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  1. Congrats Penguin, Thanks for all of all the work you have done. In helping to make this great gaming site even better.
  2. Thanks TBB, A whole lot of of fun free stuff over a thousan games.
  3. Spam, when the covered wagon wheel runs dry and you are out of grease...
  4. StayAlive will be missed, but not forgotten...
  5. https://www.facebook.com/reel/356054076454971/?s=single_unit&__cft__[0]=AZWcJBz6MPzMlrnRAPa8_hiqFVicuCzLn2tzYEw5rexNQSuzsoRRsd6CEGkRtqcA73aTSnitlZ-IH6DgUW15zva3QfuynX1qu5TY-zZl9S7-Vg9Ij_ZSfzG9Z6UO_qLerVOz4gj3dEIB583pWydtNgUA_hXJY_uA3aDAWjS_JEdXf4KKy-K5EdsPMOJTId4q3hE&__tn__=H-R
  6. Looks that way, but Pete and I have been going at it for a long time and are friends when it comes to politics, both of us pull no punches and can be quite tough on each other. We are both passionate about our views and agree with more than one would think if reading our posts. We are just trying to increase our clicks and viewership, lol, not sure if it is working. Furthermore, we should not be afraid to speak up, how can we learn if there is no discussion and or dialog. Argue, but with respect, in the end.
  7. Peter, I only have one issue with you PERIOD, and you can say and do what you want. But I will, at every opportunity and time now and in the future, Challenge you when you quite simply attack the messenger rather than the message. Like I have in the past four years if not longer, and you can go back and review for yourself that I have. Of course, you can continue this tactic or whatever, I can't stop you and I respect and disagree some, with all your opinions and posts, but really enjoy a lively debate with you my friend, but I really despise when a post attacks the messenger's character just because one has different opinions. I am sorry, I'm unwilling to compromise on this very fine point, no matter how much it angers you or anyone else. So if you continue, that's your right and expect a lively challenge, but no matter, on my part our friendship will not be compromised you are somebody that I care for and who I can disagree with.
  8. And that includes you too... If you have a concern, please take it up with Rugger or the seniors… Thank you my friend
  9. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You're right, we really need to stop people from seeing these kind things that we disagree with, we must control thoughts and opinions of our citizens. Here's another crazy thought, tell us how you think and what you disagree with a Meme. Here is why I think your posted Meme is wrong because it has labeled all Memes stupid. Of course, there are some that are stupid and some that are eye-opening for those without a close mind. See Peter, that wasn't so hard, was it?
  10. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your above statement is fine, but it seems what you don't want to hear and continue to not address Is it the right to demise/ attack the person if one disagrees. And you are head admin, and you know better, and this post is largely a political post in the first place. But thanks for the personal attack, I know you mean well, my friend.
  11. It is so so simple that this is laughable, Tim Pool is no one special, neither is anyone else he is just one man like others with an opinion who talks about subject matter that the corrupt and extremely bias media will not cover. Anyone who has witness the incredible failure of MSNBC and CNN ability to omit stories of importance and or lies and make up shit to further their political narrative realizes why citizens are seeking other forms to get their news. Incredibly, even to an idiot, this makes sense. This is why we have the 100's of successful Alt. media platforms. CNN, and the likes of MSNBC etc., can no longer control the narrative as they have been able in the past. And this is why they are attempting to censor, cancel and or control what the general public can learn. This also, is very obvious, even a simpleton could grasp that in attacking the individual who has an opinion or point is about as weak as it gets. We are not talking about actions, we are talking about quite simply one's thoughts, positions and opinion's just like we all have. If you disagree or dislike or like someone's opinion, tell us what and why. It also appears that, the left now believes that the 2nd amendment is not absolute anymore. And what they call hate speech is now what they disagree with. Joe Biden has stated several times on national news recently that the 1st and 2nd amendments are not really absolute anymore. These statements are something we have never heard before from a president. It is almost impossible to believe a president could ever make that statement, Without free speech and equal accountability, the America we love and know will cease to exist.
  12. Pete, as always you make good counterpoints, of course we disagree on most but have some good agreements on certain issue. I'm not sure that you really know what Is in Tim's heart or brain when it comes to caring about Canada. I have never met or spoken with anyone who does not hold Canada, UK and Australia close to our hearts and want the best for our brothers, we have fought and died together in many wars, we pretty much are from the same cloth. Yes I was extremely critical of MSNBC and CNN and I brought the proof as I posted over 20 extremely large video's that clearly and without doubt proved they lied, edited, made stuff up, omitted important stories or got it terribly wrong, and yes they were caught red-handed. I could have easily posted another 20 or more. But when it seemed that you came to terms with all the evidence and reluctantly admitted that what I shared, had merit, I saw no further need. I have always respected you even when I think you are wrong. Even when we were both being extremely tough on each others, political points. The only real issue and disagreement is when you said "Tim Pool should remain in his mothers basement". Foremost, no one has a problem with you disagreeing with anything. But when someone attacks the character and does not bring proof or any facts to support that character assassination then it could certainly appear to be a cheap hit job, I think that you mean well but rush to judgement about someone's intent or mission when you don't like what they said because it bothers you way too much, just a guess on my part. I think you can be incredibly wrong often as you do the same with me, but I don't ever lose respect for you, or think you are dumb or a bad person, just ignorant--->kidding... I could say that Biden and Clinton, are a criminal crime family and have done more damage to this country than anyone in recent history, and I could bring a lot of proof that can be easily found by anyone. And yet, you and I would disagree and that is fine. Just a cray Idea, tell us what you dislike or hate or even approve of when you are going to assassinate someone character. I'm not telling you, I'm asking you. I don't want to insult or make you mad, my friend, I just really struggle when people are attacked and the attack is not substantiated without, at least, some minimal facts. Maybe I'm crazy for thinking and or hoping you might see some merit on this point of concern...
  13. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pretty sure your research is not as through as you might think. Of course your agenda will be to discredit anyone you disagree with as opposed to debating with facts as we have all seen in the past. You are not alone, and it is the common practice of lefties to utilize/engage in these kinds of tactics. I'm not even sure that you are aware of how consistent you have been in these instances. Here is a video of Tim Pool, maybe you might be able to grasp a more complex picture/view. At least watch the first seven minutes of the video. I get you don't like all his views and nether do I. Just like I view Bill Maher, but both are honest and should be respected by both sides while being able to disagree on standalone issues, surely even you can see this, I hope...
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