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  1. Mac will be missed but NEVER forgotten . R.I.P
  2. Daxx68

    Sounds Like Fun. I'll haft to give it a go after my hand heals some more...
  3. Daxx68

    Had a Blast Just Wish I could Played Longer...
  4. Daxx68

    Quad Shot,,,, Nothing in Nothing on it Mmmmm Good..
  5. Daxx68

    I'll be there for >XI< Fallen Member Memorial.
  6. Daxx68

    Happy Birthday Duck..
  7. Daxx68

    happy ..Happy... HAPPY..... BIRTHDAY KING...
  8. Daxx68

    Man I miss satisfactory..
  9. Daxx68

    Thank You All..
  10. Daxx68

    Also 4Gigs of RAM is a Must..More is Better...
  11. Daxx68

    Congrats And Welcome..
  12. Daxx68

    happy Happy HAPPY BirthDay Chile......
  13. I Love Finding everyone's Tripwires... .Cod 2 is always a Blast To play,,,
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