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  1. You are basically a member of the band at this point haha.
  2. Sharpe

    Yep, when I got mine it knocked something like 20ms off my reaction time test. If I remember correctly 60hz>144hz knocks around 8ms off, the rest was presumably lower input lag.
  3. Sharpe

    Oh dear. Lol. Might put Gordon Brown to shame.
  4. Ok thanks. I'm thought we play citi hotel years ago, but it could have been a different mod.
  5. Hey, any chance mp_rescue and mp_citi_hotel could be added to next weeks rotation?
  6. Sharpe

    You got yourself a 144hz monitor? I must sound like a broken record, but it makes a difference haha!
  7. Sharpe

    Nice! Edit - Also, hax!
  8. Sharpe

    Here's a rough idea of something pretty decent, (reusing monitor and windows): https://pcpartpicker.com/list/WTzZrD Could always go down to a 1tb nvme and try and get a second hand graphics card and knock $200 off. Didn't check for full compatibility, but gives a rough idea. As others have mentioned, better deals may be available soon.
  9. Sharpe

    Here's the scanner I was telling you about: https://www.crucial.com/store/systemscanner One thing to bear in mind if you upgraded the current system with a new graphics card is making sure it would fit the case, as the case looks quite small. Also that the psu would be able to handle it. Assuming I've found the right system on the hp website, the power supply is 310w which is low. Something like a 1050 is on the smaller side, so that might work, and only seems to need a 250w psu, although that might be pushing it. Some sites suggest 300-350w. Maybe a 1030 These cards are an upgrade on the onboard graphics, but still on the lower side as far as playing modern games with decent fps. Might be better just to wait until you were upgrading everything, if you decide to wait. Could always try an ssd/nvme first and see how much of a difference it makes. Decisions, decisions, haha.
  10. Sharpe

    Looking at the specs in the Amazon link, it is an old style hard drive. Upgrading to an ssd/nvme should provide a large performance/productivity boost for programs like photoshop and lightroom. Not to mention just for general day to day performance. If budget isn't too much of a concern, you could look at a 144hz monitor for gaming, if you don't already have one : ) Which graphics card do you currently use?
  11. Sharpe

    What do you use for storage/external storage right now? Are they ssds/nvmes or old hard drives?
  12. I looked through it a little bit. I've heard people complaining about the new Cods for years and say they aren't as good as Cod4 and Mw2 (never played mw2 personally, but have heard others say it was their favourite). If it ain't broke don't fix it Just need to upgrade it so we can play it with our VR headsets in a few years lol.
  13. Play the original Cod4 and come to freezetag, problem solved : )
  14. Sharpe

    What's your fps doing while playing? You can view it with "/cg_drawfps 1".
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