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  1. Bama

    Bob you say?? Well hello!!
  2. Bama

    I’m a hired gun, hitman if you like. Cash or precious metals only. Half up front. Only 18 or above, I have a soft spot for children and puppies.
  3. Bama

    From one blast in the past to two others!!
  4. Bama

    Thanks guys!! Ya make an old man feel.... well, older
  5. Was a lot of fun! I believe Gatlinburg was on fire just after we left.
  6. In that light, it's hard to argue against your conclusion, but that would boil down most countries that currently exist into Socialist or Communist.. which probably isn't far from the truth. lol.. looks like it's just varying degrees. No one wants to admit they are Socialist.. but who isn't? I guess it's a trade off, but I'd have to err on the side of preferring a government that values individual liberty and yet enforces personal responsibility. A hard balance in today's world.
  7. I know I'm late to the party, just wanted to add this. Basil hung an argument on Finland, and I don't believe it holds up. While Finns enjoy an expansive social safety net, good pensions, and robust sick and family leave protections, their economy cannot be characterized in good faith as socialist. Finland is a thoroughly capitalist nation: Some people make lots of money, and others make very little. But Finland has chosen a more inclusive form of capitalism that ensures that the wealthiest Finns pay their fair share in taxes while the poorest Finns don't suffer for lack of access to food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. In so doing, they've redefined what freedom means in the modern world. They have struck a pretty good balance between social issues and free market. They also do not deal with the diversity that most countries have to manage. Ethnic Finnish people make up about 96.5% of the population.. just an observation, not a mandate for ethnic cleansing
  8. Bama

    Depression and anxiety problems are huge, and most men don't like to talk about problems to others. I can tell you for a fact that just talking about it with another friend, or even a professional, is a big boost to getting better. I've been there, and many others have too. Seeking out someone you can just talk to about it is a big step to recovering and getting your life back in order. I speak from experience.
  9. I played with Sue for many, many, hours. He was a great guy, and we had a lot of fun on the servers. It was quite a shock when he passed. I never met him IRL, but I always considered him a friend. You can probably find some vids on youtube, just search XI or xtremeidiots.. you will see his name popping up in-game, maybe even catch some of his chat. Take care.
  10. Bama

    Johnny was one of the first few XI members I hung out with and gamed with in the early days of COD2. He was always fun and friendly. I’m so glad I got to meet him at an XI fest a few years back. I’m will miss him, but I am happy he is now at peace. RIP JonnyDos>XI<, you will be remembered brother.
  11. Bless you @sandradee2. Such a terrible loss. Dadda was such great guy, and an excellent admin for the clan. I spent a lot of hours in chat with Dadda and he was always so willing to do what he could to make XI a better clan. He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.
  12. Bama

    That is a thing of beauty! Good Job!
  13. Bama

    Thx Rock.. that's great.
  14. Bama

    Happy Birthday my sweet!!!
  15. Sorta long story.. but try to make it short. AT&T sucks.... that's the short story. A little more detail. We lived in a double wide trailer on 30 Acres. Trailer was near paved road. We had CRAPPY 1.5 Mbps DSL there, but could play. 2 years ago we built a new house on the backside of same property, probably 2500 ft from trailer through the woods. AT&T won't service us at new house without big bucks, and even if we spend the money, they only will give us 712 Kbps service . Cable internet stops half a mile from us, and they want REALLY BIG bucks to get to us. We currently have Satellite internet, but latency way too high to game. So, that's the story. 2+ years since I shot any of you yahoo's. My last hope is to run cat 5 cable 1000 ft to inlaws and install ethernet extender devices on each end, connect to their DSL and switch to that connection when gaming. A lot of work, but it will be worth it. I've bought the equipment, just have to dig one hell of a ditch, through woods, and hook it all up. I have have had, and continue to have, a lot of family stuff going on, as well as work, so finding the time for that project has been hard. Hopefully I will test it out before too long. Believe me, you will all KNOW when I do.
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