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    So dude goes out of his way to scare people and make them feel uncomfortable to ensure a police response to make sure they are safe. The police do what they are called by the public to do and he's a bitch about it. Open carry or not, gun laws different or not, he was pissed (by the sound of his speech at the time)...thus adding to the concern... Anyway, I see a bitch just being a bitch.
  2. Chris

    I'm so very sorry pal.
  3. I presumed something sexual in nature when I saw the post...but I'll still help
  4. Welcome aboard pal.
  5. Ugghhh. What a good guy. Rest in peace my friend.
  6. Chris

    Welcome to the family!
  7. Chris

    Welcome to the family!
  8. Chris

    Welcome to the family!
  9. I'm so sorry for your loss
  10. Chris

    Welcome to the family!
  11. Chris

    Welcome to the family!
  12. Chris

    Finally! Welcome!
  13. Chris

    I'm so sorry for your loss
  14. Chris

    Welcome to the forums!
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