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  1. i did notice that maps are downloading faster!
  2. COD4 server is working fine for me. i noticed that my ping went up about ten points. which puts me at about 54. doesn,t really matter since most of the pings are on average 135-150 anyways!
  3. KillMeElmo

    thank you all =}
  4. KillMeElmo

    yes TBB i do =} Thanks again everyone
  5. KillMeElmo

    thank you all for welcoming me =}
  6. me 2005 when i started gaming! again in 2010 after retirement me in 2014
  7. KillMeElmo

    thank you all for welcoming me =}
  8. KillMeElmo

    Ok! it looks like i found the problem... it is the Razor surround Pro! which is unfortunate because i paid $25 for it! i disabled it and the problem stopped with the server timing out! now i just got to figure out how to roll back this program!
  9. KillMeElmo

    Thanks i am looking into it! it just seems strange that it is only the server dropping connection is >XI<MW2 Ftag 146b8 - Call of Duty 4 Server in United States that is doing it out of all the COD4 servers that i have saved!
  10. Hi all! i have a problem with the iw3mp.exe dropping out! it is only happening on your ftag server! the rest of my list works fine! Any suggestions?
  11. KillMeElmo

    Hi everyone =} my name is KillMeElmo! most of you already know me as Elmo! i just thought that i would stop in and say Hi! Im a 50 something gamer. Actually started gaming in 2005. looking forward to gaming with you all =}
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