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  1. Happy New Year everybody!
  2. Uhm not playing comp and it's not for me.. I like to just play and have fun, don't want people angry at me when I do sumthin stupid xD Nisty, I just added you and it didnt give me any error
  3. For conversations with one person I don't like Discord.. for big groups it could be good, dunno. And yes! The game is awesome, Im level 69
  4. I do have all that and its running on my computer, but i saw the steamsale and didnt have it on my laptop anymore.. so, good reason right?
  5. That's exactly my question (I wanne play Ftag again), thanks!
  6. Hey everybody, I wanne get another cod4 game and its on sale this weekend but Im not home so I can't check which version I have. Do you need MW1 or MW2 to be able to play on the server?
  7. Xalandra:2904
  8. Overwatch is awesome, my battlenet is Xalandra if anyone wants to play together
  9. Thanks! No problem, almost forget it myself ;P
  10. Thanks everybody! My present arrived today, a dehydrator machine to dry meat for my dog who's allergic to many things
  11. Congratz 24oz
  12. Congratz Dessy! Bout time
  13. Congratz Cotton
  14. Congratz Chief