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  1. I tried again and was able to play. Pros....Graphics and sound Cons...no dedicated servers and you can not change most keys. Pretty sure the key assignment thingy will be fixed in later versions. johnny
  2. I was selected for BFV Closed Alpha, downloaded and......Nothing! The game attempts to find a server for you but it can't. I will try later today. johnny
  3. JohnnyNashville

    Send me a PM as soon as your book is for sale, I enjoy all things Sasquatch! Thanks in advance, JohnnyBigFoot
  4. JohnnyNashville

    Praying for her and you...May God heal and bless both of you. johnny
  5. JohnnyNashville

    I am buying it... johnny
  6. JohnnyNashville

    What games do you play? johnnysmartass
  7. Anyone playing this game?? CODJohnny
  8. JohnnyNashville

    I can make you a deal on a like new pair of A50... mine are black and grey https://www.astrogaming.com/headsets/A50-GEN3-XB1.html?psids=A50-GEN3-XB1-GREY%2CMOD-KIT-A50&pid=A50-GEN3-XB1 PM me if your interested, Johnny
  9. JohnnyNashville

    SOLD!!!!!!!! Thanks to all, johnny
  10. JohnnyNashville

    Hey kids, I am selling my gaming laptop...runs BF4 perfect, it has a 17" Gaming Laptop, Intel Core i7 7700HQ/ 2.8 GHz, Max Turbo Speed 3.8, 12 Gig DDR4 SDRAM, Backlight Keyboard, RX 580 - 8 Gig Graphics Card, 1 TB HDD, Bang & Olufsen Audio. It is in perfect condition and has been reset back to "Factory New"...Here is the Spec Link... https://www.cnet.com/products/omen-by-hp-17-an012dx-17-3-core-i7-7700hq-12-gb-ram-1-tb-hdd-us/specs/ Here is the Craiglist link.... https://littlerock.craigslist.org/sys/6508905294.html Of course there is a 50 dollar XI discount and I will help with shipping, Thanks, Johnny
  11. JohnnyNashville

    201 dollars!! cheapjohnny
  12. JohnnyNashville

    https://www.cnet.com/products/omen-by-hp-17-an012dx-17-3-core-i7-7700hq-12-gb-ram-1-tb-hdd-us/specs/ Selling mine above, great shape, no scratches or dings....650 us dollars, I pay the first 25 shipping. Johnny
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