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  1. Dark Asylumn

    unless he paid super high dollar they are only Americana or easter eggers. the Araucanian is the pure breed i had a few of the bearded ameris. and yes they look like awesome little hawks
  2. Dark Asylumn

    easter eggers or Araucanian?
  3. my dads best friend who was a preacher gave him a remington 870 Wingmaster in 1983. we moved in 2004 due to a fire and took the gun with us to rental house. we lost it there. i kept asking the landlord if he ever came across it and in 2012 he called and said his renter just found it. i picked it up took it to the smith had it cleaned up and re blued and gave it to him for his bday in 2012. sadly he never got to go hunting with it after that bc he grew ill. any rem 870 you will be impressed with but if you spring for the wingmaster you will have a piece of fine history to pass on down
  4. Dark Asylumn

    zhank you so much guys and gals
  5. Dark Asylumn

    Dark Asylum

  6. Dark Asylumn

    his family has received hundreds of condolences for their loss so unfortunately it seems to be true.
  7. Dark Asylumn

    soooooo Stephen Ronald Barrow (baby asylumn, heartthrob asylumn, the greatest asylumn, lil asylumn the cute one whatever you want to call him) hadd his first car ride today. Little shit has already logged more air miles in his first 2 days of life then i have in 10 years. he got to come home. and is in there screaming because momma took away the boob to switch sides lol. He's definitely my lil man
  8. Dark Asylumn

    my son @@AyaqGuyaq not my grandchild
  9. Dark Asylumn

    OK guys first off let me just start off by apologizing for not posting sooner. Please Welcome Heartthrob Asylumn to the world. He was born Wed march 1st 7:46 pm by cesarean 5 days overdue. Friday afternoon he went in for a small procedure, and was taken to the nicu due to low temp and heart rate. sat morning at 3am the kids transport team from nortons/kosairs children's hospital in louisville due to high ammonia and lactic acid levels. that along with a few other sign he was showing, were leading them to suspect a rare genetic disorder.also high ammonia levels can lead to brain defects, central nervous system complications, coma, and even death. as of today we still have zero ANSWERS as to what it is.all of his numbers are great now but none of the big blood tests have came in yet. they did a brain mri today and should have results tomorrow. the dr's nurses and nicu nurses and even all the research teams that have been studying him are completely baffled.In the handful of cases they have seen in the last 25 years in not a single case have the numbers started to stabilize within 12 hrs of arriving at nortons, nor have they seen them almost completely back to normal within 24hrs. It usually takes days to stabilize and even longer to get them back to normal if they even can. and if he doesnt have this disorder then how did he present with every sign of it and his body kill it. his kidney functions as of today are almost perfect. again we have no answers yet but all signs look very very promising
  10. Dark Asylumn

  11. Dark Asylumn

  12. Dark Asylumn

    but looks like it suffered minor damage
  13. Dark Asylumn

    well we didnt burn the house down. and looks like the wildfire just missed it also
  14. Dark Asylumn

    what the hell my back was hurting and the hot tub felt really really good
  15. Dark Asylumn

    oh yeah i forgot, he needs his rage quit medal
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