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  1. MordBlack

    She is wanting to Join a friends server club that plays games like rocket League, that is the reason.
  2. MordBlack

    The surgery went well and I am back home now, it'll be about 3 or 4 days before i can play with anything with the xbox remote. And I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers....
  3. I am so sadden to hear this news, Dadda is a Great, Awesome, Funny, Caring, Passionate, Outgoing, Loving person as he will always be with us in our hearts and memories and never forgotten. My condolences go out to Sandra and Family, anything you just ask and we will be there. R.I.P Dadda
  4. MordBlack

    Blizzard MordBlack#1497 Activision MordecaiBlack
  5. MordBlack

    LilmordJr Graduated today with a couple of awards!! one of them was Warrior of the week award, and I heard a little mouse told me that her teacher made an award for her the Sassy Award LOL... but i think that was for Classroom lol
  6. MordBlack

    Welcome to the Family MountainMan.
  7. MordBlack

    LOL Yes she loves to try and knife everyone, I think she uses her knife more then her guns.
  8. MordBlack

    When do we vote to having duo or Trio teams? This way we can figure out the teams and set them in stone so we don't have confusion over who is teaming with who.
  9. MordBlack

    I vote also to have double or triple, but also need to know how many will be playing after next wipe. This way we can know if we can make teams.
  10. MordBlack

    Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!
  11. MordBlack

    No your not wrong to think that lol.
  12. MordBlack

    We just got back! Glad to talk to on the video call
  13. MordBlack

    Aw love your animals
  14. MordBlack

    Do you know what weekend?
  15. MordBlack

    Happy Birthday
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