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  1. Well said Angus it was a blast.Us europeans always feel welcome to the US fest thank you for that Americans 😎 You guys are awesome ! I was thinking about making it a 5 to 7 days event next year,this year was 1 more day than usual but still i feel it was way too short !!
  2. Olive

    I got a tiny camera which do timelapses called osmopocket I tried to record a timelapse at the pool table,it takes 20 minutes recording for a 4 sec video,it must stay steady the all time, but it was ruined by two confused idiots trying to figure out what was this tiny camera holding it an moving it around 😣 Watching it frame by frame i found that 🤨
  3. Olive

    As usual it will be a last minute decision for me because of work but i,m trying !
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  9. I found that and it works well for me .The website is not killing my eyes anymore. https://darkreader.org/
  10. ldoz

    Happy Birthday


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      Thank you !

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      You too !!!

  11. A few days exploring two very close but different countries.Interesting contrast between a Muslim and Catholic country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtQYV2YyopI
  12. As a Parisian i'm in shock.I was born in Paris dowtown and my mother told me she could see the top of Notre Dame from the hospital window ☹️.My favourite monument in Paris maybe more than the Eiffel tower.What a shame ?
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