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    Killing, killing and more killing! I also attend ballet classes to meet chicks.

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  1. Chris

    Welcome to the family!
  2. Chris

    Welcome to the family!
  3. Chris

    Good job GG and welcome to the relaxing world of a retired admin
  4. Happy birthday Lunky!
  5. Chris

    Grew up in Terrace. Welcome to the forums you granola munching, B.C. boy!
  6. Chris

    Welcome to the family!
  7. Chris

    Welcome to the family Idiot
  8. Welcome back brotha!
  9. Chris

    Happy birthday!
  10. Chris

    Thank you everybody!
  11. Chris

    Pendent tu habits en France, je vais rester ici lol
  12. Chris

    Not kidnapped, but still asked for an anal probe...lol
  13. Chris

    Happy birthday!