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  1. Leadfinger

    LOL!!! Our UPS driver spends his lunch hour fishing the river. He is a friend of mine and we sometimes fish together. When I hooked the fatie in the picture it just so happens he hooked up at the same time . . plenty of hooten and hollering going on!!
  2. Leadfinger

    We have had a very wet winter and snowpack is still 165% of normal. Normal flow this time of year in the river is 4,000 -6,000 cubic feet per second (CFS) this year its 13,000 CFS and may go as high as 17,000 cfs. Because of the massive volume of water being released from the dam the river is getting stocked with fish from the lake and I think this "fattie" washed down . Trout in the river are generally more slender.
  3. Leadfinger

    That is FN funny . . .thanks for thinking of me . . .lol!!! As for your spring fishing getting off to a slow start . . .hang in there and don't give up.
  4. Leadfinger

    Silly me after taking this picture I released the fish back into the river.
  5. Leadfinger

    Good observation!! Brown Trout have very sharp teeth and while trying to remove the hook I got bit again!!
  6. Went fishing for a little while yesterday and caught this Brown Trout. I think it escaped from the Jenny Craig weight loss center . . . . . . lol
  7. Leadfinger

    1 night stands are like eating a salad for dinner . . . . . .I'm still hungry!!! . . . Happy Happy Happy!! You are soo right Rugger. . negativity breeds negativity and there are plenty of positive things that happen every day we can focus on . . . . . . Helping others and treating people with respect needs to become a way of life.
  8. Great Pic @StormCrow Being a good father to a child is just a important as having a good mother . . . maybe your daughter will be able to find one one day . . . . . LOL J/K I think your wife is more worried that you will be getting looked over by the ladies more now that you lost weight and shaved your face . . . . . . .put her at ease and spoil her for a day, take her out to dinner (or cook for her at home) give her a back rub . . . . . . it will be good for both of you . . .
  9. Leadfinger

    This is the land of the free because of the brave. Everyone in this country needs to stop and think about all the lives that have been sacrificed over the years so that we can live the lifestyle we now live and realize that we are all in this together. Every soldier had a mother and father and maybe some brothers and sisters, wife or husband and children who will mourn the loss forever. Freedom is not free. God bless America
  10. Leadfinger

    @ Fist bump for a great video even though it made my face leak a bit. The woman in the video deserves the highest medal in the land for her dedication to helping that courageous young man.
  11. Leadfinger

    Congratulations!!! It would be best if you try and not spend too much time with the baby growing up . . . bad influence and all . . . lol My Daughter had a baby girl last July and it is such a wonderful amazing event . . life will never be the same. Enjoy your new lil bundle of joy!
  12. LMFAO!!! This story is so fucking messed up but I'm sure if we wanted to start telling stories about fucked up shit we could go on for a while . . .there is sooo much weirdness in the world. The fucking creep is lucky he didn't get shot i know around here in my neighborhood he wouldn't have lived to see court . . . entering someones house without permission for the purpose of masturbation on the head of Grandma doesn't sit well in these parts . . . . .
  13. Leadfinger

    As any post whore should I am formally announcing that this is my 2,000th post. Whereas some build there post count by posting pictures or typing gibberish I have stuck mainly to bullshit and related nonsense. It's an honor to be a member of >XI< and have so many cool people I call friends all over the world . . . . . good people . . .who are quick with a kind word, offer condolences when we lose a family member, advice when we need it or don't want it . . lol, encouragement when were at a low point in our lives or bring us down a notch when we think we're "bad-ass". There is nothing like being a part of a group of people who speak different languages and live all over the world but still know what's important in life . . .being happy!! CHEERS TO ALL!!! Leadfinger >XI<
  14. Leadfinger

    You had to work on your birthday? . . lol I hope someone is taking you out to a nice dinner followed by a relaxing neck message and some champagne HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  15. To be perfectly honest I would definitely kick you out of the bed . . . . . . . More room on the floor!!!
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