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  1. StormCrow

    Its a tough and alot of the time thankless job, been there, done that, was sooooooo much happier going back to a regular player trying to make people rage and steal packages! Enjoy your time just gaming again girl! And slap that sugartits once and a while for me LOL
  2. StormCrow

    Holy Shit, it lives!
  3. StormCrow

    Man what a whirlwind week!! My 2nd favorite band just started touring, I caught the show Wednesday night AND last night. These guys tear shit up!! Wicked hard hitting back from Australia that Canada has adopted. they live here now and I dub them Canada's Adoptive Bad Asses! Look them up, they are stellar!! So, after the 1st Show on Wednesday I run into the lead singer of my FAVORITE band Monster Truck... he comes up to me... not me up to him (which I thought was pretty bad ass!) Throws his arms around me and says "Dude, you gotta stop it" I am thinking ohhh shit, did I tag them in a picture or something they didnt like???? then he says "You gotta stop buying our stuff and tickets... enough is enough!" Goes on to tell me that they more than appreciate the support over the years but I am more than just a fan at this point and THEY feel bad taking money from ME. I tried to tell him I dont mind supporting what I love, He was dead set, told me no more, anything I want just let him know, I want shirts, let him know, I want to hang back stage, let him know, ANY show I want to go to, let him know. Mind fucking blown!! And he was not hammered drunk either because the next day tickets went on sale for a show near my hometown and he made sure to tell me not to buy any, I am guest listed for life! Here we are, after TWICE celebrating Canada's new legalization laws... check dem eyes out huh LOL Also got to hang out backstage on Friday night after the 2nd show with the lead and rhythm guitarists of The Lazys and got a set list signed by the whole band! I didnt choose the rock and roll life.... it chose me!!!! heres one of their tunes
  4. StormCrow

    If it aint me, give me 5 minutes in game and I will rectify that!
  5. StormCrow

    I like cookies
  6. StormCrow

    Glad to see that the voting process works and works well, good call on this one admins, true colors flying strong!
  7. StormCrow

    Yes they do Spin! I will let ya know when they are heading your way, they are heading for a UK tour here shortly and will be doing Canada and US in 2019
  8. StormCrow

    Dont be messin with my pony! Thats my audience when i rock out!!
  9. Bought this baby online sight unseen. The guy I bought it from did not know what he had. This is a limited edition guitar, only 100 were made this year in this style and color and ONLY sold in the Long and McQuade music shops in Canada. it is a 2011 '61 reissue Gibson SG in TV Yellow. I jumped on buying this guitar right away not only for its uniqueness, but also because the lead guitarist of my favorite band Monster Truck has 2 of them he rocks, he is on my facebook friends list and was grumpy I found this one before him AND the price I got it at, If you look it up on Reverb (guitar site) it is listed between 1600-2200 bucks.... I got it for 800! He can be seen playing one in this video (of which you may locate my ugly mug in!) My new baby
  10. StormCrow

    @KillerKitty Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  11. StormCrow

    The bastard!!!!
  12. Got invited to a CD release party for my favorite band Monster Truck last night, the new album drops today, they had a wee party last night and played the album in full and this fan boy got an invite! Tomorrow I will be driving 5 hours and spending the night in Sudbury Ontario to see them play live.... yeah... total fanboy LOL... got me some signed vinyl while there! Gonna frame this bad boy up! Also got them to sign my battle jacket! Only the drummer was not ther elast night, will get him to sign it tomorrow at the concert!
  13. StormCrow

    Anyone heard from StanG lately? just sayin....
  14. StormCrow

    Newest single off the upcoming album from my boys in Monster Truck!!!
  15. StormCrow

    I did get to crash into them but it is on the far side and you can just barely for a split second see me, the focus was to be on the blonde gal with the nose ring.... but we did 5 takes on that part, so I was smashing him alot LOL