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  1. Xalandra

    Thanks all! Haven't played in ages, too busy doing other things and I don't really have a game anymore I like to play alot.. Hopefully soonish!
  2. Xalandra

    Happy New Year everybody!
  3. Xalandra

    Uhm not playing comp and it's not for me.. I like to just play and have fun, don't want people angry at me when I do sumthin stupid xD Nisty, I just added you and it didnt give me any error
  4. Xalandra

    For conversations with one person I don't like Discord.. for big groups it could be good, dunno. And yes! The game is awesome, Im level 69
  5. Xalandra

    I do have all that and its running on my computer, but i saw the steamsale and didnt have it on my laptop anymore.. so, good reason right?
  6. Xalandra

    That's exactly my question (I wanne play Ftag again), thanks!
  7. Hey everybody, I wanne get another cod4 game and its on sale this weekend but Im not home so I can't check which version I have. Do you need MW1 or MW2 to be able to play on the server?
  8. Xalandra

  9. Xalandra

    Overwatch is awesome, my battlenet is Xalandra if anyone wants to play together
  10. Xalandra

    Thanks! No problem, almost forget it myself ;P
  11. Xalandra

    Thanks everybody! My present arrived today, a dehydrator machine to dry meat for my dog who's allergic to many things
  12. Xalandra

    Congratz 24oz
  13. Xalandra

    Congratz Dessy! Bout time
  14. Xalandra

    Congratz Cotton
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