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  1. CaptDumprope

    RESOLVED: So i know its been like two months, but i took it down to the shop to get it checked out and then they found a short in the dash that had messed with the ignition process and then it started, and i flipped it and now its out of my hair , thanks for the input though guys!
  2. So, as I've turned 21 about 6 months ago I've always wanted to own my own firearm, preferably a compact handgun. I just want to know what everyone has tried and liked and didnt like, I'm right handed, somewhat experienced with guns, and my parents already have a few that Ihave used. I just want to know whats out there.
  3. CaptDumprope

    Try the open case method, keep one side off of the case, it will collect more dust but you'll be running cooler.
  4. CaptDumprope

    it can run most directx 11 games at medium settings, battelfield 3, counterstrike go, quite a few games. I've used it for 3 years and been happy with what i got out of it, while I've had it I've acquired around 100 games.
  5. CaptDumprope

    Yeah so, my stepdad was a mechanic for 10 years a service and sales manager for 10 years and has 20 years of ironworking on top of that. And we have tools out the ass, soI just think we'll have to do a day of analysis on this hunk of shit truck. lol
  6. CaptDumprope

    Eh, not really into brand hate. I mean it's not a newer gym, which is absolute shit, lots of brands have their problems like the mid 2000s Ford v8 tritons always had prevalent problems with coils and plugs, dodge is just absolute garbage since 1999 Honda works for some, and Hyundai has been quite reliable. But I mean , no two cars are the same, no matter the brand or year, everyone with have it's niche flaws. But I mean old Chevy is pretty good and solid to me, it's all about preference and experience I guess.
  7. CaptDumprope

    Well just to clarify a few things that I seemed to have forgot to add, I've already run an old scan on it while it was sitting and it was an oxygen sensor that I already knew about that had been up there for a while, no other codes though, it does crank still and it'll fire on the 6th cylinder for a split second but it won't start to run, I think it might have jumped timing. Also concerning the fuel, it's a tbi system so I can smell the fuel in the system when I press the gas and I have the intake off, also the pump hums when I turn the ignition for a bit so I know it's starting up, I put 3 gallons of new gas in it, with octane booster and a bit of heet water remover. I went yesterday and bought some tune up parts for it, I changed the cap and rotor even though the rotor looked nearly new, I changed the wires the spark is much brighter, and I tried to start it with the throttle body exposed with starting fluid being sprayed in it and with the intake on with starting fluid sprayed into the intake, still no dice. It'll crank til the cows come home with a few late pops at the end of each cycle. Honestly I think it's a timing issue. This truck has been a shitty choice for me lately, mainly cause most of the exhaust fell off and now all I have is a loud ass cat. I do maintain my vehicles but unfortunately people who owned them before me haven't. EDIT: I have a whole arsenal of tools just not the time to use them or the day light, I have charged the battery with a charger and I let it sit on a maintainer over night after that. I have an obd scanner with read out, welders , hand tools out the ass, jacks, you name it. I just can't figure this out on my own. But I really do appreciate you guys responding with feedback , thank you very much. Seems like I'll have to stop in the local shop cause I'm not well keyed with engine timing adjustment.
  8. So, I have a 98 Chevy pickup, that I cannot get to start at all. Just to give a little background I've had the truck for about 2 months and the previous owner really abused it and didn't maintain it well, it has 168k miles and was still running strong. Up until the morning it didn't start I had been driving it daily. I changed the oil some 1k miles prior with thick synthetic blend. I've put new coolant in it. I've change the front brakes and rotors. And yesterday I changed the distributor cap, because it was getting weak spark to the plugs, which it helped. Anyways the water pump went out a couple days before it not starting. And it seems like the pump would work if I'd rev in neutral then put it in drive. Anyways I have no idea what's wrong but if anyone has a clue I'd like to know lol. Also: the fuel pump DOES work.
  9. Yes I know this is an old card but I know there's someone out there that could probably use it. It runs most games at an ok frame rate but it is still a dated card. I'm asking $10 for it plus shipping. Feel free to message if you have questions.
  10. CaptDumprope

    So I know some of you have been like "who dat?" Sorry I haven't really got around to formally introducing myself. Name: Jordan aka Dumprope or undervu I'm 21 years old I live in Pittsburgh, PA, USA I've been playing games for right around 14 years My first game that I played a lot was Timesplitters on the ps2 (which I still have) I had played console only up until about 13 years old then I got into pc games. I work for a living as a driver for a major package shipping company. I listen to a wide range of music from alternative to EDM. I'll give anything a listen. And some of my favorite games at the moment are, Dirt Rally, Battlefield 1, Watch Dogs 2, and Insurgency. I don't know if I covered it all but feel free to add me on origin as undervu or on steam as MTC| Captain Dumprope (no mtc is not a clan it's just a group of about 5 friends) Well, thanks for having me, looking forward to talking with you all.



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