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  1. Same as all the other VR headsets. Requires some sort of online connection to work and when the new model comes out you’ll have 2 years to get the new one before they pull the plug. And knowing that will keep a lot of potential customers away. Same as with the other VR offerings thus far. And that keeps software manufacturers from mass adoption, which means you lack killer apps for the headset which in turn keeps consumers from buying in, rinse/repeat. Proprietary hardware that requires phoning home to an American company to work will always remain a niche product. Too expensive, too Orwellian.
  2. Reading the pornographic awards, mom came in, slammed it shut? That‘s how that happened to Cheese, he claimed.
  3. This is not the sort of mental imagery anyone needs.
  4. Maybe it's also an incentive to get the resident forum potatoes out into the fresh air if you reward them for being offline once a day for 15 minutes? ?
  5. This looks great. As long as there isn't a method of buying points with cash, it should be safe from betting/gambling laws in Europe too... just a heads-up in case you were thinking of letting donations count toward the point total; that might end up with lawyers, blocked website and/or fines. I REALLY like being able to get stuff form the member shop, even if it doesn't sell actual members. I presume the "football" events in the gambling/betting page are going to be American Combat-Cosplay-Rugby things, not football as the rest of the world knows it? Should deffo add the real football events, a lot of EU players are fanatically devoted to their local football clubs. I foresee betting, and a lot of drama in teamspeak, in our future ?
  6. I dunno if you bought something already, but if the PC powers on, makes a clicking noise form the disk and then powers down again, the problem quite likely isn't JUST the hard drive. That would simply put you on a default screen of the motherboard, where it shows things like the amount of RAM, the type of processor, the versions of things, and a warning about you needing to select a viable boot medium. Power button sounds more reasonable than the hard disk being pooped from the description, honestly... It's likely better economics to have someone with basic IT skills look over the machine and determine what's really broke. Worst case scenario, if the power supply and video card are newish, buying the bits and putting them together for a PC that just has to play COD4 and COD5 should be on the nice side of $500 even with current hardware prices. mainboard, cpu and ram Can you get into the BIOS / UEFI config screen? Usually when you turn it on it flashes a message saying press (your key here) to get into UEFI or "configuration" or BIOS or "boot-up options" or similar. If you can open the configuration that way you can see if it is able to find the disk, and you can turn off the "quick boot" so it doesn't just flash past any useful warnings. If you can't even get this far, the problem is far morelikely to be mainboard or power supply and buying a new hard drive just throws good money out the window.
  7. Manchester is doable by air from most major EU airports, making it a fairly sensible place to go for the Europeans in terms of getting there and getting out. You could spend a day in Manchester. Just, not three. At least not sober. I think it's worth reiterating that the EU XI fests have not been booze-filled day-drinking pub crawls. I'm not sure people suggesting places with no real tourist industry are aware of this.
  8. Get a job. The GBP is going to take a nose dive by the end of the month so it’s going to be way cheaper in Euros by then, not to worry. We did several other places in UK already. London has good accessibility for long distance travellers, many choices for food and accommodations, sex shops for Cheese, and the odds are in our favor that the locals will speak a version of English we can understand. London is fine by me. Now to find a place to stay. I intend to be there. Jay and Edd have proven good roommates as has JohnRambo. If I don’t bring my girlfriend I can share a room with any of them and prices will be tolerable. it’s not like Barcelona was cheap. And I spent the Saturday puking.
  9. It does mention a few rights like keep your own config, name your server, move ppl to teams, skip the long wait time to fill the server and kick people who behave like jackasses from the server, so it's got potential. It'd be nice if this rescued it. I haven't played this properly for more than maybe five hours. Properly being "with friends".
  10. Flight is 1100 euros with Lufthansa. Or 160 with Swiss air. Which books me on the Lufthansa planes. Soooo that's booked
  11. anyway let's hop on whatsapp later this week with all the confirmeds, see who's got a spare bed, and if we end up shedding a room or two we can time it so you can grab it ?
  12. No that's @EDD THE DUCK I don't do men's bottoms.
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