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  1. CW4

    According to MS this is from a crack or patch file being used to activate a MS program. Without knowing where Defender is pointing to we are just guessing what program is being affected. Of course it just could be a false positive also. I have MS's antivirus stuff turned off as there is, I feel, better free programs out there. Option 1: Look in your control panel - Programs and Features and see if there is a AutoKMS listed. If so uninstall it. But I don't know what it is trying to activate so something might not work after doing this. Option 2: Dump Windows Security and use a different AV solution. https://windowsreport.com/autokms-malware/
  2. CW4

    Try this link... https://www.belarc.com/products_belarc_advisor or just google "belarc advisor" ...
  3. CW4

    Really should just download and run Belarc Advisor. Then snip the the mobo info and attach it here. It gives us all the info that we need to id your board...
  4. CW4

    Back in the day I was given a M-79 when I pulled bunker guard duty around our airfield in Nam..... I was lucky that I never had to fire it.
  5. CW4

    Don't know how Sally made it across the big pond, but she's taking direct aim at me here in South Alabama.
  6. CW4

    This is most likely just the bios version. Go here and grab Belarc Advisor https://www.belarc.com/products_belarc_advisor Install and run it and it will tell you all kinds of stuff about your system. But the most important info we need is what games and rez do you want to play them at, ie 1080p or 1440. Also do you do any video editing or conversion. The GTX 1660 Super is a great budget card and runs about $230-$240 or so. One other thing which you need to know is what size power supply do you have and does it have the correct PCI-E connectors for the new card that you get. Most of the new cards these days will tell you the minimum PS size you need and the number and type of connectors that you need.
  7. CW4

    Long Duck was a major character in the movie " 16 Candles". Check this clip out.... Long Duck Dong
  8. CW4

    Frank's is good but I'm a Texas Pete man myself. Best thing in all the 22+ years of Army MRE's I've eaten was the tiny bottle of tabasco.
  9. CW4

    How long has this been going on? If it just started and it's an older slower system is it just doing a Windows update?
  10. CW4

    Forward the emails that you want to access to another account somewhere, then delete the emails from that Outlook account. If you have questions please contact Hillery.
  11. CW4

    Spot on Weed... Great cle... I mean voice....
  12. shit is tight Shit being tight refers to 1. proficiency and/or talent. 2. The outcome resulting from such proficiency or talent. shit is tight Used this phrase often in the Army.... The AH-64 pilot that's landing in my sig... That guy had his shit tight as that was a text book dust/sand landing. It's not a crash.
  13. At least my shit is tight.... well most of the time.....
  14. So if we "Chat about any old shit in here." Where do you "Chat about any new shit?" Because everyone knows "SHIT HAPPENS!" ( I think I've been self isolating way too long... ) ?
  15. CW4

    nvlddmkm.sys crashed and that's your video driver. Try uninstalling it and then maybe a reg clean. Then do a Geforce "clean" install and not the express option.



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