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  1. Sharpe

    I must have read news from hundreds of sources at this point. There are enough Doctors that are fully licensed and on the medical registers and other experts in the field with verifiable credentials to give me reasonable pause. If you are so sure the vaccines are 100% safe, why was the blood clot issue only picked up after they started giving it to millions? What other potential issues are there? There is zero statistical chance of any more serious side effects? The point is I am not fearful for my life over coronavirus, I've probably had it already (fever that peaked at 103f, dry cough e
  2. Sharpe

    It most definitely does massively discriminate by age. If the vaccines are proving to be very successful and older patients have massively declined, then it would follow that new patients would come from those that are younger. However, the total number of patients will be much fewer in number. The younger cohort will also be far more likely to survive. This doesn't mean that coronavirus is now much deadlier for those that are younger. You can see this in the updated cdc data I posted in this thread. My question on whether you drive is because when you drive you put others life at risk
  3. Sharpe

    If the input lag is noticeably less than his last monitor he might have some improvement. There is also the being able to see more/better factor - particularly at distance. Mine is a 24" and I'm only about 1 foot away lol. @IceLizard Not sure if you know about it but always worth checking to make sure you are getting the full frame rate : https://www.testufo.com/
  4. Sharpe

    There was a virologist I read about recently who had some major concerns about the current vaccination campaign. Managed to find him again. Yes his degree is in veterinary medicine, however his phd is in virology and it appears he has extensive experience in the field. https://www.geertvandenbossche.org/ This is again well above my ability to even begin to question never mind refute. This is the type of stuff that gives me pause. I actually nearly posted a link a while back to Bret Weinstein and his wife discussing potential vaccine concerns, they aren't against vaccines they were
  5. Sharpe

    I can't believe the bbc actually did what appears to be a fairly balanced article on vaccine concerns : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/explainers-56665396 I think overall it paints a similar picture to the one I was trying to make. I would add that I am still concerned about new side effects emerging, however the longer the vaccines are rolled out the less likely they are to appear. It would be great if they could work out why a very small minority are prone to these clots. I think that that, along with further individual analysis of a persons own unique risk factors and how that may ti
  6. Sharpe

    I get it. I do hope the vaccines on the whole are a major success with minimal side effects. Keep in mind that there are people out there who have experienced iatrogenesis, this can make you extremely hesitant to receive any medical treatment, not just vaccines. If I knew for certain that I wouldn't experience ill effects, yes I would take the vaccine to protect the few that are unable to receive it themselves. I don't wish ill health and death on strangers.
  7. Sorry but no, they are fucking awful and need to go. I'm not accustomed to shit. At least in America you have the choice of moving to a mask or non-mask state depending on your preference.
  8. Sharpe

    You started the post with "Some of you are silly" which is pretty condescending, as if there aren't legitimate reasons for concern. I replied jokingly as we had had a reasonable, lengthy debate about a month ago and didn't think we were on the level of needing to start throwing ad this and ad that around if we didn't provide evidence for every remark. You already knew where I stood. Just try not to talk in such absolutes. I get it, you think the vaccine is a good for you and for most people. Fair enough. You think any potential risks are worth it. You think those risks are extremely minim
  9. Sharpe

    Your post above isn't filled with links and citations? I need to provide links to every idea/statement I make but you don't? Also clearly ignoring the several well thought out posts I responded with in the previous thread and now smugly trying to make it look like I can't present any kind of an argument when your own post is filled with conjecture. You are clever and write well, better than me I would say - but don't try and use latin to make it look like I am not saying anything of substance, just because you don't like it. Part of my argument is that we don't know - thus it can't be proven.
  10. Sharpe

    Please see the many previous replies in the last thread we had a debate in. "The chances of contracting COVID & it fucking you up are WAAAY higher than any danger the vaccine presents." Across all age groups? We definitely know for certain all possible side effects, there are no possible further surprises that could appear like the blood clot issue with astra zeneca? To reiterate what I think my main point in the other thread was - there is a vast continuum of risk from young to old and I don't think anyone can say with 100% certainty that if you are young and healthy the poten
  11. Sharpe

    Speaking in some strange absolutes here. Do you work for Pfizer? @PHUCKITMANDo you drive?
  12. A few family members had similar symptoms, maybe not quite as bad, that also went away quickly. This was after 1st astra zeneca dose.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56665517 "Under-30s in the UK are to be offered an alternative Covid vaccine to the AstraZeneca jab due to the evidence linking it to rare blood clots." Well gee guys thanks for picking that up in the clinical trial. Guess they won't be going ahead with their experimentation on children, too late for the ones that got it already : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56656356 Imagine enrolling your kid in one of these trials when their risk is almost 0 if they are healthy. I'm sure all potential side effects have now been found. But hey l



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