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  1. I was worried that might happen 😫
  2. Cool thanks, just wanted to make sure you had received it.
  3. @dadda2 Did you get my previous message about the new rotation I made?
  4. Hey @dadda2 I put together a new rotation to try out : mp_4t4hangar, mp_agroprom, mp_countdown, mp_beltot, mp_broadcast2, mp_ccinn_dawnb1, mp_bog, mp_ciudad_abandonada, mp_doowntown, mp_gvft, mp_hof_junkyard, mp_homeroom, mp_rd_xmas, mp_redzone, mp_rooftops, mp_thunderville, mp_thehunt_final, mp_tehaleh, mp_vac_2, mp_xi_blackout_day The only one that I haven't seen before on mw2 is mp_thunderville, its a small/med sized map so not sure if it will work or not. I'm not sure if mp_xi_blackout_day will work, if it does it should definitely be set to 3 rounds, thats the only real large one in there. Thanks.
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  9. Out of that lot I'd suggest making rebel_b1 first to 3, probably dropping xi_jordan if its the one with the random spawns and weird noise that everyone hates, although not every version has the weird noise which is the biggest killer. Its actually not a bad map, perhaps the version without the noise could be used and the spawns fixed? Apart from that its pretty decent rotation in my view. I understand everyone has their maps they dislike, some more than others, but taking an objective view those are the largest issues I can see with this rotation.
  10. Part of the issue I think is some of these larger maps just aren't the same when there are only 7-8 people per team like there was last night. Here's a suggestion which I have seen on other servers, not sure if this is plausible or not for our server : Have a cutoff of say 16-18 where there is a small map only rotation, once it reaches the limit it switches onto the normal rotation. I'm not sure if there would be a way to do it without it resetting the rotations every time it switched which would probably make it unworkable. Perhaps an easier solution would be to make sure the really large ones are set to first to 3. Maps like Bhf Frosty are first to 3, so why isn't a map like Bjewlor (or however you spell it)? I actually quite like the map but it can get a bit trying when its 7 on 7. Similar story to the map we skipped before Bjewlor last night, it was a large prison map. Again nothing in particular is wrong with the map but just a bit large for a half full server and first team to 5. Just some ideas!