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  1. The Truth
  2. Awe that was so sweet thank you for that Queeny I love That song.
  3. Happy Birthday OvErKi11
  4. Happy Birthday Chomama.
  5. Good Luck and Speedy Recovery, I just had Labrium Shoulder Repair with a Biciep tendinosis done three weeks ago. Just listen to your doctor and don't do what I did and rupter or tore the tendon a week out of surgery.
  6. btw this is my dream car but I want to do most of the work to the car so I can call it mine.
  7. Beautiful Machine the classic cars are rea; cars, not like today where the cars are made out of plastic and fiberglass.
  8. Thank You so much.
  9. Our prayers are with you. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you like a straight jacket for the ex.
  10. I am glad everyone is safe, I hope they can get the damages covered by the neighbors home-owners insurence and out of pocket expenses. It is great also that they friends to help them out.
  11. Thank You so much, the hardest part will be not being able to play in the server with everyone. The up side is that my wife will be able to get some game time and learn. Have to always look at the positive side of things cause it always could be worse.
  12. I just had Shoulder Surgery so I won't be playing for a little. My wife Lovyan who is a XI member will be playing in the freeze tags servers, she is not use to playing freeze tag and is learning and I will be by her side to help. So don't get annoyed if she has a time unthawing or misses you she is learning the fast pace of the mod.
  13. you can try getting some glasses that have anti-blue light filtering in them that helps block the UV blue light from the screen.
  14. Have a Wonderful Birthday Skuld!!!
  15. Thank You everyone, It feels great to be back.