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  1. Dark Asylumn

    thank you all for the birthday wishes. it was a blast
  2. the largest and oldest living organism is the ........What is larger than a whale and bigger than an elephant? A mushroom! Armillaria ostoyae, commonly known as the honey mushroom, is bigger than both animals and is considered the largest and oldest organism on Earth. The mushroom covers 3,726563 m2 of Malheur National Forest, Oregon, and is estimated to be around 8,650 years old. https://www.bibalex.org/SCIplanet/en/Article/Details?id=13515. the mycilium network is the most complex series of natural connections. it basically connects all plants. Fungus aand mushrooms ARE this network.
  3. Dark Asylumn

  4. Dark Asylumn

    huh, heavy d posted up his version of a flying swim spa last night
  5. Dark Asylumn

    i had to put it at 90 degrees bc the other port threads stripped out and i just havent picked up a new meter. no bubbles in the res and thats just glare off the hoses. its been running like that for about 12 months.one day i will actually replace the flow meter
  6. Dark Asylumn

    lian li case 3- samsung nvme 970 evo plus 500 850 samsung ssd evo 500 860 samsung ssd qvo 1tb 27" acer touchscreen 43" samsung 24" asus
  7. Dark Asylumn

    you do not want to fly into paducah. its about 3x the cost of flying into nashville and driving the 2 hrs to cadiz
  8. Dark Asylumn

    i had to come her to see how old i was
  9. Dark Asylumn

    i was here right before the big move in 09
  10. Dark Asylumn

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