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  1. DuckyofDeath123

    Flight is 1100 euros with Lufthansa. Or 160 with Swiss air. Which books me on the Lufthansa planes. Soooo that's booked
  2. DuckyofDeath123

    anyway let's hop on whatsapp later this week with all the confirmeds, see who's got a spare bed, and if we end up shedding a room or two we can time it so you can grab it 😉
  3. DuckyofDeath123

    No that's @EDD THE DUCK I don't do men's bottoms.
  4. DuckyofDeath123

    I have a free bed.
  5. DuckyofDeath123

    Booked the hotel, now to get a flight.
  6. DuckyofDeath123

  7. DuckyofDeath123

    I thought so, but I thought I'd check first. Oh well, we'll have to find something else for the intevening couple of months.
  8. DuckyofDeath123

    Is this still going? We're so over the lagfest, shitty bugs and general lack of interest from the PUBG devs that we're sort of considering picking up a bit of Overpoch to tide us over until BF5 comes out...
  9. IT's been a while since I posted anything, but don't despair, I'm carrying the XI flag high and proud in this game. Not so high people can see me hiding in bushes of course. But proud.
  10. DuckyofDeath123

    The medals are self-serve. You have to bug an admin until he gives you one. @JAYsus_NL is my favorite admin to bother, although you can also easily irritate @EDD THE DUCK or even @RAMBOS SON and @JohnRambo and @KillingmanXI by simply tagging them in these posts. @dadda2 and @Olive and @TheCheeseyCrusader and @Uk300 etcetera can also be spammed in this manner. As you can see, you dont even have to be an admin to be bothered in this fashion
  11. So, you may have seen the teaser/trailer/cinematic rubbish for BF5 and thought "oh gods, another bullshit COD-alike clone with senseless run and gun and magic crap such as cyborg hands on a female soldier in the 1940s. I did. I watched all three minutes of that trailer and decided not to bother. But then, someone sent me this actual gameplay preview from JackFrags and, well, it looks a lot less terrible than BF1 or this BF5 teaser. I'm not buying anything pre-order, especially not from the extremely disappointing DICE/EA fuckers. But I am keeping an eye on this because it at the very least seem to have the potential to be a fun game again.
  12. DuckyofDeath123

    I like Edd choosing. He’s got my taste in hotels and restaurants. I am going to follow his lead.
  13. DuckyofDeath123

    Me me me me me!
  14. DuckyofDeath123

    PingPlotter is what I use when (not if) the piece of shit modem my ISP lumbers me with shits itself again. I'm not sure how useful it is for bandwidth testing, but ping/hops/packetloss are all put into lovely cuddly graphs and if you get a paid version you can document it to a "database" (a text file, let's be honest) and gether weeks worth of data. To hit your ISP over the ehad with when after five weeks they go "hey, maybe you're imagining it?".
  15. DuckyofDeath123

    October is a good deal cheaper than summer time If we find some indoors activities (just in case) it can work. But, the reason it's cheaper is because all the fun stuff is shut. In Berlin we had the option of several outdoor drinking evenings, live music, walks etc. If it's pissing with rain, all that sort of fun goes away. Considering how cheap the hotels in Brussels are, I don't think the budget would be too hard there to do it in summer. Summer likely will be more fun. If we can get a good group together in June or early September we will have better chances of having stuff to do. But I'd rather have a larger group and risk rain than have sun but be missing some key idiots.