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  1. but at least we would be able to play.... time will tell if we will be able to play hardcore maps soon
  2. I think Ray you dont like evolutionX but it looks like they have 2 test servers up and running right now..... read that on djcopnikers homepage...... www.dj-copniker.de final version will be ready to download next week maybe
  3. thanks a lot for the birthday wishes....means a lot to me had some issues with my pc, graphic card died , things like this.....not able to play for a while.... now finally my MB and CPU died as well......hope to be able to play soon again when my new rig is finished......might take some time but I will be back
  4. sounds good to me Markoff almost like my new build I will start soon hopefully be sure the Trident RAM works with your CPU cooler.... there are some hight restrictions with this RAM you can use the G.Skill RipJawsZ DIMM Kit 16GB, DDR3-2133, CL11-11-11-31 (F3-2133C11D-16GZL) as well....its almost as fast as the Trident.... just a few comments to the SSD....I have a OCZ SSD in my PC as well and it works fine but just built a PC for a friend and used a Samsung Evo drive.... its as fast as the OCZ but a lot cheaper here in germany...around 8 0 € cheaper here Sabertooth MB? I am using a Sabertooth i55 fot years now....socket 1155.... and its a great MB...never had any issues with it
  5. I had a G11 , a G15 but I love my G19 its one of the best keyboards I ever had.... bought it for 170€ a few years ago and it took me a while to spend this amount of money for "just" a keyboard....LOL
  6. dont know what to say....I am so sorry for your loss
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