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  1. IJHicks

    Sound on this is amazing and it's an Alpha a lot of the models and animations are placeholders and tbh I prefer gameplay over looks and this has it in spades.
  2. IJHicks

    I've stuck up a task force add me up https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-GB/task-force/profile/43506/Xtreme-Idi-ot Before anyone asks.... the site does not let you use the word idiot..... fml
  3. So glad I never jumped on the BF1 bandwagon lol I'll be back on BF4 once I get the other half a PC so I can get mine back :-)
  4. IJHicks

    Arcade urgh RB is where it's at
  5. Cost of servers - Probably overpriced Server Longevity - Servers only availble until they want to force people onto the next Battlefield Server Admin - EA will most likely give limited admin as they will want all servers to be "The Same" Chances of me getting BF1...... still hovering around zero at the moment looks pretty but it's starting to look dumbed down for console monkeys....
  6. IJHicks

    Looks a bit iffy however playing devils advocate that smoke from the explosion may have only been showing for you BF4 spectating is very funky sometimes and it looks like the smoke has frozen.
  7. Jump to 4m39s for it had to do a couple of ranging shots lol
  8. IJHicks

    One of me at Wonderdogs wedding ;-)
  9. IJHicks

    The actual question is not about panties it's Are you a true Scotsman If the answer is yes it's breezy lol
  10. IJHicks

    Do glasgow plenty of stags up here for those that like it lol
  11. IJHicks

    New battlefield theme leeked www.tinyurl.com/mu42x
  12. So did the US get anymore players or do we just stomp anyone that comes lol
  13. CTF, Rush and Conquest if we get numbers up... Although looking at the Yanks I think they're terrified of us euro lot after the last thrashing ;-)
  14. IJHicks

    Myself UPlay - IJHicks Wonderdog UPlay - w0nderd0g
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