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  1. Many of you'se know my love for the Canadian Rock band called Monster Truck, have become super close with the band over the years, played onstage with them 6 years ago, in a few of their videos, fuck I even sing gang vocals on 2 of their songs!! I never have to pay for ticket to a show. Well this week they play Friday and again on Saturday, Saturday will be my 50th live show I have been to. On Friday night after sound check the boys are going to let me play any song I want with them, the lead guitarist will get off stage, I will take his spot and try my hand at playing a song with them and no help or being covered up by lead guitar playing as well, just me on guitar and the rest of band! Im beyond excited for this as it is not public knowledge yet, but, the lead singer and close friend of mine Jon is leaving the band Saturday night will be his last time playing with them, my 50th show and likely the bands last show. Jon writes 90% of the guitar riffs and 95% of the lyrics, so, I cant see how the band will or can continue without him. He has already formed a new band and has 4 songs recorded, and has their 1st super fan already in me LOL So as gutted as I am that my favorite band is ending, im on cloud 9 that they want me to rock a tune with them as a going away / 50th show gift. I will be playing the song Don't Tell Me How To Live, solo and all, which has me nervous as I dont solo much, give me a riff to play and Im all good, luckily not a tough solo by any means, took video of my attempt and sent to lead guitarist and lead singer, both said I will be fine! Video and pics will be uploaded shortly after happening of course LOL Rock on!!!! Shirt I got made for the 50th show! The band all gonna sign it and going to get a bunch of regular fans I have met over the years that will be at these 2 shows to sign it as well, and sound guys, everyone who has made this ride so much fucking fun the last 12 years!!!!
  2. RIP Hunter, was great to get to know you and your wife in Niagara.
  3. Love it!!! Ya gotta make it up here for a couple rounds together seeing as I cant get down there lol
  4. Finished off my full sleeve today! My whole right arm is tattoos dedicated to my fav band and good friends Monster Truck. Had a spot left at my elbow, so, asked the lead singer of the band to draw something to go in there, so he drew me up a spider web and spider and the spider has a MT on the body for Monster Truck. Fit in perfect!!! Then to make day even better my Daughter came with me and got her 2nd tattoo. A bouquet of 5 flowers, each one being one of our birth flowers, an idea she came up with on her own! Then we went out for a nice dinner after. Was a great day!!!
  5. Dont know if yas could even hear me when i connected, tried twice from each side of stage lol, i sure as fuck couldnt hear youse lol
  6. So sorry for your loss bro. Its tough taking that final journey with a parent. I did with my Dad and can feel your pain. Glad you, like myself, managed to make some memories along the way and if ya ever need to bend an ear I am here bro
  7. heya bro!! Yup, I am still here and manage to get in game usually once a day for an hour or so, golf in morn, guitar in afternoon, gaming after dinner.... living the dream LOL
  8. Hope you feeling better soon! We wont hold the fact that Aussies her Auntie against her though, so shes safe!
  9. Sour Cream Glazed from Tim Hortons
  10. Ya ya ya, I know, I didnt even WANT a dog. Little Miss Lily Bug and I have become best buds, we even match tye dye out on walkies! First summer with our own dog has been fun!!
  11. Did something this weekend I have not done since before Covid, got out to 2 concerts back to back. Drove 2 hours to Casino Rama to see The Headstones and my fav band Monster Truck play! Left halfway through Headstones set, fucking lead singer Hugh Dillon is a nasty fucker, spits all over the stage all the time, the boys in Monster Truck were glad they played first that night lol. So I had a backstage pass and went and had a couple beers with Monster Truck lol.Spent night there then 2 hour drive home, relax for a couple hours, then 2 hour drive to downtown Toronto to see my 2nd fav band The Lazys. Tje bass player and I have gotten close over the years, he pointed to the set list at the song "Punk come and get me" and said "Me and you are tearing down the fucking roof on this one!" We were forehead to forehead screaming the chorus into eachothers faces LOL, His Mom came up to me after the show saying she has never seen her son so happy to see someone before lol, little rock n roll bromance is all Fuck I love this shit!!!
  12. Does that get the hair between the berries and the shithouse too?
  13. Today started out amazingly!!! Get to golf course, 1st hole is a 121 yard par 3! 1st swing of the day and I aced it!!! Did not even see it go in I hit it well and bent to pick up my tee, my buddy said "Thats a good one" me being the smart ass I am put my hand up to my ear and said "yup, I heard it drop, Ace!" We gwt up further and my ball not on green, only possible place it could be is in the cup, sure as shit there it was!! I have had 6 Eagles, all on short par 4s with drivable greens, and this was my 1st ace!!!! 20230624_065635.mp4
  14. I live in Cambridge Ontario in southwestern Ontario, we can smell it all day here and there is a haze in the air, the schools are not letting the kids out for recess and alot of air quality warnings
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