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  1. Thanks everyone!
  2. Please note that this does not preclude you or anyone from being racist.
  3. Happy birthday
  4. Go to Jesters first post.
  5. Happy birthday
  6. Are we going to see that new rotation @Sammy put together again? The few maps that I got to play were fun!
  7. Awww was having fun with the new rotation Hopefully its an easy fix!
  8. Haha nice one Storm, you'll be in the band next
  9. Welcome! Studying kinesiology sounds fun
  10. Welcome!
  11. Happy birthday
  12. Could try setting /cl_connectionattempts to 20+ instead of 10 while you work it out, it gives the game a bit longer to try and connect. I seem to remember a few people suffering from this at various points, and something to do with it being a bad hop or something? But I could be making that up. At one point a in 2016 my ping was screwed up on the mw2 server for around a week but freezetag 1 was fine as the connection was being routed differently. Is it all cod server or just certain ones? What are the results when you run tracert in cmd? (Thats mw2).
  13. Feliz cumpleanos