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    Rock and roll and concerts!!!!
  2. StormCrow

    So I am addicted to ink, it happens! Yesterday I added to the Monster Truck (the band not the trucks) sleeve I am working on, my whole right arm is them except for 3 hearts with my kids names in them. Yesterday I added the patch from the song the band had me up on stage to play with them as a surprise! Got it on the back of my upper arm. Line work was a breeze, damn I hate color going in though LOL. All in all looks awesome to me and I love it! I like how he added the heavy stitching to make it look stitched into my skin, even a few drops of blood added And if you get bored here is a video of when the boys brought me up on stage, starts a few min in as had a bit of a tech difficulty with the guitar LOL Stormy
  3. Just spent a week in Cuba with the wifey and NO kids this time!!! Had an amazing time!!! got shittered a few times! the highlight of the trip was swimming with the dolphins and getting launched 10+ ft in the air! A few pics of the vacay Now this guy here, his name is Yadil, he looks after us like we are kings and queens. Our last night he came to say goodbye to us, shook everyones hand and when he got to me he gave me a huge hug and said to me "I love you brother and god bless you and your Familia" I reciprocated and told him we love coming to that resort because he makes us feel like Family and not guests. We were both a little red eyed and I look at my wifes friend and she is crying watching us LOL. Made some honest connections there, many many people remembered us from last year. Was so amazing!!! And this fucker here LOL, last year my wife adopted him as her "Cubano Husband" all in good fun. We laugh and joke about it. I was having a snuggle with wifey in the pool and I hear from behind me "Hey Fucker, get your hands off my wife" He is an amazing human inside and out even hooked me up with 2 bottles of rum to take home! We will be going back again to this same resort next year for sure for a third time!!! Stormy
  4. Im playing a shitload on the xbox1! Stormcrow420247 on Xbox I think I am up to a level 48
  5. StormCrow

    When you jump then in midair go prone, dont know if still works in this mod, earlier versions it would make you near impossible to hit as the game made your hit area so tiny for that split second when midair and you hit prone because even though you are in air the game recognizes you as prone on ground
  6. StormCrow

    I seen some pretty fucked up arguments over the years here, this one bout takes the cake... a built in perk of the game a hack??? 1st off its a game!!!! I think its a hack to spawn invisible, I think its a hack to use overkill and carry TWO primary SMG's, who the hell can carry that and all the ammo and nades and med kits and claymores and still walk, I think its a hack to dolphin dive, i think its a hack to use Medic to get the extra spawn invisibility.... the game is nothing but a hack!!!!!!!
  7. StormCrow

    Most who know me, know I am not much of a drinker, I can smoke weed with the best of them, but not too into drinking. Have had alot of shit going down the last month, found out my old man has terminal lung cancer, they giving 1-2 years, heart cant handle surgery, just finished radiation. Hence those on my Facebook see my "Out golfing to clear my head" posts. So I went to a concert the other night and got totally wasted! I am normally the driver but stayed at a friends house this concert because it was a 2 hour drive and a late one. about 5 rye and cokes before the show and 11 tallboys at the show and this was the result. a few drunken pics with member of the band The Lazys, my 2nd favorite band only next to Monster Truck Here is me and Matty the lead guitarist after the show, he wanted me to try to get my "The Lazys" tattoo in the pic i think LOL... I dont even remember this picture, my friend sent it to me the next day And here I am with Liam the rhythm guitarist, this was about 5 tallboys in, I remember this one LOL I said "Hey, King of the North, get your ass over here for a picture" LOL He resembles Jon Snow from Game of Thrones LOL Was all and all a good night to clear my head and not think of shit, now ready for the battle coming, the old man is a fighter, he gonna give it a go!
  8. StormCrow

    This happened in my stomping grounds, I am in Hamilton all the time, a few times a week usually :-(
  9. StormCrow

    Im gonna have to show Rugger how to hold a bass if he ever makes it to a Canadian fest!!! jacking that poor buggers jaw!!!! Looks like a bunch of fun and I see a buncha faces I miss!!! Heres to hoping ya all come back to Canada soon!!!!
  10. StormCrow

    here are my other Gibson babies! My 2011 '61 reissue TV Yellow, my '92 standard and my 2018 LP Double Cut with some screeching P90's in it I love my TV Yellow! I want 1 of every Gibson Model in it by the time I am done
  11. StormCrow

    I dont dip it too far when I do, my buddy the lead guitarist of Monster Truck has cracked the neck on his custom shop '62 in TV Yellow doing a massive neck dive in a live show, he hammers em in there, i go maybe a half step drop if that. The guy I bought it from swapped out the bridge pick up for the 57 classic zebra, I still have all the original parts if I want to put it all back to original, only thing is if I do, there will be the damn holes in the body from teh bigsby butcher job LOL
  12. StormCrow

    It actually holds its tune very well because I never use the bigsby, a few tunes i do a quick little neck bend, i know i know, not good for the neck but damn it sounds sweet in the right spot LOL. I dont know for sure what the model number is, looking back in my emails from the guy he listed it as SG61TVCH the serial on the headstock is 118711332. I called Gibson before buying it and they confirmed it was one of the 100 made only for Canada. I am in Ontario and had it shipped from Alberta so wanted to make sure all everything was right with it before sending buddy the 1200 plus shipping I paid.
  13. StormCrow

    I WISH the guy I bought it from didnt put the bigsby on it! I never use it, and this guitar is 1 of only 100 made that year in that color only sold in Canada, it is a sought after guitar that should be worth something one day.... if he didnt go and drill into the damn body (yes, he DIDNT use a mount!!!) but the lead guitarist of Monster Truck has 2 of this same guitar, so I HAD to have it. I am just running it through a solid state Marshall 40 and a digitech effects pedal using the JCM800 setting with some tweaks to compression sustain and distortion trying to get it close to the Monster Truck tone
  14. StormCrow

    I keep popping in to visit, when are you going to come see me in Wreckfest? This relationship is a two way street damn you!!!! LOL
  15. StormCrow

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