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    frag_grenade_short_mp Total kills: 122.057 Total teamkills: 0 Total suicides: 2.240 Top players for this weapon Name Kills Deaths Deckard>XI< 9.999 850 LOCO>XI<H-Adm 8.595 456 AusiGirl>XI<Adm 3.703 885 YACCster>XI<Adm 3.406 428 Bugjuice 3.108 426 pwrcrzy52>XI< 3.102 317 5150AlaskaPecan 2.909 544 Wildthing>XI< 2.533 329 bigdog 2.459 1.042 [email protected] 2.424 723 Close Origination XLRstats BigBrotherBot Echelon News XLRstats/B3 News Community Our Community Site Our Forums Our Matches About League Edition Terms of Service Cookie Policy ./Weapons%20%E2%80%A2%20_XI_%20MW2%20Freezetag%20146b9%20%E2%80%A2%20XLRstats_files/80x15.png 2005-2022 www.xlrstats.com - 3.0b3 - core v2.10.18 - developed with PhpStorm and ./Weapons%20%E2%80%A2%20_XI_%20MW2%20Freezetag%20146b9%20%E2%80%A2%20XLRstats_files/logohighchartssm.png WAKE UP , TIME TO DIE
  2. I can assure you that Cock Sucker is not in British Columbia. Wake Up , Time To Die
  3. hmmmm... thought they changed "Eskimos" to "Elk" Wake Up , Time To Die
  4. Deckard

    That's not me....I wear the PINK power Ranger outfit... 1. Deckard>XI< 50421194 8754.7 hr Wake Up , Time To Die
  5. Deckard

    I put in 4 years in the Rockies...2 years in Moraine Lake....love the summers , all 5 weeks of it...LOL Wake Up , Time To Die
  6. just hope the next mutation doesn't start with you as patient zero....FFS Wake Up , Time To Die
  7. Just what i thought... Wake Up , Time To Die .......un vaxxed
  8. Just for shits and giggles.....can you actually give a good reason NOT to get a life saving vax Inquiring minds want to know.... Wake Up , Time To Die
  9. I just want the fuse put back on the SemTex grenade... Wake Up , Time To Die
  10. Deckard

    got my arm full of Pfizer...when does the BONER kick in... Wake Up Time , Time To Die
  11. Deckard

    RIP Neil Peart. Thank you.
  12. Deckard

    Or maybe... Ministry - Stigmata ... I don't listen to Ministry often....but when I do.... The whole street listens too Wake Up , Time To Die
  13. Deckard

    80's ....hmmmmmm much acid back then.... almost anything by SKINNY PUPPY "Assimilate" will definitely break in a new set of good headphones Wake Up , Time To Die
  14. buy low....sell h i g h Wake Up , Time To Die
  15. Deckard

    Here's a thought....stop logging on to a Windows box with Administrative Permissions....hard to get a virus installed when it doesn't have the permission too. Wake Up , Time To Die
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