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  1. Good rotation apart from the issues, although it hasn't crashed when I've been on so far
  2. Sharpe

  3. Sharpe

    Get two factor authentication setup once you get it back. Would recommend this for all your online accounts where possible. XI even has it!
  4. Sharpe

    Are you talking about the ones in the hide and seek server? Or maybe when someone has a Duke Nukem and it runs around saying "Grrooooooooovy" haha.
  5. Sharpe

    I think you mean the ingame voices like "Come on" that are in various languages? If so : Ingame click escape then Controls > Multiplayer controls > Quick chat. See which key quick chat is set to. Go back to the game and click this key. Then click 1, 2, or 3 and then click the number next to the command that you want to say. It will look like this, although in this video they are custom : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i5NPY-tex4&
  6. Sharpe

  7. Sharpe

    I feel I can provide further clarity - currently there is bunny hopping and we are thinking of removing it.
  8. Booo, make humber and homeroom 5 rounders again! And beta can be made a 3 rounder or removed 😁
  9. I know I'm not Admin, but I do not think it's fair. the newbies who just want to kill to impress


  10. Sharpe, sorry I did not know it was you, you know I have consideration for you, but I think it's cool people who just want to kill and be in the hall of fame, but I still do not understand anything because you had 65 score and now you have 34 ?

  11. Speed is much better on icore, thanks.
  12. Just a quick scan as on my way out but this one might be an idea set scr_hns_visratio 1 // The ratio for the price of objects, which can be bought with visibility points (0.5 = half price) . Would just allow people to buy new props more cheaply. Holding the shoot button allows you to temporarily move a bit quicker but it only lasts around 10 seconds, not sure if that could be extended. I'll maybe have a look on the mod makers website and see if I can see anything. Thanks for taking a look.
  13. @Ruggerxi Is there any way to bump up the speed the props can move at, something like 50% faster maybe? A few people I've talked to on teamspeak seem to like the idea, can always be reverted if people don't like it. This way if you are found you have a better chance of getting away. Thanks.
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