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  1. Lol nope, im down there every 2 weeks bringing him weed lmao
  2. Dude, Cowabunga is freaking amazing pizza pies! Ive been there a few times, im about 40 min from Hamilton and am there every 2 weeks seeing a good friend
  3. The phrase "piss poor" comes from back in the day, poor would save thier urine and sell it to trappers who would use it to treat and tan hides. Then there was "So poor didnt have a pot to piss in" also came from same era, literally so poor you didnt have a pot to collect your urine Also, Kellogs Corn Flakes were originally released as a medicine cereal to curb masturbation habits, the Kellogs brothers were freaks when it came to that
  4. Wreckfest and The Finals here
  5. Queenie needs a place for that middle finger in this thread lmao!!!
  6. Ummmmm Hellooooooo, You, Sapper, Your baking, Niagara Falls, this Fall!
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