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  1. Team name: Suicide Squad LordRaiden Justice Shadow
  2. I pre ordered it for $45 a couple weeks ago, wife doesn't know yet, lol!
  3. Haven't smoked a cigarette in 8 years. Quit by puffing on a bit of herb when I got the urge. My wife will tell you, I was a nasty mofo for a few weeks. As with others, we both still smoke herb daily.
  4. Her gram said she has some old school cloths that'll go good with the car. As soon as the interior is done, I'll get you guys some more pics. Another updated picture
  5. J and I will play, we could use a ringer to hold our team up.
  6. Thanks all! Started putting her back together today.
  7. Thank you. I will definitely take some pictures of her driving it
  8. Hi all, sorry haven't been in game much lately. I've been working on a 57 Bel Air, for my wife's grandmother. Finally painted it today, vintage burgundy base, with a purple to red color shifting pearl midcoat. Just wanted to show it off a lil
  9. Sorry to hear, hope you heal up quickly!
  10. I have never heard of Jeansville, nor did I realize there were so many fires. Thanks for the info!
  11. Has anyone ever heard of this place? Justice and I live about 45 min from here. Not much left to see, but we go visit the abandoned highway This is a pretty long video, but I enjoyed it, so I thought I'd share.
  12. hey, welcome you