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Not a new account, but still a first post...

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Good morrow to all that may come across this!

To start off, my name (at least in game) is alkalinekats, the story behind it is quite complex but what you need to know about it is that it has been my IGN for a few years now and has really stuck with me, including the lore that I have built around it throughout the years I have had it. And before you ask why I didn't pick acidickats, its a banned name from Mojang because of "acid" and I decided that battery acid, or a really alkaline substance, is just as dangerous. Yet the name is not relating to danger at all, so... the last sentence is kind of pointless. 

My profile picture does depict an alkalinekat, the art is made by one of my good friends. Its a delcatty with an alkaline battery strapped to it. Simple, yet it quite explains it well.

As another point to the alkalinekat, the strive in their life is to be as helpful to as many people as possible within its time here, and that does extend to myself. So never be afraid to ask a question and/or ask for help if needed and if you ever have stress or anxiety, my dm's are open almost all the time on discord if you ever need someone to vent to. @alkalinekats#4322

Now for the games I play, well... I'm a simple person, I play Minecraft and Modded Minecraft with a few other games like Astroneer and Terraria. But because of that, the only server I really play on within the entire network is the AllTheMods6 Modded Minecraft Server, but I have also always been a person to try more games, so if one does interest me I might even play other games and servers you have available in the lists.

Lastly, I'd like to say thankyou for the people who host these servers and create such an amazing community around them. I have made quite a few new friends using this network and hope to make many more. I plan to donate more in the future to keep this amazing set of servers running.

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