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  1. Killapat

    Thanks for the welcomes. See you in game soon
  2. Killapat

    Happy birthday
  3. Killapat

    Happy birthday
  4. Killapat

    Happy Birthday
  5. Killapat

    Happy birthday
  6. Killapat

    Happy birthday
  7. Killapat

    Hapy Birthday
  8. Killapat

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Killapat

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Killapat

    Wouldn't that be nice drink a beer and respawn it ice cold in your hand
  11. Killapat

    Congrats you're getting old
  12. Killapat

    Yeah, sucks but luckily these idiots are a good group of people and can be well... interesting in game... lol Why not feet awre awesome?! Thanks for the welcome!