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  1. MordBlack

    Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!
  2. MordBlack

    No your not wrong to think that lol.
  3. MordBlack

    We just got back! Glad to talk to on the video call
  4. MordBlack

    Aw love your animals
  5. MordBlack

    Do you know what weekend?
  6. MordBlack

    Happy Birthday
  7. MordBlack

    I remember Hugo I lived in Wilkes County NC , it made a big mess of everything.
  8. MordBlack

    I don't know who else in XI plays the game SCUM, it is a survival type game crafting, metabolism, PvE, PvP. I was wondering who else in the clan plays this game?
  9. MordBlack

    Happy Birthday Rugger!!!!
  10. MordBlack

    LOL @Sonovabich keep the jokes coming I always smile or laugh my a** of everytime, it is something we all need during our day. We all need a good laugh or two or three throughout the day.
  11. Wow really exterme measure, hope @Lovyan doesn't do this. LOL j/k @Lovyan
  12. MordBlack

    I know us too can't wait
  13. I am having shoulder Surgery again on my left Shoulder. This time I am going to listen to the doctors, I will not be able to play COD4 cause my arm will be in a sling longer this time. I am having rotator cuff surgery this time. I wish I was able to play with my xbox one remote to play COD4. I have tried before but it didn't work, so I will be only playing PUBG and Rocket League because I am able to use the controller. I will miss everyone in COD4 but I will be on TS to talk sh** to everyone. Hopefully this will fix the pain I am in, Lovyan and LilMord Jr will be playing and I will be watching. Have fun everyone
  14. MordBlack

    Happy Birthday Po!!!!!
  15. MordBlack

    Happy Birthday!!