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  1. Wonderdog

    Yeh, how much porn did you watch to fill that cooling rig I guess with 3 monitors you can multitask though! (Pornhub, xhamster, xvideos all at once!).
  2. Wonderdog

    Promises? If we're talking promises then we could discuss the promise that "the only way to guarantee Scotland's continued membership in Europe is to vote No" in said referendum - a point that was laboured heavily here, and in no small way contributed to a vote for the status quo. Yet lo and behold, here we are, 18 months later - being dragged out of Europe despite a huge majority of Scots voting against the move. Broken promises cut both ways. Do the Scots hate the rest of the UK? Fuck no. Do we hate being pulled around on wild jingoistic adventures like this because there happen to be too few of us to influence the collective regardless of how we vote? Hell yes.
  3. Wonderdog

    You're making an assumption that Scotland would be applying to join the EU as a new country. There's every likelihood that an independent Scotland would now be able to inherit some part of the UK's existing (and otherwise soon to be abandoned) membership. Don't forget, Scot's are EU citizens right up until the UK concludes Section 50 of the treaty of Lisbon - meaning there is now time for serious negotiation in the clear knowledge that England/Wales (with a few regional exceptions) have decided they want to leave - though not as strongly (per head of capita) as Scots said they wanted to stay. I can imagine the EU being quite keen to cut such a deal in order to retain strong links with the part of the UK with all the valuable natural resources. The 2014 Independence referendum was lost in large part by the threat of that Scotland would have an uncertain future in Europe in the event of independence. At this stage, and with no lack of irony, the exact opposite is the case - it is now 100% CERTAIN that Scotland's future lies separate from Europe unless they actively pursue a deal with the EU to take effect following a 2nd, this time successful vote for independence.
  4. Wonderdog

    Any Idiots play? European servers are launching at the end of this month, which has got me back into it. #Wonderdog
  5. I must say though - the AR160 with an angled grip and red dot is a monster. So controllable and accurate, and high round speed.
  6. The murky depths of time....
  7. Wonderdog

    Its nice to see morons condemn themselves.
  8. Wonderdog

    Nice - but only one small SSD?
  9. SCAR-H for assault. What a gun
  10. I'm amazed your still getting 150k out of that wreckage!
  11. Wonderdog

    Looks a lot of fun - I didnt rate the RTS bits in ghosts, hoping this is FPS start to finish.
  12. Wonderdog

    Merry Christmas. Waaaaiiiiit.
  13. I loved my Seinnheiser PC350's - but they've got a bad reputation for the mic's failing (as it did on my pair after a year).
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