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  2. Yes I put mp_vac_2 in instead of regular vacant as I think the slightly expanded map is better, especially on a full server. The cgc maps were added later on which is why there is an extra bog, I prefer the original but both versions are similar, cgc just being a bit flashier.
  3. Here it is Dadda. Last played in January, worked fine : Rotation 2b 19 maps stock maps plus others by sharp put in 16 01 19 dadda2 map mp_cgc_bog map mp_cgc_citystreets map mp_strike map mp_carentan map mp_coldfront map mp_vac_2 map mp_cgc_crossfire map mp_overgrown map mp_crash map mp_convoy map mp_4t4hangar map mp_farm map mp_pipeline map mp_shipment map mp_countdown map mp_backlot map mp_bloc map mp_killhouse map mp_bog map mp_cargoship map mp_tigertown_v2 Edit - The original broadcast doesn't work but there is now mp_broadcast2 which definitely works as it was on a few weeks ago. So that could be added and one of the bogs taken out. Personally I think I prefer the original bog so maybe take mp_cgc_bog out.
  4. This isn't true Dadda, my stock rotation has been played several times now, most of the stocks work. We added a few extra in to pad it out as well.
  5. I didn't suggest " send out a mass pm to everyone every time we wanna make a change to the mod". I disagree with your conclusions, but I guess that's that.
  6. I see the forum has inbuilt voting software that has been used recently to good effect : Perhaps for major changes this could be used, or for something more minor a simple "Like" or "Sad face". Just a thought!
  7. Just need to find a polling method where you know everyone only gets one vote, it looks like discord accomplishes this as that is what the insurgency admins used I believe and you can see who has voted. Not everyone has discord though, maybe someone knows of something similar that could be used?
  8. Can't we get some polls on the go for the most popular requests? The insurgency admins did this recently. Something like this for example (just a test may or may not work) : Edit : Didn't seem to embed but here is a link.
  9. "many people can't handle that". Can't handle what exactly? Their card can't handle 333? Have you done a study on this? Even if they can't get 333 are they still able to take advantage of the minute increase in jump height (which is apparently massive)? If the difference is so massive why do F4H have theirs at 300? Maybe there is some kind of massive increase from 300 to 333? As far as people that can't enjoy the game without exploiting. I have no interest in gaining advantage over others with console or config adjustments. I couldn't careless about the slight differences in jumping height from an increased fps. What I don't want is to play a choppy laggy game which playing at 85 fps provides. I also don't want to be playing at a disadvantage to others, similar to everyone else. I am all for a standard set of console values, just not defaults as they are awful. That is my opinion. As far as the streak thing apparently I am not allowed to voice my opinion on that either which is what this thread is for. I can see a poll has been taken clan wide on this issue though by you and that I should find a safe location first as the masses have spoken. Happy birthday.
  10. Easy solution for fps is just set it to 333. Not sure if it is just the mw2 server that does it but setting fps to 0 (unlimited) or above 333 destroys jumping mechanics. F4H have theirs at 300. I usually just leave mine at that seeing as I go in there from time to time. A radical solution for foilage could be to set lodscale to 4, I honestly doubt most people would notice. Setting maxpackets to 100 is a no brainer and should have been the default setting when the game came out. Some sort of bot like b3 or something similar would be preferable for the foilage issue though. One small thing I would like is to be able to switch into killstreaks instantaneously or at least have protection from being frozen while switching.
  11. There is a lot of talk about console tweaks and turning on punkbuster to "catch" people. I've never actually seen an allowed or disallowed list and what everyone seems to find acceptable seems to vary. Most of the regular commands that people use most servers don't actually kick for : cg_fov 80 cl_maxpackets 100 com_maxfps 125-333 I have seen and talked to admins using these commands so one assumes that there would be no issue with these. When we had punkbuster running on the server, these weren't an issue. If I remember correctly, punkbuster did however kick for any r_lodscalerigid (foilage) value above 2. Once punkbuster was removed, I pointed out to the admins that this could now be exploited. The current fix without punkbuster is to reset the value to 1 when you die which can unfortunately still be exploited. This could be adjusted to 2/3/4 to prevent this, but in reality I doubt there are many people exploiting this. If someone was setting it to 4 and you were playing on a map with a lot of trees, it would be very obvious. It would be reasonably easy to catch someone doing this. Something to bear in mind that may even give a larger advantage than exploiting lodscalerigid would be your monitor. Monitor technology has come a long way in the last few years so if you are playing against someone that has even an entry level gaming monitor and you are playing on something outdated, you are probably going to be at a large disadvantage. From my own experience upgrading my monitor last summer made seeing things at distance far easier, so keep that in mind. As far as lag goes, sure you get the odd person that is jumping around, but if you look at their ping it will usually be unsteady. Far more important than a really low ping is how stable it is. If you have a reasonable ping but it is jumping between 40 and 50 constantly you will experience a lot of lag. This is called jitter. It is also worth checking your own fps. The command for this is /cg_drawfps 1. You really want to be getting > 125 (the default being 85 which is criminal, I think insurgency default is 300?). I've helped quite a few people over the years that were down under 80. Even with a new computer and card issues can cause this to happen, so its worth looking at. If anyone needs help with this let me know, but time to run for now.
  12. Couldn't there be some kind of polling on changes? As with most things it seems like the vocal minority will make their voices heard and changes made to appease them, possibly against what the quieter majority may prefer. Not saying that is the case here, but just wary of it. Here is one : Pretty much everyone I have asked wishes you could turn into killstreaks faster, as that half second or so while you are switching and can't use your gun is problematic when an enemy appears and you can't shoot them. In reality I've probably asked fewer than 5-10% of people that actually play the server, however it does point towards something that people would potentially prefer. At the same time I haven't ever made a post about it as if everyone made a post on every little thing they wanted tweaked it would be a complete mess.
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    Have you checked your frame rate recently?
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