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  1. Sharpe

    To the re-education centre with you!
  2. Sharpe

  3. Sharpe

    Can't run through friendly players, would be better if you could. Would be good if the joining queue was removed. We played a really large map tonight with an island that didn't quite work as it took too long for the zombies to appear, we didn't have this issue on a much smaller map though. The smaller map worked really well, just under an hour to get through the rounds.
  4. Sharpe

    Occasionally binge watch PoliceActivity, some real reality television.
  5. Sharpe

    It's just hilarious knowing someone a bit older is making the noobs cry, keep up the good work lol. Happy birthday!
  6. Sharpe

    Tu as soixante et onze ans?
  7. Sharpe

    The lockdown worked so well the first time, we need to do it again! Masks are also extremely effective, we need to mandate them outside as well! Next up, helmets! Most people I try and debate this with in real life are just virtue signalling as usual and don't actually know very many facts apart from their daily propaganda from the bbc, they all knowingly or unknowingly break the "rules" in some fashion as is convenient for them and as long as it is socially acceptable (convenient for the rest of the mob). I asked some people a while back what percentage of the population they thought has died from corona and was given estimations around 3-4% which is around 2-2.5 million (UK). Clueless. For some great information on some of the fuckery that is going I recommend reading https://twitter.com/EthicalSkeptic It is heavily US centered but they get up to some of the same bullshit in the UK and elsewhere.
  8. Sharpe

  9. Sharpe

    Pregnant woman in Australia arrested in her own home an hour before an ultrasound after organizing a protest. All computer and phones in the house seized. Here is an image of the facebook post that caused this https://i.imgur.com/NiVCKxR.jpg ???
  10. Sharpe

    Hey Sikon, Would definitely get an ssd, the difference is night and day. You could always get it and then reuse it in any future custom build anyway. You could go the cheaper route and get a smaller one and put the operating system and any frequently used files/programs on it like Cod and keep the current hard drive for extra storage, or go with a larger one and just put it all on there, they are fairly cheap now, this is what I went for a few years ago. You get the added bonus that the computer is really quiet as you don't have the old mechanical hard drive noises. When I switched mine out a few years ago all I did was clone the old hard drive onto the new one, didn't have to reinstall anything. Your computer will take a traditional ssd with a sata interface, here is an example of upgrades for "Aspire AT3-710-UR56" on the Crucial site : https://www.crucial.com/compatible-upgrade-for/acer/aspire-t3-710-ur56 It just looks like you can't get the newer m2 versions but rest assured traditional hard drive to normal ssd is still a huge difference.
  11. Remembered @KaptCrunch posted this a few weeks ago No idea if it will help your situation though.
  12. Seeing quite a few suggestions online about the dns cache. "For those who haven't fixed this problem, I got mine back to normal after switching back to my ISP's DNS instead of Google's and making sure that I was running the game on fullscreen mode. Not sure what's the issue with Google's DNS but I hope that this would help you." Could try that or changing the dns cache to google and see if that works. Could also try resetting the dns cache that seems to work for some people : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GmHmkY2QDE&t=1s Some people were having a similar issue in the new cod and deleting their config : https://www.reddit.com/r/modernwarfare/comments/eaqc4r/fix_for_error_lost_connection_to_hostserver/ Not sure if this would work for cod4 but if you wanted to try just go into your cod4 folder, the "players" folder, then the "profiles" folder and move everything in that folder to dekstop. Then when the game restarts create a new profile and see if that worked. If it didn't you can just delete the new profile in the same folder and move the other folders back from the desktop. Could also try a vpn. Costs about $5-$10 for a month and seems to fix some peoples connection issues. Nord do an unlimited 30 day money back guarantee and are reputable. Hope something works.
  13. I think it would be worth trying a vpn, I don't know if it will work. If you set it to London and then try joining our server hopefully it will bypass whatever the issue is. I've seen mixed information on this online, it seems to work sometimes and not other times. It should only cost you 5-10 euros to try it. You may be able to get a free trial and some places like nordvpn do a 1 month unlimited moneyback guarantee. Edit - I take it you have an unlimited broadband package? Like Blackrose says, make sure the isp aren't up to funny business as well.
  14. What are other American servers like? Try tracing esc : What about a server in a different country? Maybe the UK? Try tracing this one :



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