: https://discord.gg/QjPHn
  5. blackthijs0

    yey, more Dutchies =p Welcome =)
  6. blackthijs0

    Berlin is definitely do-able for me. So yea, sounds good. Count me in =)
  7. blackthijs0

    Thank you!
  8. blackthijs0

    I hope you have a lovely Halloween! Oh, and a nice birthday too
  9. blackthijs0

    I think you make some very good points DoD. But the cities mentioned in the Netherlands so far are all major cities, which means there should be plenty of bars and hotels to be found. The issue about cost is something else entirely. I do not really have a feeling for which countries/cities would be expensive, so I'll take your word on it. But I can easily see that NL is a fairly expensive country. As a possible suggestion that I would like to throw out there there is Gent in Belgium. I recently spent a weekend there with a group of friend and I really liked the city. Not really sure about possibilities for hotels and such, but it is about 1 hour in a direct train connection from Brussels airport.
  10. blackthijs0

    UT And yup, Enschede is a fun town =) Even though I don't go out drinking often...
  11. blackthijs0

    It is asking for your Mojang/Minecraft account.
  12. blackthijs0

    @@JAYsus_NL Originally Apeldoorn. Currently in Enschede for study.
  13. blackthijs0

    Netherlands - Enschede Sounds awesome, since it is very close to me. Second choice would be anywhere else in the Netherlands =p
  14. blackthijs0

    Happy Birthday =D
  15. blackthijs0

    Better late then never I guess... So a few days late, I still welcome you to the clan. Will the mean you i'll be on the server more too? =p
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