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  1. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Adoption Can Be A Wonderful Thing... Do Your Part.
  2. hi ted, roger barlett jr. is fb friend now with me. I asked him about services and he will let me and others know about it. So I'm wondering if or how to get on extreme idiots to do a donation for flowers and stuff.


  3. Bart was one of a kind, a very special man who was respected and loved by almost everyone. I was lucky enough to have Bart as a friend from the very beginning of XI. His humor/laugh, and his kindness, added enjoyment to every game he played. Bart always had positive things to say and if one crossed that line he would address the issue in politeness and firmness when required. Struggling to imagine a XI gameplay without Bart, words cannot describe this emptiness. Bart you will never be forgotten, RIP my friend.
  4. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Well said Pain, Bart is a fighter, he is aware of the battle before him. His love of life and his God/friends/family is strong.
  5. Spoke with Blackbart Monday 16th @10:00 am: It is so incredibly hard to share this heartbreaking news. The doctors did not think Bart would make it though Sunday night, but he did. They are sending him home to hospice and be with his family. We are going to lose another incredible Idiot, and it hurts badly. Their is a bit of good news, Bart said is wife is improving at this time. Bart wanted you; the Extreme Idiot's to know that he is very proud and very much loved being a part of you and this group. And that he cherished all the great memories and people he has meet over time, and was able to interact with, over the past 15 years. He also wanted me to mention a special thanks to Rugger awesome leadership, which he thinks was instrumental in creating and keeping Extreme Idiots as a very awesome place, to just have fun. Those of us who were lucky enough to have interacted with Bart, will feel like another big piece of them is missing. As all of us, have felt, as other awesome Idiots have fallen over the years past.
  6. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Especially, if you could get your hands a bottle High Karate, a manly Cologne for manly men of a manly kind. Old spice is for peasants.
  7. On 8-14-21 6:00 pm, spoke with Blackbart he has been going through Chemo and Radiation treatment and his wife was going through radiation too. When she caught Covid first and then Bart caught it a few days later. They are both in the hospital now. Spoke with Bart, he sounded positive but very much winded. He could only talk for a minute. So that is all I know at this time, and if I hear more I will update. Please take some time and include Bart and his wife in your prayers.
  8. TedsofBeverlyHills

    I always thought Mike was kind of a hussy, but now their is proof, thanks Pete...
  9. TedsofBeverlyHills

    I would suggest your luck has improved.
  10. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Darn, from your title I thought you got 3 toes transplanted from a donor body. Take care and get well...
  11. TedsofBeverlyHills

    I would have to ban you AGAIN if you drop your tags. You really do add a lot to the Cod2 game play and banter don't be a Winnie, be an idiot with the rest of us, my friend... Period.
  12. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Congrats BJ; apparently during our Drive our Membership Month, we were forced to significantly lower our standards much lower than normal, to ensure we meet our goals. And I'm glad we did of course then again I'm an Extreme Idiot which sums it up.
  13. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Again, thanks for all you do, really appreciate you keeping up on a consistent basis all these map updates/rotations.
  14. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Glocks are a good gun, easily available parts/accessaries very reliable, and easy to strip clean. You really can't go wrong with a Glock its just a really all-around good gun but their are a lot of better pistol makers out at the same or lower price nowadays. Other than reliability the Glocks suffer inn several areas. First is their sights which are the first thing folks usually upgrade and next is the trigger which by many is considered average at best and also the barrel if you want some improvement inaccuracy. The Glock does everything good but nothing great except for its reliability which is about as good as it gets. I like and also own them, my duty pistol was 17 and my concealed was a 19.
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