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  1. sorry all was a little bit in a hurry when i posted.....it was a 30 second exposure on a tripod i had two led work lights with magnets i put in the fenders to look like headlights one flash with a blue jell on it in the cab and one flash behind the truck on the ground that i fired wirelessly ooohh 6 or 7 times and then i had a maglight and shined on the truck to light it up the hole time i was taking the picture...
  2. tried a little light painting couple weeks back
  3. BigD0g

    sorry all havent been around much ...back to work ya know how that goes....but anyways thank you all for the happy Bdays..it was pretty good
  4. BigD0g

    happy anniversary to the both of ya hunter
  5. BigD0g

    Happy BDay Warangel77 hope ya have a good one
  6. BigD0g

    welcome aboard hefe33 :thumbsup:
  7. hey tack good to see so many others into photography too..... the D610 is a fine camara....lookin forward to seeing some shots ..
  8. BigD0g

    happy BDay cool.....
  9. BigD0g

    hi Gmax...and welcome
  10. BigD0g

    hey fat tire.....welcome ..cya in the field...
  11. BigD0g

    congrats merlin...
  12. BigD0g

    congrats astronomer...
  13. BigD0g

    lookin good mule
  14. a couple more not sure if this is workin http:// http://
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