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  1. Love the new rotation, was giving me gamers wood last night, best rotation in a while!
  2. I dont know the name of the map Sammy, the main culprit in rotation right now everyone spawns in a little one room shack in corner of map, room has only 2 doors out and is (if using real life dimensions) maybe 8ft by 8ft. Other team spawns in wide open on other side of map. A crapload of trees in between. Team that spawns in open tends to run and block the two doors of spawn, always atleast one or two asshats a side do it. Other team has ZERO way out of spawn and then the outside team has a nade parade into the room laughing and getting their killstreaks up. Its a total douche move, and I will say again, totally against what I believe our CoC to state about us
  3. If everyone is so insistent we adhere to the CoC when it comes to the one line of "Check your sensitive feelings at the door" That they stop reading it right there, why can we not be insistent on OTHER parts that matter, such as good sportsmanship, and the part about playing for fun and honor? That all stops at the sensitive feelings part and we lose a basic part of all this I feel, thats just me as a long time member voicing my thoughts... We as basic people can step back and see there in no "fun" no "honor" no "Good sportsmanship" in that style of play, this is FAR above tubes camping or cars, this is basic decent human being stuff here people. admins have made the rule, is what it is, first I have heard of it, so last you shall hear from me on the subject. Just hope this all brings to light the glaring holes in our own CoC
  4. Seems quite sad when that type of gameplay is a complete opposite of the way we portray our own selves in our own CoC... I would be willing to bet that in a clan wide vote it would be deemed "Unsportsmanlike" Correct? Yet our own CoC states we INSIST on good sportsmanship??? maybe we need to change the CoC then???? Seems we dont Insist
  5. Hey, but if you are all cool about doing your own thing and screw the CoC, well have at it, I myself, hold it quite dearly, give it 10 years, you may feel that way about our clan and its servers and its players members or not
  6. I think you really need to re read the CoC of the clan dude, too many of yas just pay attention to the "Check your feelings" DIRECT from our CoC on the front page You yourself have said it is in poor sportsmanship yet here in our CoC, something I have lived by in this clan for 10 years now, it plainly states we INSIST on good sportsmanship We also do not tolerate cheating or disrespect by members or guests, and insist on good sportsmanship. Violations can lead to permanent bans. We play for fun, we play with honor, and we strive to treat each other with respect and consideration. No one, member or guest, is above our Code.
  7. As I can only laugh with your asinine thinking IF something is being done in our servers that is detrimental to all we tend to make rule changes, hence the MANY MANY MANY MANY sub rules to our 2 rule clan. Right now on server we have alot of maps with 1 room 1 exit spawns, if it causes strife within the server and fights within the server between people (none I have been involved in for your information as I dont fight in game about it) A simple rule change of not being aloud to block a teams ONLY exit out of spawn and you are all against it So when there is a problem or a possible solution we bring it here, as I am not so pious to think EVERYTHING is XI and only XI I made my post in a general forum where EVERYONE who is trying to enjoy our servers may have a say, not just the regime that is XI, That plain enough for ya?
  8. I do with caps when someone is being completely clueless, hopeing ya might actually see whats going if its bold and in your face, you tend to miss points quite easily it seems
  9. IT DOES NOT ONLY EFFECT XI SO WHY ONLY IN XI FORUM... it effects EVERYONE, it is not an XI only issue is what you dont get
  10. When it concerns a server and everyone in it... yes for fucking sure, this is not just about XI, its about EVERYONE on team being unable to leave a spawn because people block doors, XI or Non XI, it effects all, so wht can not all have a say in it? , it is not bitching about a player, admin, or having internal strife, its a complaint of gameplay lately of many people and a simple solution, blocking doorways in a 1 room spawn is utter bullshit any way you want to try to butter your bread with it, your arguments are redonkulous
  11. You are HONESTLY going to compare blocking doorways in a 1 room spawn so people can not play the game at all to tubes and cars? I see I came to the right place, Idiot in title....
  12. Can we possibly get this put in to rules, some maps only have 1 or 2 exits out of a small spawn, douche fucks like to block said exits then trap team in spwn and have a nade parade, it is extreme poor sportsmanship that has led to many people literally raging the fuck out and it is a simple fucking olution, make a rule, DONT BLOCK SPAWN EXITS... like fuck people... can I get an amen @ANGU5
  13. Same,also,how are yo u uploading pics to website? Everytime I try I get an error code
  14. Dude,a little warning next time you are north of the border, I may have made the drive down, only a couple hours
  15. I fully endorse this FU as the original FU threader! I forget who holds the record, Google Llama or Chile for the longest FU thread FU Whoredog