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  1. It looks very promising, with graphics that are functional rather than exciting (thus not overloading your 3yr old PC when a second player shows up) in a proven engine and realism bonded with action, putting the theoretical end result somewhere between ARMA and COD. Sort of whre Battlefield would have been if it had large maps and realism. All of that, coupled with the absolute shitfest that is all of EA's game releases for the year and likely forever, puts it in a place where it competes with Escape from Tarkov as a possible Next Big Thing for me and my friends to play. But No word, at any point so far, about dedicated servers or private hosting. If we end up in the BF1 scenario where you pay fairly big bucks to rent a server that only does what the gamedev wants it to, this may not end well. I hope they don't do that because it looks good, it looks fun and I really want it to work.
  2. OK so we do see some interest. 1. Do we have a server at this point, or are we going to have to rent one? 2. Shall we pick a date and time and start spamming it to others who might enjoy a bit of play time? 3. Do we want to argue about game type and rules and maps yet or shall we wait until we have enough people saying they'll join first? 4. Who's going to be the poor bastard stuck with the duties of actually making this happen?
  3. I'm not sure switching servers midway is a great idea. There's going to be enouhg people faffing about being confused and in the wrong team without adding a midway server hop to the mix. I think we can agree to play on whatever server is available And of course, we're all sufficiently skilled that really, the extra lag isn't going to make a blind bit of difference. It's just one more excuse for why we missed, shot the wrong guy, let our mines go off too late, flew the helicopter upside down into an enclosed space, landed the tank on it's side, rolled the IFV down a slope into the river, ran over Jay with the anti-air or detonated that C4-laden kamikaze-quadbike with a teammate still on it, confused as to why his driver got off suddenly in the middle of an open field near an enemy tank.
  4. I'm game. I barely play anything at the moment, I can make some time. Last week of November is Thanksgiving in the US, might enable us to do a US vs EU game, or otherwise we can just put up a few infantry-only rounds up where the winner is the one wit the most head-shot kills or somehting.
  5. I remember one of these well organized entirely relaxing events... I would deffo be inclined to participate if we have another complete fucking chaos disguised as a EU vs US match or something similar
  6. I wondered what got you this medal...
  7. Shht, our opinions aren't wanted by the bitter, slightly idiotic, old men who think the article is true despite that
  8. Putting the "Xtreme" AND "idiot" into Xtreme Idiots there... bloody hell.
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