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  1. StormCrow

    Always use a rubber!
  2. StormCrow

    ohhhh shit I mean way to go GG! no really, ohhh shit 😜
  3. StormCrow

    I used to bang off shower beers all the time when I was a roofer... home from work sweaty and dirty, grab a cold on and hit the shower! Best beer of the day!
  4. StormCrow

    a few of my other tattoos, i have quite a few now LOL and have 4 more days at the shop booked, September, November December and January..... I love ink!
  5. StormCrow

    I just got this done the other day, whole outside of thigh from knee to hip
  6. StormCrow

    That is amazing!!! Angus is my guitar hero! the king of riff rock!!
  7. StormCrow

    I want the monkey... havn't you always wanted a monkey? Bonus points if you name the song
  8. Little Nicky with Adam Sandler.... a cinematic masterpiece!
  9. My boys in Monster Truck were playing an outdoor festival yesterday and hooked me up with front row pass and backstage access! Was an amazing day out in the sun with some amazing Rock and Roll!! I think there was 8 bands in total. Castor Troys (local band) Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion (Local Band) The Crownlands (watch for these 2, they are going to hit it big soon... like big big) The Headstones, Monster Truck, Live, Bush and a couple indie bands on side stages. Randy Bobandy of The Trailer Park Boys (if you dont know these guys look em up, if ya are Canadian, ya BETTER know who I am talking about fuckers!!!) was MC and got to hang backstage with him having beers and spliffs after the show! Had a great chat with Hugh Dillon of the Headstones if you have ever seen the tv Show Flashpoint, he is in that show as well as lead singer of The Headstones Heres a few pics of the day, god I love front row concerts!!! Hugh Dillon and The Headstones My Boys in Monster Truck doing what they do! Notice the lead guitarist guitar? If any of ya's have seen my guitar vids I have the exact same guitar, only 100 were made that year in that color and model, I have 1 and he has 2 of them Me hanging with Randy of the Trailer Park Boys backstage having some laughs and beers... the greasy fat bellied cheeseburger eater that he is!! LOL
  10. I have been out hunting the Pike but all I have been finding is Bass
  11. StormCrow

    BROTHER!!! My eldest son was in the nose bleeds for the game 7 buzzer beater last series, he was in Jurassic Park last night for the big win! Our whole family been into this! I think I am going to take the 2 boys down to Jurassic Park for one of the games if I am am off! GO RAPTORS!!!!
  12. StormCrow

    That is because the tin foil in your hat is interfering with the telescopes scoping ability.....
  13. StormCrow

    Went and got the outline done on my latest piece! it goes from my knee to crest of my hip. Those who have seen me, I aint a small dude, this is a big fucking tat LOL. 3 hours of line work into it. and as you can see, there are ALOT of fucking lines! Bastard was laughing at me when I showed up today, he said "I think you are going to love and hate me at the same time" He is right, love the design! I told him all i wanted was a gibson SG smashing into a Marshall stack and it is on outside of leg, I let him run with it artistically from that point. I love what he came up with... I hate him for the amount of lines LOL, but, i go to him he dont come to me as he is fond of reminding me LOL. Got a date booked in July to finish it off, hope to get in before that if there are cancellations! Hes booking 3 months out as it is.
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