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  1. From reading over at their forums you aren't the only one that is lagging and stuttering. Seems the last patch really messed up some people. Guess that what happens when you release a beta for sale.
  2. CW4

    Over at Tomshardware it's suggested that you delete some keys in the Reg pertaining to DCOM permissions. Don't know it you tried it yet. https://forums.tomshardware.com/faq/windows-10-error-id-10016.2752271/
  3. CW4

    Sadly none of my screenshots worked... Hopefully someone got some.
  4. CW4

    Define "OLD"... Like older that Sally? Welcome to the site.....
  5. CW4

    We came, We saw.... And Cod4 KICKED THEIR ASS!!!!!
  6. CW4

    Change of plans. I can play on the COD4 team if a spot is open. Whoot!
  7. CW4

    Welcome aboard SGTChris.
  8. CW4

    Sorry, can't play. Off to my kids place for a after T-Day Dinner.
  9. CW4

    Just guessing here but I think the 3400g is using 2GB of your memory for the onboard graphics. Here is a link that might be of help to you. https://appuals.com/windows-10-wont-use-full-ram/
  10. CW4

    Just updated to the new release of Win10, Version 1909. No problems with it as of yet. It's a much smaller update than 1903 as it took less than 10 minutes to do.
  11. CW4

    Hard to say about the transition as everyone has different hardware and programs on their system. I had no big problems learning where to find settings and such with WIN10, just takes a bit of poking around. You might have driver problems if you have a very old scanner, printer or old games and software. You can go here http://download.microsoft.com/download/C/8/0/C8007C4E-D1DD-4922-A966-3A927E86A033/GWXWebWindows.exe This a Win10 compatibility checker I found on Microsoft's site. Should give you the info that you need. The "upgrade" mode worked for me, but if you have all the install files for your programs you might want to do a "clean" install. Either way please do a full backup that you can install if something goes wrong with the upgrade. Depending on the speed of your system it could take several hours to complete the upgrade.
  12. CW4

    These are my nails...
  13. CW4

    What's this work "work" that you speak of? Haven't used that work in years... ?
  14. CW4

    Have a Happy one Ayaq....
  15. CW4

    Running my 2700x with my old Corsair H90 AIO and my temps peak out at around 70c, give or take a few and idle around 35-40 for the most part. Typing this temps is bouncing from 35-40c and 4.1+ ghz on all cores. Cranked up Prime95 for the last 6-8 minutes and the temps are steady at 62c and cores are running at 4.046 ghz, 100% usage. Only some testing will tell if the stock cooler will fill your needs.
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