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  1. Think it's unfair to call it a cheat. Different fps levels alter the game mechanics in different ways. 125/250 have benefits/disadvantages over 333. I was playing a bunch in a deathrun server earlier in the year, and they'll toggle between all three to maximize the advantages of each. 125 for example will have benefits over the default 85. Is it fair to call that a cheat? Ultimately I think it boils down to what the admins/owner of a server allow/disallow. Expecting everyone to think 333 is disallowed because of the last line is dubious, especially when other servers/gametypes allow or even encourage it. It should be clearly stated as a rule.
  2. Sharpe

    @AusiGirlDid you try this yet?
  3. Sharpe

  4. Sharpe

    Really? That's awesome! Wonder if it's routing it via Hawaii instead of London? That's a big drop! Which vpn? So that Ausigirl can try it.
  5. Sharpe

    Dunno, it is probably taking a longer route to get to the server. That's where the vpn might be able to shorten it. I'm curious what happens when you run a tracert on this ip "". This was the west cost server ip.
  6. Sharpe

    Interestingly I tried pinging an Aussie server and was getting around 291ms. I then connected a vpn via London and I was getting 271ms, so it seems it is possible to knock some off. Like I said in game, it would seem if you could get a route through Hawaii, you might knock quite a bit off. The vpn "Private internet access" has servers in Honolulu, I wonder if you connected via them if it would route you Sydney > Honolulu > Cali > New York. I would assume this might knock some ms off, but you can only test it and see. The connection isn't guaranteed to be good either. You can also just try Express or Nord vpn and connect to a bunch of different Sydney servers, and see if it knocks some off. If you could even have roughly the same route you posted, but without the extra Spain hop, it might knock some off. Some of these offer 30 day money back, so can always try, and get a refund if it doesn't work out. As I said in game, if you try it, best to test with cmd "ping" for each different vpn server if you try it, and compare with your current connection.
  7. Sharpe

    You tried a vpn? It kicks you out of the game?
  8. Sharpe

    Wonder if this could be one of those times a vpn could get you a faster/more direct route? Might be worth trying?
  9. Sharpe

    It's going Queensland > Sydney > Perth > London > Spain > Virginia > New York?
  10. Sharpe

    This one? https://stats.xtremeidiots.com/4/server_players
  11. It lets you into other servers, but not XI? Did you try any of the regedit stuff on google? Not sure that it would make a difference if you can get into other servers though Do you have access to a vpn? Maybe try that? (If you get one just to try, try a gaming one, seems Expressvpn might be a good option. Might get a blackfriday deal as well).
  12. Sharpe

    Good luck!
  13. Sharpe

    1. Which games do you currently play? 2. What is you max budget? 3. Do you have any friends in the UK? (Might be relevant). 4. I take it your card was the 780 gtx? Was it the 3gb or 6gb version? 5. What are you current computer specs?
  14. Sharpe

  15. Sharpe

    First time I think I've ever seen the freezetag server in the number 1 spot?
  16. Sharpe

  17. Sharpe

    " I had 21 straight kills in one Cod 4 freeze tag game and 28 straight kills in another" Not sure if you mean round here, but it also needs to be in a single round, as Ruthless's post alludes to.
  18. Sharpe

    Best to rest up! If you overdo it, I think you can delay recovery from the concussion, if memory serves.
  19. Sharpe

    Does it have one last major rally in it though? When will the fed pivot? Is it too late? Going to be interesting to see lol.
  20. Sharpe

    Nice! What did you go with for hard drive and monitor?
  21. You are basically a member of the band at this point haha.
  22. Sharpe

    Yep, when I got mine it knocked something like 20ms off my reaction time test. If I remember correctly 60hz>144hz knocks around 8ms off, the rest was presumably lower input lag.
  23. Sharpe

    Oh dear. Lol. Might put Gordon Brown to shame.
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