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  1. StormCrow

    AND... for the record.. it is a natural spruce tree top that is kinda yellowish... I know this only because a guitar friend said so on facebook LOL
  2. StormCrow

    Lmao. You evil evil woman.. i love it!!! Lol
  3. StormCrow

    Awesome!!! My Les Paul double cut has P90s in her and loves to growl!!! Had a semi famous blues guitarist from my area named Alfie Smith take her for a ride one day, made me near weep the sound someone who knows what they are doing could bring out of her LOL
  4. This came up in my facebook memories today... 2 years ago... right before Covid19 started and it is now the day before Ontario enters a 3 week shut down of inside dining and sports and concerts... yet again... entering into year 3 of "2 weeks to flatten the curve" but thats a whole dif talk lol This is me... in my element... in my happy place... my zone... front row at a Monster Truck concert. Lead guitarist Jer always gives me ATLEAST 1 solo straight to the face during the concert. My good friend and photographer caught this shared moment... a primal scream from us both as the rock and roll rips through us. This picture was also in a rock magazine with a write up about the show. God fucking damn I miss moments like this!!!!
  5. StormCrow

    Thank you.. i enjoy simpler riffs and movements over blazing solos and sweep picking... a simple appreggio with a chord run can come off so nice sounding
  6. StormCrow

    Been feeling inspired this week... came up with a new ditty on guitar... I think I like the flow of it
  7. StormCrow

    As a matter of fact it was a toss up between the Taylor and a Gibson Epiphone J45... was playing both for about an hour and a half at the shop... in the end the thinner neck profile on the 110E and the ebony fret board won out
  8. Boxing day was a big day... I got to bring home my new baby!!!! I have been spending the week getting to know her! My 1st high end acoustic! A Taylor 110E dreadnought! Has a pick up so I can plug her in... sounds nice through my Marshall tube amp This puts me at a '72 Gibson SG Deluxe... a '92 Gibson SG Special, a 2011 '61 reissue Gibson SG in tv yellow (1 of only 100 made).... a 2018 Gibson Les Paul double cut in TV yellow.... a custom Walking Dead guitar (1 of only 200 made) a Yamaha acoustic and now a Taylor acoustic... quite a nest egg of guitars building
  9. StormCrow

    I still love the smile of the fella in the background, he wasn't even with our group LOL
  10. StormCrow

    So great to hear bro!!! Raising a drink to you and yours tonight my friend!
  11. StormCrow

    Happy New Year Ausi!!!
  12. StormCrow

    This came up in server tonight during what was probably one of the funnest rounds I have played here... the team was great and the comms were full of laughter... convo got around to XI fest Canada and the Titanic Moment with Angus and I... so... heres one of the most iconic XI pictures going!!
  13. StormCrow

    Merry Christmas and a hearty FU to ya
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