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  1. Sharpe

    Try adding all the necessary patches and then apply the above settings and see if that works. You can also try running the game in compatibility mode, cod2 in particular being very old. Looking online people seem to have various issues with Cod2 and windows 10. Are these steam versions or Cd versions?
  2. Sharpe

    Sounds pretty similar to what was happening with Randall. Did you try what worked for him? " I changed the iw3mp file to the 1.7 version, right-clicked on it, set to Read-only, clicked on the Compatibility tab, clicked Disable fullscreen optimizations and Run this program as an administrator, clicked Apply and Ok."
  3. Sharpe

    Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode? Edit - Not sure if this could be doing something as well? https://www.windowscentral.com/how-disable-and-remove-game-bar-windows-10-creators-update
  4. Oster, bear in mind the xlr stats are not retroactive and have only been running for the last 4-5 weeks or so. The player you linked above has been playing on Freezetag 1 for 7 years for example.
  5. Sharpe

    Reread what I wrote lol! This would be fine if half the server didn't ignore those of us who keep telling them to do this, and instead just keep spamming "music is awful, skip plzzz". Don't want a good map to keep getting skipped if there is an easier solution to the problem. Edit - Tunnels are always good. Even if they camped the exit at least its another possible point of escape. Would it be possible to make them even longer with multiple points of entry/exit, say another few entrances on the other side of the map?
  6. Sharpe

    Hax! Always better to have more places to go, looks good. Any chance of removing the Metallica song on bastogne? Its a good map but I think it annoys too many people and not everyone knows how to temporarily stop it playing.
  7. Sharpe

    At least I do ok in other areas, wouldn't want to be 6+ with a small pecker ? Not that I'm insinuating anything....? @Ge Ge Would avoid ice to be honest, especially for any kind of run of the mill lifting soreness, it disrupts the healing process and will slow down progress.
  8. Sharpe

    Age: 29 Weight: 176 Height: 5'8.5 (fu that .5" is important ?) Bench Maxout: Best was 355 but 330 at the moment. Reps: Deadlift Maxout: Best was 606 but around 540 at the moment. Did 507 beltless last month, first time over 500 in two years after buggering right hip lol. Reps: Squat Did 405 beltless years ago but left knee plays up whenever I go heavy so haven't pushed them in a long time. Maxout: Would reiterate what Hoth said, avoiding injury is everything. Always better to take a few steps back and reassess if things don't feel right or aren't going according to plan. If you don't do much stretching or mobility work start now. Also, here is Julius Maddox setting the new raw bench world record at the weekend and then nearly killing himself afterwards lol (he was ok though) :
  9. Good rotation apart from the issues, although it hasn't crashed when I've been on so far
  10. Sharpe

  11. Sharpe

    Get two factor authentication setup once you get it back. Would recommend this for all your online accounts where possible. XI even has it!
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