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  1. Bama

    Thx Rock.. that's great.
  2. Bama

    Happy Birthday my sweet!!!
  3. Sorta long story.. but try to make it short. AT&T sucks.... that's the short story. A little more detail. We lived in a double wide trailer on 30 Acres. Trailer was near paved road. We had CRAPPY 1.5 Mbps DSL there, but could play. 2 years ago we built a new house on the backside of same property, probably 2500 ft from trailer through the woods. AT&T won't service us at new house without big bucks, and even if we spend the money, they only will give us 712 Kbps service . Cable internet stops half a mile from us, and they want REALLY BIG bucks to get to us. We currently have Satellite internet, but latency way too high to game. So, that's the story. 2+ years since I shot any of you yahoo's. My last hope is to run cat 5 cable 1000 ft to inlaws and install ethernet extender devices on each end, connect to their DSL and switch to that connection when gaming. A lot of work, but it will be worth it. I've bought the equipment, just have to dig one hell of a ditch, through woods, and hook it all up. I have have had, and continue to have, a lot of family stuff going on, as well as work, so finding the time for that project has been hard. Hopefully I will test it out before too long. Believe me, you will all KNOW when I do.
  4. We are doing pretty good actually. I do not see us getting in game any time soon though. Cable is still way down the road, and they want big bucks to get it to us... like 7K or better... ridiculous. I may try to piggy back an ethernet extender off my inlaws, they are about 1000 feet away. They have DSL, but it would be enough to game. Good to hear from you Budman!!!
  5. Hello all. I am still kicking. Been a rough 8 months or so, but I'm still hanging around. I will be checking in more often. I miss you weirdos.
  6. Sorry to hear Pman, but glad you pulled through this one. Hang in there brother.
  7. Bama

    I have missed playing against you most, Street. I sure do hope to get back up and running soon. You always made Acemod that much more fun. Looking forward to it brother
  8. Bama

    So sexy, he has two threads ... Happy Birthday!!!
  9. Bama

    God bless you RJ... so sorry for your loss. AH1 was a great guy and fun to play with. Take care my friend.
  10. Bama

    Happy Birthday Bobby... you sexy fuck nugget!!!!
  11. Bama

    To all Idiots everywhere, I apologize for my absence. Life has a way of being difficult. I lost the ability to play on any of our servers almost 2 years ago. Time flies, but it just doesn't seem that long since I've played. I only have satellite internet at this time, and the latency is too high to even log on to a server, much less play. Some good news, Atlantic Broad Band tells me that they will provide me with cable service soon. I sincerely hope they do, and I can get back on Freezetag and Acemod servers for some fun. In the last 60 days or so, I have lost my Father and my Mother. My grandfather, who is 97, was also admitted to a retirement home due to failing health. I have been very busy, and it has been tough. Everything, however, is going to be OK. The future is bright. However, the time has come for me to step down from my position as Senior Admin with the clan. I have enjoyed the time that I have been able to serve as Senior Admin. It has been a pleasure to serve XI and I know I will miss the job. Life situations, however, dictate that I step aside and allow a spot for someone who has the time, desire, and energy for the job. I am not leaving XI, I will be around. I hope to be helpful in any capacity that XI needs. Thank you to Rugger, for giving me the chance to serve. I also want to thank all of the Admin team for the countless hours spent making this the best gaming community in the universe. If I can be of any help, to any of you, do not hesitate to call on me. XI till I die, -Bama
  12. Bama

    Wild, I am so saddened by the news. God bless you and your family, our thoughts and prayers are with you brother.
  13. Glad you finally made it home. Welcome Back!!
  14. Bama

    Happy Birthday!!
  15. Bama

    Happy Birthday Frenchi!!!! Bon anniversaire!!!