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  1. I felt him tense up at one moment, thought it might be apprehension, nervous being the 1st time with a Canadian and all...
  2. I didnt take many pics either, will live through others eyes LOL, awesome idea though, would love to see what you could cuff together.........
  3. Sounds like you need some type of video editing software to convert .MOV to .AVI as i believe AVI is standard youtube format
  4. @JohnnyDos If you can get any of this years onto your account on youtube I can get them onto the site here for others to see
  5. Wanted to toss a thanks out to all who made their way up to our lovely country this year!!! it was amazing to meet you all and put faces to names and check out the different real life vs online persona's! This was my 1st XI fest due to reasons ya's all heard enough about by now LOL. Hope we can get another one going in the future up north of the border! Wanted to toss out a huge thank you to you all for making my wife feel so at home and part of things! She was worried and leery before coming, the only XI she had met was @Chris so honestly, who could blame her! She had a wonderful time and damn you @Angus and your accent, my wife says to Angus as we are walking to dinner the 1st night "I love your accent" he lays it on extra thick with a "How you doing tonight Mama" and ya could hear the puddles form in her panties LOL!!! Everything was great jokes. Wish I could have got it a bit tighter organized but with a town such as Niagara Falls where there is soooooooooo fucking much to do it is tough pleasing everyone. We tried getting everyone hooked up for 1 or 2 group things a day. Friday day we managed to get most of us on Maid Of The Mist and I had my very special moment with Angus that I shall always cherish!, then dinner was a bit hectic as well 30+ idiots converging on a diner is enough to toss any place into a bit of a tail spin! Friday night was random drinking and wandering around LOL, I ended up hitting up the haunted house with @pitbullpete and @Unchileno That was a fucking hoot and @DragonSlayer got to meet Petey! Saturday day we managed to get a group off to the jet boat and another group off to the Fort and Niagara on the Lake. Then a few went casino hopping and group met for Lunch. Dinner was loosey goosey as every one ate at a few different places, I maxed out at lunch buffett so just chillaxed for a while. Then we got 15 of us together for the Escape room that was sooooooooo much fun!!! We got random split into two groups, and I somehow ended up getting handcuffed to @WildPenguin #BONER!!!!!! Team Winner (Myself, Dirty Bird-Penguin, Rami and his Wife, Yaccster, Roxy GG and Wildthings wife) beat Team Banana (Angus, Yaccsters Wife, My Wife, Roxys friend Alie, Dragon Slayer, Wildthing and Chris) by a score of 200 to 180 with 2 COMPLETE Escapes!!!! WTG Team Winner!!! and hell, even if we lost, I had won from the beginning with the handcuffs LOL After the Escape room we ended up with about 15 or more of us at some sports bar for a quick bite to eat and drinks then back to the main hotel area. I puffed a few joints around 130am and put in my ear buds and passed out... would love to hear what happened afterwards LOL, apparently according to the girl at the front desk whomever from the hotel that came out that night around 2 or 3 am ended up getting a written warning for whatever transpired LOL Sunday was a quick breakfast with a few before people were heading out, and damn it was a good freaking breaky!!! The whatsApp thing was a huge help with the fest on getting MOST of the people organized and shit, only thing I would suggest for the WhatsApp for future besides @YACCster Idea, but Ill let him own that one, is a seperate group for only event planning and timing talk, I have a feeling some may have missed out on things in the midst of 279+ new messages if you happened to leave your phone while you went poop!! Either way, I had a fucking blast of a time and feel like I bonded even more with so many of you over the 2 days I was there (Im looking at you DB). It was very surreal at times and I found myself on more than one occasion just sitting back with a smile looking out at you all and feeling very content! Thank you all!!! much love from me and the Mrs to each and every one of you!!!
  6. If you can get them onto your youtube account Johnny you just go to your video in youtube and start watching it, then highlight everything in the address bar at the top (the whole and everything after youtube) copy paste it here and the video will be able to be watched here by us!
  7. Hey now... them cuffs were all kinds of right!! ;-)
  8. A week all inclusive in Punta Cana.... a bunch of idiots and all you can drink... what could go wrong?!?!?!
  9. Wifey and I will be rolling into town around lunch time tomorrow
  10. Im Legal, I can smoke wherever the fuck I want! LOL But I do do it discreetly, There will be lots of places for us to tuck away
  11. right now I am through Tweed here is a list of their current available product I have 10 G of Sour Kush and 10 G of Sour Tangie sativa coming in on Monday from my legal producer They range from $6 a G for sungrown out doors up to $12 a g for some decent stuff. But I can get just as decent or better for $4 a G buying through mail order. On average I spend about $6 a G for some good quality dank online. $150-170 an OZ
  12. I am fully legal 3g a day prescription up here in Canada. We will be going legal for recreational use next year up here. I only buy enough from my legal provider to keep my prescription active. Other than that i use Mail Order Marijuana services. Canada Post brings it right to my door at half the cost of my legal provider and 10X the potency. Just ordered a half oz of Sour Diesel and a half oz of Pineapple Express. Will be making another order for shatters and distillates for XI fest this weekend!
  13. 7.5 years smoke free from smoking 2 packs a day. Used the Champix pill to quit myself, worked wonders for me
  14. Huh? ok
  15. Gotcha covered...