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Hall of Fame Records

Game Name Name Hall of Fame Score Date Scored Time Spent
247 Mini Golf 247 Mini Golf StormCrow 196968 July 23 4m 10s
3D Breakout 3D Breakout Deckard 4238 July 10 25m 52s
9 Ball Pool 9 Ball Pool P1nh3ad 128400 October 6 56m 19s
Aerobatics Aerobatics StormCrow 34087 July 21 6m 49s
Asteroids Asteroids StormCrow 12670 July 21 5m 26s
Asteroids Asteroids StormCrow 18150 October 3 17m 14s
Aviator Aviator Bamm 13681 August 31 17m 18s
Ball Shooter Ball Shooter Daxx68 133572 July 14 22m 11s
Batman Fast Run Batman Fast Run P1nh3ad 599 July 18 12m 44s
Bubble Dragons Saga Level 180 Bubble Dragons Saga Level 180 Cheyenne 123338 July 17 47s
Cave Cave StormCrow 6993 August 31 9m 39s
Cosmo Pilot Cosmo Pilot StormCrow 40150 September 23 12m 38s
Desktop Mini Golf Desktop Mini Golf StormCrow 40 July 13 5m 57s
Discus Champion Discus Champion StormCrow 184 September 19 1m 9s
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong StormCrow 12100 July 21 3m 44s
ET Game ET Game StormCrow 754725 July 22 23m 38s
Fly Bird Fly Bird Deckard 2505 August 23 1m 27s
Grizzy Lemmings The Cannon Grizzy Lemmings The Cannon StormCrow 2089 September 9 22m 0s
Halloween Bubble Shooter Level 02 Halloween Bubble Shooter Level 02 Crusher 3673 July 7 49s
Highway Driving Highway Driving Shadow 2393 August 1 8m 0s
Little Smiley Face Little Smiley Face Bamm 78686 August 17 8m 5s
Pac Man Pac Man Twinkie 13 66457 August 3 1m 22s
Pacman 3D Pacman 3D StormCrow 3911 August 24 2m 39s
Rail Runner Rail Runner StormCrow 645 September 24 4m 51s
SkiSlalom SkiSlalom Bamm 31299 July 25 53h 58m 33s
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