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  1. I remember Hugo I lived in Wilkes County NC , it made a big mess of everything.
  2. I don't know who else in XI plays the game SCUM, it is a survival type game crafting, metabolism, PvE, PvP. I was wondering who else in the clan plays this game?
  3. Happy Birthday Rugger!!!!
  4. LOL @Sonovabich keep the jokes coming I always smile or laugh my a** of everytime, it is something we all need during our day. We all need a good laugh or two or three throughout the day.
  5. Wow really exterme measure, hope @Lovyan doesn't do this. LOL j/k @Lovyan
  6. I know us too can't wait
  7. I am having shoulder Surgery again on my left Shoulder. This time I am going to listen to the doctors, I will not be able to play COD4 cause my arm will be in a sling longer this time. I am having rotator cuff surgery this time. I wish I was able to play with my xbox one remote to play COD4. I have tried before but it didn't work, so I will be only playing PUBG and Rocket League because I am able to use the controller. I will miss everyone in COD4 but I will be on TS to talk sh** to everyone. Hopefully this will fix the pain I am in, Lovyan and LilMord Jr will be playing and I will be watching. Have fun everyone
  8. Happy Birthday Po!!!!!
  9. Happy Birthday!!
  10. I will make sure Lovyan has a fun and wonderful day.
  11. Happy Birthday my Beautiful, Wonderful,Soulmate,Mother of our Children and My Hunny Bunny Wunny cause you are the only one for me.