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  1. Newest single off the upcoming album from my boys in Monster Truck!!!
  2. I did get to crash into them but it is on the far side and you can just barely for a split second see me, the focus was to be on the blonde gal with the nose ring.... but we did 5 takes on that part, so I was smashing him alot LOL
  3. Was such an amazing experience filming this with the boys and am totaly honored to be invited to have been a part of it!!!! The boys have been amazing to me over the years as their biggest fan and this is jts one more instance of them being a kick ass band who loves their fans!!!
  4. Do the complete opposite and you may become a good COD player!
  5. Angus is the one that got away....
  6. Went and got touchups and the last of the shading done! Another 2 hours under the gun!
  7. Thanks Rob!!! Crysis averted. got a grumpy old brit who doesnt want to be known as being nice to hook me up!! Appreciate it though huge my man!!!
  8. They wont for that package in particular, it is UK only release, Ive tried reaching out to them, they wont fulfill orders to Canada on this one
  9. Ok, so my band I love just dropped their pre-release today for their new album. They are doing a Canadian exclusive release and a UK exclusive release. I have already bought the Canadian one. The UK one is slightly different with a different shirt and a different colored vinyl. Wondering if any UK member would be willing to purchase it and I will send them the funds to do so and I will send them the funds to ship it to me when the order comes in in September. If anyone can help a band groupie out it would be great!!! It is 33 of them British monies, got no problem paying the exchange or anything!! I didnt choose the rock and roll life... it chose me! Stormy
  10. you wouldnt be saying that if you were playing this game and I rammed you from behind......... just sayin....
  11. Bought this game and been playing it on Steam for the last 4 days... I am HOOKED! It is online derby style racing, win races, save up scratch, upgrade your cars. Online multiplayer 24 person servers. I curse, i swear, I laugh, I cry I do it all playing this game!! Anyone else playing it?
  12. Ces hommes valent la peine d'être aimés!
  13. Yup, another big Monster Truck moment for me! Was invited to be in the video shoot for the bands new single Evolution! Man, these boys and all the shit they have done for me, their biggest fan and all, but damn, they bring a tear to my eye! Got to spend the day shooting the video and shooting the shit with the boys and hanging out with a few other fans. Even got to go off and smoke a big joint with the drummer! I got to tussle with a S.W.A.T. member, I am praying that scene makes the cut! I rush him and start tussling back and forth as others run past us. Another part myself and another guy are pushing against the line of S.W.A.T. members with their shields. Here is some pics and a link to youtube for the song... soon as we get links for the video I will post it! They finished filming on it today!! Me and the keyboardist Brando Me and the Drummer Cool Steve after burning one... nice eyes LOL Getting ready to film!!!! Some S.W.A.T. team we are about to mess up!!!! They all signed up the jersey that started my weightloss journey! (For those who dont know, I used to weigh 390 lbs and have lost around 150lbs to fit into this bands clothing and to live of course LOL) Marv the lead singer Jer the lead guitarist.... this guy, cant say enough good shit about him, he has had my back through out my weigh loss, was HIS idea to have me up on stage last month to play a song with them, was HIS idea to have me in the video shoot. He is amazing!! This is their new single Evolutuon
  14. Thats some funny right there! I dress very comfortable and "lazy" at work. I wear shorts in the summer, jeans in the colder months, rock band shirts 24/7, I rock an 80's style jean jacket covered in band patches, Oh, I also have a dozen or so tattoos I proudly display..... I pull in 70g a year, work in a laboratory of a plastics factory, have worked my way up from being a floor sweeper on the floor not knowing a thing about plastics to running the company lab... I am one of hardest working employees in the company, have not missed a day of work in over 11 years, support my family and am an amazing father all while dressing "down" and being a medicinal pot head! Sadly it is the people who think the way a person dresses, or how they cut their hair, or what type of shoes they wear reflects on the person they actually are or their work ethic or anything is mind numbing. Judge a person for the person they are, you may just enjoy a whole new walk of life within your life Band T's for life!!!!
  15. Anxiously awaiting the beach pics.....