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  1. StormCrow

    5009 now... had to check lol
  2. StormCrow

    You aint lived till you have had a clan mate remove you from facebook for defending YOUR decision to get the jab, fucking putz's, you do you and fuck everyone else, I got my jab because I am the primary caregiver around my Father who is terminal with Lung and bone cancer, you dont agree or like or question my reasons, eat a bag of dicks, I dont care! LOL
  3. Meh, what can ya do, I had already explained to this person the week before the exact reasoning behind why I am doing it, still get called a sheep and told to use my common sense after a long ramble about big pharma this and aids pills that and blah blah blah, I finally told them their opinion means shit to me because I am doing what I FEEL I need to do... a couple of friends on my list agreed and blammmo, unfriended and replies all gone from my post, c'est la vie LMAO
  4. Wife and I had the pfizer yesterday... sore arm and only other side effect I got was antivax morons from Facebook who dont like when you push back when they question why you got the shot (my father is stage 4 terminal lung cancer and have explained this in past to them.. i drive him to appointmemts...get groceries...help aroundn house... I HAVE to be safe) so they unfriend you... not a bad side effect at all in my mind... fuck em.. my body my choice A couple friends had the AZ with similar results as yoy.. achy fever/flu symptoms for a day or so
  5. StormCrow

    Yup a 50w JCM800 combo... she gets damn loud
  6. StormCrow

    I have 4 Gibsons now. A '72 Deluxe... 2011 '61 reissue... '92 Standard... 2018 Les Paul Special double cut with P90s she growls!
  7. StormCrow

    New cover I did of my favorite song by Monster Truck. I didnt attempt the main solo... outta my skill level... hacked the end solo but I think I did ok with the intro. I am self taught pretty much... took a few lessons as a teen 30 years ago. I try and struggle but have fun
  8. StormCrow

    My condolances being from Toronto, hows "Stay at home" order treating ya.... down the highway 45 minutes in Cambridge myself!
  9. StormCrow

    Bout time ya got my kids in there, Guess I will have to play some to get some time with them huh? LOL
  10. I love playing, been off and on playing for 28 years, more on in the last 6 years than off. I mostly do covers of my favorite band Monster Truck, nothing hard, just good driven riff rock, I got a few vids up on my youtube if ya wanna check em https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZa6Uj4lC5mrwH8JBPJquVQ I have been pretty lucky, have gotten to know my favorite band on a personal level, they even hauled me up onstage from the front row unknowingly to me to play a song with them a few years back, blew my mind! Currently own a '72 Gibson Deluxe (used by lead guitarist of Monster Truck to record 90% of their first album) a 2011 '61 reissue in TV Yellow (Only 100 were made that year/color sold exclusively in Canada, she is a rare one, also, lead guitarist of Monster Truck has one LOL) a 2018 Les Paul Special in TV Yellow (yes i love TV Yellow) and a dark green '92 Gibson Special My guitars far outshine my abilities LOL
  11. Amazing playing, miles above and beyond my hacking away on the six strings LOL
  12. StormCrow

    Poutine and Hawaiian Pizza... you are welcome world!
  13. StormCrow

    Name and Shame this fucker bro, dont go out like this
  14. StormCrow

    I just hope I dont have to do again the dirty things he had me do to get XI fest in Canada!
  15. StormCrow

    Once your money gone is that it? Wet all in 2 weeks ago, had trips, bot beat me with a flush, hacker, have not been able to play since, zero funds
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