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  1. Hell of a musician!
  3. So the first trailer was released today. Battle Royale to replace single-player campaign. Multiplayer limited to 10 players, 5 vs 5, maps will be small. Thoughts?
  4. always have someone trying to get 10k for a $500 car lol.
  5. Nice Sixgun. My grandparents have a few more rides kicking around. I painted the green vette 2 years ago, the Bel air last year. Just picked the Impala up.
  6. Thanks for all the compliments I'm a Huge fan of the older cars, Mopar, Chevy, Ford, all of em!. I bet that Camaro is a blast to drive sixgun, very nice!!
  7. I don't think steam updated me to 1.8. I think it was after i reinstalled codx, I could not join.
  8. yeah mine just went to week it kicked back to 1.6. I only play on our server.
  9. Dark matte blue paint
  10. I think Justice will want to play let me see if she has plans.
  11. Thank you Pred.
  12. So i think this is 12 noon eastern? if so I'm in for USA
  13. Here's another snap under the hood before power brakes were added. This is what she looks like now. Should be in primer very soon.
  14. Thanks, the video is pretty old, from the previous owner. We actually came across it, looking at other fury videos. It has been upgraded to a dual line master cylinder. Yesterday, I swapped out the pedal, brackets, and added a brake booster from another car. Booster was bad, so waiting on that to come. Should make a HUGE difference. Replaced the door and fender today. The rear window is coming out tomorrow to repair some rusted metal. It's starting to get colder here, not sure if I'll be able to get it painted this year yet, but I'm gonna try. Thank you, everyone, for the compliments.