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  1. Predat0r

    Happy b-day @FUNky @Icequeen
  2. Predat0r

    @Sammy can we have this as a killstreak in the COD 4 MW2 server?
  3. Predat0r

    you dont use the N-word in our servers ...... bye bye.. c u in a next life maybe
  4. Predat0r

  5. Predat0r

    go INTEL instead of AMD!!!
  6. Predat0r

    Welcome to the club
  7. Predat0r

    She knifed me GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR #$%#%$#%$#%^%$^%^%%^&%&^%& :(
  8. Hammer your bullets are also flat.... THAT'S WHY YOU DON'T HIT ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Predat0r

    But it will get unlimited SMAW ammo????
  10. Predat0r

  11. Predat0r

    Happy b-day @LOCO and @Cheyenne
  12. Predat0r

    sorry for your loss. RIP Tiger
  13. Predat0r

    u should change it to GIT>XI< @AusiGirl
  14. Predat0r

    Happy b-day guys
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