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  1. Okay, yes this is rated R and for men like me it should be called "Grapefruits Sex"...maybe even Canalope's Sex....I can't see just one doing the job and yes a blindfold is mandatory.... Johnny
  2. Happy to see a lot of you are interested in Nashville, Lots of "Honky Tonks" downtown on Broadway, never a coverage charge, Plenty of Plantations...Andrew Jackson, Belle Meade, Belmont Mansion, Museums...Johnny Cash, The Parthenon, Country Music Hall of Fame, Cheekwood, Dinner Cruise on the General Jackson. Music venues...Ryman, Grand Ole Opry, Music Row has 20 plus recording studios, American Pickers has a cool store. Opryland Resort is really fancy and expensive but it's nice to walk around in... Johnny
  3. Of course I would prefer Nashville....How about Colorado...somewhere up in the mountains? Leaves should be turning, cool nights, bonfires, resort/hotel rates are low in September, Denver is easy to fly into, other things to, gold panning, ice skating, hot air balloon rides oh and for you dopers they sell pot. Check out these links..., CO, USA&zoom=15&page=1&region=1&from-date=2018-09-07&to-date=2018-09-10&searchTermContext=df1a0cc8-491d-4bab-a157-b41cf3854af5 Johnny
  4. Great pictures!! Sorry I was a no show....stupid divorce.... Johnny
  5. I use it, my version is v5.34.6207(64 bit)...I have the paid version. Thanks for the notification. Johnny
  6. Got is and accepted!! Ping me when you want to play JohnnyZombieSlayer
  7. I love the L4D steam name is JohnnyNashville_XI, send me a friends request and lets kill some zombies!! johnny
  8. I am looking for a program or app that I can adjust my fan speeds (CPU, GPU and case). Temp control would be nice but manual would work specs should be in my signature...right below all of my medals... Computer Specs are.... CPU I7 4700 OC to 4.0, 32 gigs of memory, Asus Z87 mobo, Geforce 1080TI 11 gig, Water cooled CPU, 1T SSD, Windows 10 64 Pro, 1000 watts Power Supply Thanks, John
  9. I'll try it...hit me up on origin!! johnny
  10. enjoy, johnny BookCovers2.mp4
  11. Praying for Houston... johnny
  12. I have Xfinity, when I connect Cat 5 I am very limited to available porn, no conservative, not even the fair and balanced XI site. Connect via wireless and I can watch everything including Hxtr's porn sites...please advise. johnny
  13. LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting!! johnny
  14. Taking in Nashville... johnny
  15. When will it stop? When all of satin's followers are dead or we give our souls to the devil... johnny