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  1. WOOO HOOOOO!!!!! I did a live video on Facebook last night of me fucking around on it playing 3 Monster Truck songs. The lead guitarist of Monster Truck rocks a SG also.... he just liked my video!!! Hes been on my friends list a couple years now, gotta love when the creator of the riffage is liking you rocking it out!!!!! Got musical boner right now!!!!
  2. Guitars not too shabby either huh!!!
  3. Brought her home today... dont have a name for her yet. It is a '92 Gibson SG Standard. If you know guitars ya know the SG Standard came with a rosewood fret board. This one must be from end of run and they ran out of rosewood. Instead of stop production they upgrade parts. This one has an ebony fret board normally reserved for the SG Deluxe. Makes it a bit of an odd ball guitar... perfect for this odd ball!!!
  4. It worked the opposite way in other MoD we had a while back with tac insert, Yaccster used the perk alot also, we would run to enemy area and hide tac insert, kill, get killed, get defrosted and bammmm... behind the enemy... tactical like... now its a defensive insertion LOL
  5. Tactical Insertion didnt seem to be working right when I tried the other day, you lay it down, run away, get shot and it puts you where you laid it down in a bubble, supposed to leave ya where you are shot then when you get defrosted you move to the tac insert spot
  6. Now where did I put them handcuffs??? Happy Birthday girl!! Hope its a good one!!
  7. Happy Birthday Dirty Bird!!! break of the cuffs!!!
  8. Thanks all for tuning in, got my shout out to XI on air!!! They LOVED the fact people were listening from all over!!!!
  9. I will PM you it when I get home, not allowed to put it in public forum. Just hanging with the radio folk for a bit now! thanks for listening!!!!
  10. Listen for "James From Cambridge" that is what they been calling me for years on air LOL
  11. They do, 1-800-267-ROCK I doubt they will be taking calls during my segment though
  12. Nawwwww, we just rock the best rock is all!!!
  13. If you dont got anything going on and are able to connect to (some states block canadian broadcasts even online) Have a listen in the 9am EST hour. I will be at the radio station live on air talking with the morning show about my weightloss journey, the fundraiser I got going , and update on the training for the 5km race coming up at the end of March! The morning show there has been a HUGE supporter for my whole weightloss along with ofcourse the Canadian rock band Monster Truck from the same town as the station, and MANY MANY MANY of you'se here in my family here also! XI Will be getting a shout out again for sure!
  14. WTG Pia!!! Way over due dear!! Welcome to the home of crazy!
  15. true story