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  1. Hey punk!  lol


    Get your damn post count up to 20 so I can send in an application request for you. You totally NEED! to be a member.

  2. Ultrex

    I would like to sale my computer so I can get another one. It is almost 2 years old Intel i7 3960X CPU @ 3.30GHZ 16 GB memory 2 hard drives - 500GB SSD and 1T Nvidia GTX 690 - this was just replaced last month so it is brand new If anyone is interested please e-mail me, [email protected]
  3. Ultrex

  4. Ultrex

    No problem guys - I did not take it personal - I will continue to play with all of you - you are a really great bunch. Thanks
  5. Ultrex

    OK - Thanks, this has never happened to me before and I did give it some thought afterward. There were quite a few XI players on the server. Maybe as a suggestion instead of it just saying you were kicked, it could say something like " Kicked for XI member". This way whoever gets kicked will know the reason. Just a suggestion. I really like playing on all of your servers and all your members are really nice. Thanks
  6. Ultrex

    I was playing MW2 Freeze Tag today at approx. 5:45 PM EST - I was only in for a short time. I got frozen and then got kicked out - the message said "Player Kicked" . There were about 31 people in at the time. I came back in and was on the other team and was only in for a few seconds and was kicked again. What happened?
  7. Ultrex

    Nice picture - I voted for you
  8. Ultrex

    That is really funny - I worked for an attorney for 9 years before I retired - I am sending this to him - he should get a kick out of it
  9. Ultrex

    I was wondering what happened to the donation I made - So now I know - Thanks for the info
  10. That is just to funny
  11. Ultrex

    I like it - I'm going to use it
  12. Ultrex

    Happy Birthday to all of you !!
  13. Ultrex

    That was very funny
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