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  1. NWG_Feclez

    dunno how is that much, I norm pay like 200 from Birmingham, Stanstead shows prices of £150ish return, heathrow ones I looked at are 250 return
  2. NWG_Feclez

    I know its not been said and a place full of history and I know is really really cheap and has good place for food and night outs is Bratislava - Slovakia has good transport to a load of other places train wise/airport/tram system round the city
  3. NWG_Feclez

    Like I'm gunna sit on a frikin train for 4-5 hours and then have to switch trains to get to an airport - also have to remember it'll also cost me at least £40 on top of that for taxi fares to get to and home from the train station at my end. I live out in the middle of no where In a little village. Then id have to pay for a hotel room on my own this time round.
  4. NWG_Feclez

    Well I need to look into a few things 1st before I commit to it. Am supposed to be going Spain for a training camp and then was planning on the USA next year (Might not happen if the $ rate don't sort itself out) Also I had a quick look at the pricing for flights for me being down in Exeter and flying from here a def no no!!! I ay paying near £600 to go from here with 1 or 2 changes. Am not liking the idea of having to drive up to London and then leaving car for the weekend as that's gunna cost a fortune in parking too
  5. NWG_Feclez

    Hes banned from NWG, I did it personally the other day. Did you also ban the Alias??? As he seems to use a few with different IP's Think his other one was called Agent Harrelson if I recall - http://metabans.com/player?i=1BRR
  6. Hey guys and Girl (Cosmic), Just posting to say that I am still alive and wanted to apologise for not being about or popping in. I have been busy with things in NWG as they have given me responsibility of being a moderator. I wanted to say a big Tx to EDD to as he popped over to the NWG TS to say Hi and see how I was, Git made me feel bad for not popping over more often to say hello too Anyway I will do my best to pop over more on to TS and the Server <3 to you all and hope you are all in good health Steph/Feclez
  7. NWG_Feclez

    I know its been a little while since I have been on the US server but in the past when I played it, it was only ever CQ I have always been about the XI servers both EU and USA alike, but being a part of the NWG servers now near full time, that is a USA server we are currently 59th in the world...last month or so we was top 40 (currently 14 in USA) in world and have noticed a gradual slide in the amount of people playing. Just to give some feed back from how things are on our server - we have noticed that carrier assault, obliteration and certain select CQ maps are the most voted for.....Hope this can help you guys
  8. NWG_Feclez

    I was around for a year and a half and never got invite to join so moved on... Although I still hang around. Just means I have 2 really good clans I hang with... Maybe you did summot to upset someone that has the knock-on effect to other adm's which is why you don't get an invite
  9. NWG_Feclez

    Aww poor Cod, Even some little lad about 6 years old went on it after him and managed to land it, take off and re-land at a different location :lol:
  10. NWG_Feclez

    LOL I'm 5' 6" and Cosmic was taller than me​. Certainly made me feel like a pintpot
  11. NWG_Feclez

  12. NWG_Feclez

    EU Fest 2016

    EU Fest - York UK 1st-3rd July 2016
  13. NWG_Feclez

    Talking about people looking alike - did anyof you other guys notice how CodPiece looked like the hobbit Samwise Gangee on speed the way he was scurrying about after the dude on the ghost hunt
  14. NWG_Feclez

    Well its just taken me longer to get home than any of the Euro's that had to fly - Nice 11 hour drive