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  1. Shadow

    Here are a couple videos of a flight I did over my hometown, and some pictures of the wrap I put on
  2. Shadow

    The prices are finally becoming reasonable. ETH mining profitability has been much lower. I paid $3k for a 3090 that was earning me over $20 a day for a long time, now it earns about $5 a day. I'd buy it!
  3. Shadow

    Ooohh, sweeeet! I ordered the fly more kit. That was another $300 for a total of 3 batteries. It should be here tomorrow
  4. Shadow

    They are amazing machines. I don't know enough about the laws, but I don't think I'll have any issues in my area.
  5. Shadow

    Haha, that is something my dad would have said a few years ago. Now, he is the reason I'm buying one. He flies a Mavic 2. I've been Flying a S3 nano blade helicopter. It's wicked, was super hard to learn. I can't even fly it in pro mode. His is solid, stays put, moves slow. I wanted something in between.
  6. Shadow

    Sooo, I just ordered my first drone and I'm completely stoked about it. Is anyone else into them? I've flown some 3d Helicopters, and a few low end drones but I'm really looking forward to my new toy Here is what I just ordered DJI FPV Drone Combo with Remote Controller and Goggles CP.FP.00000001.01 - Best Buy
  7. Shadow

  8. Shadow

    welcome to the forums.
  9. Shadow

    Thanks! I just started tattooing a few months ago.
  10. Shadow

    haha, are you sure that she was a girl?
  11. Shadow

    I'm still pluggin away, trying to get better. Showing off some pics of my latest work.
  12. Shadow

    Wait, are you granting wishes? I haven't made mine yet
  13. Shadow

    $100 and the guy threw in a grinder.
  14. Shadow

    It is glass.
  15. Shadow

    20220222_180415_1_1.mp4 jeesh the video is huge.
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