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  1. Mossticles

    Sorry guys, I had to cancel the trip. Some important work related new project came up and I can't miss this opportunity. Have fun everybody!
  2. Mossticles

    No, you need at least 1000Mps. Seriously, 1 Mbit is enough for gaming ... just not for downloading games (quickly). In my experience ppl with fast fiber lines experience more often jitter (erratic ping) problems than ppl with slower copper lines. For gaming Ping is important, Jitter and Packet Loss. Speed is not.
  3. Mossticles

    ... and gals Btw, where is my Berlin XI Fest Medal? :-)
  4. Mossticles

    I'm a bit late to the party, but I just booked flight and hotel. Looking forward to seeing you guys!
  5. Mossticles

    anyway, in case we agree to go to Croatia we need to decide quickly, so that we're going to get a decent affordable hotel. No biggie though on booking.com for the moment due to free cancelation etc. Edit: how do I get that XI Fest Berlin Medal? I was there :-)
  6. Mossticles

    Early July then or late June. Have my own holidays late July, thats why.
  7. Mossticles

    I guess that is cheap isn't it. All EU destinations are cheap. EasyJet goes to all of them directly afaik.
  8. Mossticles

    I gues Prague has been mentioned the most so far ... although I'd rather sit on the beach in subtropical Dubrovnik or Split .... I can agree to Prague.
  9. Mossticles

    (Edinburg, Split) and I forgot to add Dubrovnik - you know Kings Landing "Game of Thrones" - plus Adria beach, sunshine, summer, palm trees ...
  10. Mossticles

    Edinburgh Scotland or Split in Croatia.
  11. Mossticles

    LOL Yeah that was quite a good timing being on that comfy boat while the rest of Berlin was drowning in hard rain. Thanks!
  12. Mossticles

    They said there is always still room if you're not there last minute. And of course thre is beer on board :-)
  13. Mossticles

    So, I reserved 12 seats on a Berlin - River Spree boat trip. It starts Saturday at 14:45. We should be there 15 to 30 minutes early to get the seats. The location is: http://www.spree-havelschiffahrt.de/anlegestellen.html (1st location on teh page)
  14. Mossticles

    Just booked the room. Cya all there!
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