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    Glocks are a good gun, easily available parts/accessaries very reliable, and easy to strip clean. You really can't go wrong with a Glock its just a really all-around good gun but their are a lot of better pistol makers out at the same or lower price nowadays. Other than reliability the Glocks suffer inn several areas. First is their sights which are the first thing folks usually upgrade and next is the trigger which by many is considered average at best and also the barrel if you want some improvement inaccuracy. The Glock does everything good but nothing great except for its reliability which is about as good as it gets. I like and also own them, my duty pistol was 17 and my concealed was a 19.
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    They did put a liquid ass in that mix which made it smell like a fresh load of poop, lol
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    Of late, I have rec'd some e-mail requests on how bring a great piece of meat to the table for your family and friends. This also can help make a lesser expensive cut really pop in your mouth. To Our Customers who want to experience a great steak at home.pdf
  6. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Awesome post Sgt. thank you for your service. I also will never forget nor will my kids and grandkids as long as I'm alive...
  7. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Please don't make any political comments its just a song, lol.
  8. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Have this pistol too. Really great gun from Turkey for the money, very accurate you did well with this purchase, congrats. The only pistol I have that shoots better is my CZ-75. And almost no difference than the CZ, just a very very small improvement in target groups. I also think for the money this is one of the very best values for a 9mm with anything under 1,000.00, If more people knew how good this pistol is it would be a lot more expensive. when i brought mine they were going for around 300.00, this is much better gun than Glock.
  9. TedsofBeverlyHills

    plus one...
  10. TedsofBeverlyHills

    If you actually watch this video, please lets not attack the messanger. Attack or debate the meassage, state your facts and opinions. I only refering to the first part of this video I don't think its political but it brings forth some interesting view points concerning effectiveness of masks. I myself wear one to potentialy not to infect others and out of respect for others too. This is an American problem not a Dem or Repub issue. I think anyone who uses the for any political gain is a flaming puke.
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    Just ten years, it seems you made it fell like 20 years, lol...
  12. Going to visit a friend that resides in Beverly Hills and would like to try your restaurant, can you provide me with a address please sir.

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      Address sent to your E Mail be aware of our strict dress code and be sure to call ahead as we are usually booked out several days in advance which is the norm. Walk-ins can sometimes wait up to an an hour at times for a table to open. Let me know what you think of our meats and service.  We only hiring the best looking gals in town to serve you, at Teds Looks do matter...our staff will knock your socks off with the best service in all of the greater L.A. Metro maket.  Ask for Brock he the current unit manager let him know your an XI memeber and he will set you up with a house drink for free and a complentary meal appetizer for you and one guest.

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    Posted to COD2 Admins. forum. for review...
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    Most excellent idea loader. And well said Bart. " I don't think there has been a day go by since his passing that someone hasn't said to me that they miss him...That speaks volumes about what kind of person he was...We all miss you Buddy..." , And we truley enjoyed the Mac giving Viperz a hard time lol...............when winning or losing a game didn't matter, if was more than enough just to listen to our friend, the Mac. Yes Mac you are truly missed....!! and not forgotten.
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