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  1. not much to see... hung like a light switch
  2. Way ahead of ya...
  3. Usually strumming away on a guitar... I find right when I get into a song, i get defrosted... If I have been frozen for a long while I pick up the guitar... usually within a few strums I get unfroze.... or I masturbate
  4. I know right?!?!?! I have watched it probably 50 times already LMAO!!! Nawww I am not vain!!
  5. Bob Ross won the tshirt toss up for concert day LOL
  6. Here it is! Front row perspective of my jam with my all time favorite band Monster Truck! Even got some chanting of my name on the way up to the stage!!!!!
  7. I will have a good copy up today or tomorrow, my friend is still in Toronto for Canadian Music Week... he heading home today and will upload the good copy to youtube for me
  8. I cant get it to play to see... registered and everything
  9. Ok, so, as most of you know, I have been following the Canadian rock band Monster Truck for a few years. This band has captured my heart and soul. They supported my weight loss journey, they have been amazing guys all around. Well tonight I got to see them in concert for the 1st time in 9 months!! They been working on a new album and shit and are getting ready to drop it so they did a show in Toronto. Half way through the show the lead guitarist gets on the mic and thanks everyone for showing up, then he says "We have some of the best fans in the world and we have some of them here tonight in the crowd, 1 in particular is our biggest fan, James from Cambridge in the front row here is our biggest fan by far" At this point I am over the fucking moon! Im thinking they are gonna dedicate a song out to me, they did that 2 years ago on the show, then this happened "James, ya wanna come up here and rock Shes a Witch with us?" HOLY FUCK!!!!! Ok, if you are a fan of music and have a band you love beyond belief, most people heavily into music do, your ultimate dream if you play an instrument is to play a song with your favorite band. Not too many people actually get the chance to do so. Well I did, and I took it, and I fucking rocked it!!!! So, im shitting bricks making my way through the crowd to chants of "James James James James" no fucking shit here people, my friend has video I will upload when he gets it up on his Youtube channel. I got up on stage, got hooked up with one of Jers (the lead guitarist) classic '67 Gibson SG's and I fucking rocked it!! I fubbed a little bit, but luckily they had Jers guitar slightly louder than mine so ya cant really tell, but I fucking did it!! to a SOLD OUT HOUSE!!!!!! I fucking rocked it, i took my cheers and got hugs from all the members and back to the front row I went to rock out with a huge smile the rest of the night, i have literally typed this with my musical boner!!! Heres a pic emailed to me, dropped my email to bunch of people so will have photos and videos coming in tomorrow or the next day This is me shaking hands with the lead singer/bass player
  10. Release the next cock sucking book Mr Martin you old fuck! Was hooked on the series LONG before it came to TV
  11. Happy 420 my man! Hope your herbs are forever uplifting!! (Who am I kidding, I KNOW they are LOL)
  12. Damn Separatists!
  13. Again?
  14. I like to identify as a tow truck lately.... by my personal gender classification I can play for either the gals or guys as needed joking aside, if ya end up needing a dude I can help out, im off this Saturday!