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  1. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Welcome, come and visit COD2 servers its been a long time since your last visit.
  2. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Mac will be missed but never forgotten, he was such a big part of this game...
  3. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Happy Birthday and many more.
  4. TedsofBeverlyHills

    I for one would love to see a {hxtr Cooking Channel}
  5. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Hope you have a great B-Day
  6. Yo! Underwear...how you doing? Just browsing around here and checking things out and chatting. 


  7. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Count me in, thanks Loader, for the update...
  8. TedsofBeverlyHills

  9. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Happy Birthday Sherm...
  10. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Glad to hear you're doing well old friend, take care.
  11. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Happy B-Day Lead
  12. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Get well soon, you are missed on the playing field.
  13. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Loader I thank widow 10 updates can't be turned off now so I think it will just update again, I will give U a call
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