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  1. Shadow

    i7 can be misleading, generation is really important. if you're talking a new 12th or 13th gen then yes i7 is prob better. Myold cpu was an i7 seventh gen. New one is an i5 thirteenth gen and much much faster. The more cores, the better generally. The way it's setup it shouldn't let you pick parts that are incompatible. Start with a higher end CPU, then select the next part on the list.
  2. Shadow

    Just got it together, the difference is amazing!
  3. Shadow

    Newegg has a pretty awesome pc builder too, not sure if they do Canadian tho.. Putting them together is pretty simple process. You'd be able to build a better PC for the $ this way, rather than buying a prebuilt tower. For me, I enjoy trying to get the most bang for my buck while checking out the new products. AMD and Nvdia use different ways to identify what you are getting. Nvidia 3060 = 30 generation / 60 series 3070 same generation but slightly better card. 40 gen is the newest card. 4090 being the best. anything with ti after it is like another 1/2 step up. Both #'s are important. An older generation card that is higher in series can outperform a newer generation lower series card. sooo, a 4060 could be outperformed by 3070ti or many other older cards. AMD stuff is rated nearly the same although I am less familiar with it. Comparing the 2 can be difficult. AMD in the past has been a bit of an underdog, and slightly cheaper to piece together. These days, they are so close in price and performance that it's really just a preference. Here is nearly an identical machine to mine for around 2100 CAD https://newegg.io/aa8b8ac
  4. Shadow

    yeah, I've been watching prices for a while. Now is a good time to buy if you can.
  5. Shadow

    Thanks, Ii'll definitely check it out!
  6. Shadow

    I've been looking at a better monitor too. I'm currently using a ASUS VP28U. it's 4k but only 60HZ. I'm really not sure what I'm after. I liked those curved ones, but need to do more research.
  7. Shadow

    well, my PC has been struggling with newer games. I feel like this CPU has underperformed since i've purchased it, wanted to upgrade for some time but have finally done it. Thought I'd share the specs This is my current setup. and benchmark: . My newegg order:
  8. 5'11" she is 5'4" i think
  9. Shadow

    2012 AWD Rt Charger is my daily. 250x and lt80 quads for my son and I. 66 Fury, stilllllll needs tranny work... 20 Caravan...
  10. Hmm, mine doesn't use battlenet, just steam. do you know your activision id? it's listed in game.
  11. I tried adding you dLUX but it said player not found. mine is Shadow#3170230
  12. Shadow

    welcome buddy!
  13. It's a pretty good game so far in my opinion. I still dislike the movements. Seems all these newer ones have clunky player movement.
  14. Shadow

    It has crossed my mind to tackle another...one of these days maybe. Looks good so far!
  15. I am installing it now.
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