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  1. StormCrow

    Yay it worked!!!! Thank you all you amazing smart people!!! Oh, and you too Yaccster!!!
  2. StormCrow

    Ok im a total PC idiot and need a bit of help here, i think my son updated my game through steam, its on version 1.813620 and i think it was a 1.79 or something, no servers are showing in my list and dont know how to fix!!! Help a dude who has no clues when it comes to this lol Stormy
  3. StormCrow

    You got this! You will be back causing me headaches trying not to be killed by ya in server before ya know it! Speedy recovery Bammer!!!
  4. StormCrow

    Well you did send a link to my inbox for your free OnlyFans live stream, dont act all innocent
  5. StormCrow

    While all you were probably gaming naked last night I was rocking out again!!! Hanging backstage with my fav band Monster Truck then the lead guitarist gave me head phones and a sound pack that was linked right to the soundboard mix and I got to hear the most clear amazing audio while watching the band play from side stage! Next time Im going to hang with the sound tech at the mix table, supposed to be the best sound right there. The lead singers son rocking out!!! 20221118_213851.mp4 Its usually the day after a good show with the boys I sit back and smile knowing I am literally living the dream of any fan of any band, getting to hang out, be included in with stuff and being a part of a bands journey, its a pretty good feeling I aint gonna lie!!! Rock anf Roll lives!!!!
  6. Never let dinner get away!!!!
  7. StormCrow

    Snow started after we tee'd off, and didnt get heavy till 8th hole, they pulled us at the turn after 9. Lol
  8. StormCrow

    On the golf course this morning. Us Canadians dont fuck around with our golf!
  9. StormCrow

    You are a munchkin young lady! I am going to say you are 5 foot 4 inch I am 6 foot 1 myself Me and the burger locker Randy from the TV show Trailer Park Boys
  10. StormCrow

    Yup! not so idiotic after all!!!! Thanks again!!!
  11. StormCrow

    Thank you muchly dear!!!!! Lets see now if I did it correctly changing it, im an idiot you know!!!
  12. StormCrow

    You may have said its a prank BEFORE I bought a months worth of personal lubricant,,,, fucker!
  13. StormCrow

    Im not paying to see Wildthings nipples... been there, done that!
  14. StormCrow

    I dont know what...... lead... them to think they would get away with it! I think I would feel weighed down after eating them fish
  15. They are one of those bands whos sound live is BETTER than recorded! I have seen them 40 times live now, hoping to hit 50 by end of 2023!
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