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  1. Sharpe

    You could try opening up config_mp in one of the old profiles and manually changing r_mode to the correct resolution. Seems to work for some people with various issues online.
  2. Sharpe

  3. Sharpe

    I would say it will depend on what you are use to and what you want to use it for. Ips will have better picture quality but tn will be faster. If you currently have a tn and are going to be gaming a lot I'd probably go with the tn, if you currently have an ips I don't really know. Mine is tn and I use it all day for general browsing and watching films etc and the quality is fine for me.
  4. Sharpe

    Everyone I have talked to that has one notices the difference. I noticed a particularly large difference as my previous monitor was terrible. If I turn my monitor down from 144 to 60 I can tell right away. Having said that unless you have bags of cash lying around or are badly in need of a new monitor its not a necessity. Its just one of those things once you've tried it you won't want to go back. I'm trying to remember the exact benefit you gain from going from 60 > 144, if I remember correctly if you take the individual monitor input lag out of the equation it equates to roughly 8ms, which based on a good reaction time of 200ms ( would be 4%ish. In games like cod that is fairly large. The largest perceptible difference though is generally much smoother gameplay, although if you have a 60hz with freesync/gsync I'm not sure if you would already be getting that. As far as extra money, based on the link Timmah posted the monitor I have is similarly priced to the Samsung 27".
  5. I should have just shot you Very nice run. You were very close to kiwi at the end as well he was just to your left around the corner. Edit - Just saw your comment, FU @babyback 🤣
  6. Sharpe

    Hey Blaze, I got this in the summer and it is way better than what I had previously : I would definitely recommend getting a 144hz monitor if you can, and also a screen with a low input lag. The above monitor knocked a good 25ms off my input lag, basically how fast the game reacts to your movements etc. The above screen is a tn panel which isn't quite as good quality as an ips panel, I find it more than adequate though and use it throughout the day for work and also watching films etc. You ideally need to be sitting directly infront of it though, the quality starts to suffer from the sides. The above monitor has amd freesync as well, but playing cod4 I haven't had to use it. Nvidia have something similar called gsync so bear in mind which type of graphics card you would be getting and if you think you would be using it or not :
  7. Sharpe

    @Bogleg Cod4 actually has this function built in : It seems to be disabled currently on our server, not sure if its because of the mod or not. Perhaps @Sammy could shed some light on this, as it may simplify voting if it can be enabled.
  8. Also make sure that you have all your streaks set to a button on your keyboard : Controls > Multiplayer controls > Use Streak 1/2/3.
  9. I was worried that might happen ?
  10. Cool thanks, just wanted to make sure you had received it.