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  1. Olive

    Bon annif en retard de 24h !!!
  2. Olive

    https://dai.ly/x6uloc5 Here's the vid watch it quick before they find another copyright problem
  3. Olive

    I'm working on it,copyright issues.I'll modify and re upload the vid but it takes time. fucking youtube is blocking the video for 10 sec of music in the background
  4. Olive

    Here we go,pics and vids.
  5. Olive

    Here's some pics i'll try to edit the videos later,the 7 hours jet lag is killing me right now.
  6. Olive

    I'm very sorry my friend,i know too well what you feel.
  7. Olive

    I was thinking Wow Yaccster is amazing...two birthdays in one year Then i checked the date of the initial post
  8. Very cool server.One of my favourites.
  9. Wow that's awesome amigo
  10. Olive

    Thank you all
  11. Olive

    Me,only on saturday/sunday for now as i'm working until friday.I'll try to get friday off but no guarantee.
  12. Olive

    My condolences Zaubermaus.
  13. Olive

    I voted Edinburgh as it's a realy nice town but considering the hotels cost i'm changing my mind for Bruxelles ! About the when i would say june or september .
  14. Olive

    Happy birthday my friend