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  1. StormCrow

    LOL i was making sure I was wearing something noticable, and well the leather vest goes everywhere I go! Its like a wearable wallet lol. The guys have been great to me over the years, love them so much as people and artists!
  2. StormCrow

    The video I was lucky enough, again, to be in just dropped, its fast and hectic but ya can see me a couple times in it and clear in the last shot. Im wearing a red checkered shirt, leather vest and blue hat, can you spot me?
  3. Last night I had an amazing night!!! I was invited to be in a video shoot for the newest Monster Truck song to be released soon!! This is the 2nd of their videos I will be in! Some pics from an amazing night!! me and lead singer Marv me and the new drummer Theo getting photo bombed by lead guitariist Jer Me and keyboardist Brando end shot with lead singer after confetti cannons went off and we are all soaked in champagne lol fuck I love these boys for including me in this stuff!!!
  4. StormCrow

    Congrats my friend!!
  5. StormCrow

    That only happened once and I was drunk!
  6. StormCrow

    Took my Mama for her first tattoo today!!! 72 years old!! We both got Tribute tats for my Dad who passed away in February Hers is a Binary star, they literally bought one last year, they are 2 stars that orbit eachother for ever! She got it on the back of her shoulder mine is Pops for what I always called him and "Oh Excellent" which he would say all the time if something went right with some clouds and sun rays, got it on my inner bicep
  7. StormCrow

    Just finished it, WAYYYYYYYYY Bette Reacher than Tom Cruise! And damn but I got a celeb crush on Officer Roscoe after that LOL
  8. Great to be Canadian, been legal here for about 3 years or more now, yet, I still purchase off of black market sites LOL
  9. StormCrow

    My life is complete!!! 32 mph I got!!! https://www.slapchris.com/
  10. StormCrow

  11. StormCrow

  12. StormCrow

  13. StormCrow

  14. StormCrow

    Australian boys who have found a heavy following and love in Canada!!! These guys are amazing on and off the stage, always time for chats and hangs, and I even have a tattoo of one of their songs LOL
  15. StormCrow

    Well shit.... there goes the neighbourhood!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
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