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  1. Deckard

    RIP Neil Peart. Thank you.
  2. Deckard

    Or maybe... Ministry - Stigmata ... I don't listen to Ministry often....but when I do.... The whole street listens too Wake Up , Time To Die
  3. Deckard

    80's ....hmmmmmm much acid back then.... almost anything by SKINNY PUPPY "Assimilate" will definitely break in a new set of good headphones Wake Up , Time To Die
  4. buy low....sell h i g h Wake Up , Time To Die
  5. Deckard

    Here's a thought....stop logging on to a Windows box with Administrative Permissions....hard to get a virus installed when it doesn't have the permission too. Wake Up , Time To Die
  6. Deckard

    Or .... a Hard drive starting to fail. Wake Up , Time To Die
  7. Deckard

    ....and about time too now, assume the position Wake Up , Time To Die
  8. Deckard

    i'll just leave my SEMTEX here then... Wake Up , Time To Die
  9. Deckard

    Snap ...wtf... I don't even own a cell phone...? Wake Up , Time To Die
  10. Deckard

    How much C4 do they hold ...?? Wake Up , Time To Die
  11. Deckard

  12. Deckard

    Thx everyone....
  13. Deckard

    Damn....shrinkage is a bitch
  14. severed tendons in my hand...out for a least 8 more weeks

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    2. blk_plague


      Dude so sorry to hear bro. Miss ya. Use lube next time you randy ole bastard.

    3. Deckard


      i'm out of the hand brace now...still waiting for the wound to heal.  Table saw took a big bite out of me.

    4. THE MEEK

      THE MEEK

      hey deckard get well soon . it will give us a chance to practice a bit before you whoop our a-sses again. cheers THE MEEK



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