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  1. CW4

    Have a Happy one Ayaq....
  2. CW4

    Running my 2700x with my old Corsair H90 AIO and my temps peak out at around 70c, give or take a few and idle around 35-40 for the most part. Typing this temps is bouncing from 35-40c and 4.1+ ghz on all cores. Cranked up Prime95 for the last 6-8 minutes and the temps are steady at 62c and cores are running at 4.046 ghz, 100% usage. Only some testing will tell if the stock cooler will fill your needs.
  3. CW4

    Have a most Happy you Moron
  4. If you have your key you can go to ebay and grab a used disk for $8 to $15. Then just apply the patches and you are good to go.
  5. CW4

    Just built a 2700x system 2 weeks ago. Moving up from my old FX 8350. Needed new board and memory but used everything else. MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon - Not the best for overclocking but has 8 SATA's Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz (2x8GB) From old rig--- GTX 970 Corsair H90 Cooler - using MX-4 compound - Max temp in stress test 65-68c Samsung EVO 860 - 1T boot drive SanDisk SSD 1T - Programs drive 2 3T's Toshiba HDWD130, 1 1T Toshiba HDWD110 - Storage drives 2 SATA Blu-ray Burners Why so much HD space asks you???? To back up 2 laptops, a computer I use for testing stuff, backing up other peoples systems when they bring them to me to fix, stuff like that... As for the 2700x it will play anything out there with no problems, but..... When it comes to rendering and converting videos, this thing rocks.
  6. I did a backup, it was due anyway, updated yesterday and have had no problems. But it does seem to boot slower just don't know why... just a microcrap thing I guess... What we really need is a Windows 10 Lite, cut out all that phone and xbox crap that a lot of PC guys don't really use. Now off to go check my privacy settings again...
  7. CW4

    Great guy to play with, better guy to talk to on TS. Will be missed by all.
  8. CW4

    This link might be helpful as it talks about features and performance of those two cards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kgfe4QdhBbE&feature=youtu.be&t=188
  9. CW4

    Good to see you on the servers and forums. Defrosted my ass more than a few times, shot it too.
  10. CW4

    As I am the #1 target on the Freeze Tag 1 server, glad to see you.
  11. CW4

    Welcome aboard
  12. CW4

    I too have a Smartcar and I too park in HC spots. But my car has the proper tag to park there. Couldn't have happened to a "nicer" person... Whatever...
  13. CW4

    Thanks for the welcome all. See ya on the servers. (I'll be the one face down in the sand with Sally's knife in my back.)
  14. CW4

    Dadda2 have you read about the new GTX 1080 that was just released? Also the GTX 1070 comes out in June. "If You Just Bought a GTX 980 Ti, You’re Screwed! GTX 1070 is the New King" http://techfrag.com/2016/05/07/gtx-1070/
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