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  1. Hey

    Praying for a quick and full recovery... johnny
  2. 2017 Harley Davidson Wide Glide... johnny
  3. enjoy, johnny
  4. Praying for her and sad. johnny
  5. I'm in!! johnnyisreadytospanksomeeubutt
  6. Guilty, when I load battlefield I check the XI servers...they are always empty so I go play somewhere else...really would like to find another new game... johnny
  7. Desk PC's are GREAT...just not so good for travel (which I do every week)...that's why I own a laptop and a Desktop....
  8. My little Asus has passed away...the bluetooth started failing (for my Bose Headphones) then my charger stopped charging and then my screen went into strobe mode... So I went to Best Buy and after 2 minutes I bought the best gaming laptop they had in stock. It runs BF4 Perfect and I am loving the 17.3 screen and 4k Porn (who knew women got pimples there??). BF1 is now is the specs...not to shabby for 1100 dollars... johnny nashville
  9. MOPAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I LOVE it!!!!!!! johnnymopar
  10. Do they still do that? They actually make people pee in a cup? Wow man I would of had my lawyers making up paperwork asking what drugs they are testing me for, why they are testing me, all kinds of loop holes. There are so many prescription drugs that can make you have a false positive test. Yes, the company I work for (no drug test) was just bought by a much bigger company (due to our Cancer Detection Success) and I had to pass a background, drug, history and I9 check...of course I passed. JohnnyDrugFreeSince 2000 oh I do have the results...
  11. Drug testing for employment. In my younger days there were no test for THC, By the time I hit my mid thirties you couldn't go to work at McDonalds without having to pee in a cup much less anywhere a college degree was required. Through the years I watch one friend after another fail a drug test and lose excellent was quite the incentive to stop. johnny
  12. My main concern is the safety of children, yes there are parents who are responsible and never smoke dope around their kids...sadly there are parents that are not so responsible... I started when I was 16 and smoked till I was about 35. johnny
  13. johnny