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    I start at my new Job on the 5th of June I will know more then about whether I can attend. Just to be clear, I take it people will be going on Fri 31st August and coming back on 2ud or 3rd? Or put another way what are you doing King Geofrey? Once I start work I can see what days I need to book as I'm on 4 on 2 off.
  3. JohnRambo

    Truro lmao No body goes to Truro I Vote Carrots
  4. Well done Chief, well deserved always in channel. And happy birthday m8
  5. JohnRambo

    You gotta get some Nesherlands in your life
  6. WOW Chief, working for one of the world biggest stars. You must be well made up, I would be. Any chance you could pop to the UK for me and knock me up a coffee table
  7. JohnRambo

    Have you guys heard of liters, they are a new cool way to measure shit!
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    Think it's a great idea. we can fill BF4 servers easy at the moment
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