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  1. Fir3Marshal

    Sweet, that is great man!!
  2. Fir3Marshal

    We are looking at changing from towny to a different anti-griefing plugin
  3. Fir3Marshal

    Yes, @@DeemerXI and I play quite a bit. Fantastic game.
  4. Yeah, for sure, hit me up on TS one of these nights, you should see me online and not "away".
  5. Fir3Marshal

    I had better try harder to get on the nice list!
  6. Scott, Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, I have been in IT for 15 years and know a thing or two
  7. Fir3Marshal

    Our @@colin2007 and @@Charlytos have worked hard to get our spawn holiday festive. I created a little walk through to share! Hope you all have a great holiday season from the Minecraft Admin team!!! http://youtu.be/mF-V5ht8SRc?list=UUG0fkL_bm1Z2JmnfEzmyiaA
  8. Fir3Marshal

    Brilliant, thanks for getting this going!!
  9. Thanks Charly, you are the best
  10. How many of you already use a head tracking solution? So I personally don't play War Thunder (yet) but I have heard you can use head tracking in this game as well. Below is more of a DIY Head Tracking setup but there are full retail options in the $180 USD range. For those of you not afraid of solder, enjoy!! http://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/2gpr7r/completeish_facetracknoir_diy_trackir_guide/
  11. No offense man but have you even told us what time would be "worth your time"? I mean just saying that you wont waste your time playing "our" game or that football is bullshit is not very helpful. But if you said, "hey I would play Sundays at noon PST" then we have something to work with...
  12. Fooseball is the DEVIL Bobby! I think lots of Americans care about football so I think Odd is right to try to not conflict with that. Also we normally play based off of CST, not EST. We also have to consider our friends in the EU, they are generally 5-8 hours later than CST so we don't want to make it impossible for them, if we made it in our evenings it would be the middle of the night for them. Guaranteed none of them would join on a Sunday at 11PM or later, just saying. I think the point Odd is trying to get across here is that it is frustrating to see clan members playing BF4 but refusing or not even making an effort to join us all. I agree that is tough since many of us have put quite a bit of effort into it. So, people are either interested and play or just ignore it.... That is a shame since we have had so much fun
  13. Fir3Marshal

    Skyblock spawn is all fixed up!
  14. Fir3Marshal

    Looking good bro, glad to have you back. We have a new spawn we are working on that will have all the portals we will need and a proper market that works. That should help as well.
  15. Fir3Marshal

    Welcome to the clan!!
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